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  1. I'm working on something that requires .001 cm precision. Grid lines seem to function, but it's impossible to know what's really happening because... grid lines are rendered as pixels instead of vectors? Not sure why. Is there a fix for this? Gridi Lines.mov
  2. I am short on patience, so I am keeping this short. I am trying to follow another tutorial, and it's yet another tutorial that's really simple that doesn't work in Affinity. I tried to follow it verbatim, then I tried to make it work by reshuffling all the layers in every possible combination. Nothing works. It's increasingly difficult to conclude that, for purposes of actually producing work with any kind of efficiency, Affinity is too specific and idiomatic to be effective. This one is really simple: Blur, Threshold, Texture, Displace. If you don't know how the very specific mental model of how Affinity works (which I can't decrypt out at all, despite all the links here and endless hours on youtube and baseline work book), you can't do it. Nothing works. It's too fickle and unexplainable. And it's infuriating.
  3. I think in vectors is what i mean. I've been avoiding photoshop most of my graphic design life. Trying to round things out.
  4. Thank you @firstdefence for disproving @GarryP and showing that there are good people out there :). I appreciate the easier method you're using. I found another layer that accomplishes more or less the same thing. The difference between your method and the method represented on these youtube channels is that masking interaction with the texture kinda creates a more organic/authentic verisimilitude. I can't understand how to stack/organize AP's layers/masks to recreate what is happening here. I think it's a better outcome overall...
  5. I'm (foolishly) trying to reignite my interest in learning how to use Affinity, which to this point in my life, I have found inscrutable. If anyone can help me by translating the photoshop tutorial into affinity-speak, I would be super grateful. The differences in masking routines are breaking my brain.
  6. How do you define the space above and below a table?
  7. aye, i'm not really preparing to make the physical thing. i just want the digital poster layout within the regular digital pages. impossible, i'm guessing.
  8. No, that's more complex than I intend. Imagine a basic magazine in which the center spread is actually made of paper twice the normal size that folds down to reveal a poster. I am not printing this. I just need to lay out a single spread for an a3 portrait poster, folded twice, in an a5 format magazine.
  9. Greets - Is it possible to accommodate a poster design within a book layout? For example, putting an A3 poster layout inside of an A5 book. In the image provided, I would need that center spread pivoted 90° without the gutter. Urgent assistance greatly appreciated, praying hands emoji etc.
  10. Hopefully the program is being neglected. If what we see represents actual effort and this progress rate were extended to society, we'd still be warring with catapults.
  11. Is this program dead? Promises and prospects for too many of the features that I need have disappeared along along with the road map they were printed on. If development of the program is dead, Serif should be straight with its customers and advise that those who need long-promised improvements ought to seek them elsewhere. I'd rather bite the bullet and learn how to do what is currently possible in Adobe than wait any longer for this pot to boil.
  12. That's like saying multiplication is intermediate-level feature. It's neither accurate, nor useful, nor a solution. This feature has been requested ad nauseam.
  13. This feature will arrive the day after we get cold fusion and puppies that don't poop.
  14. Taking bets on whether we’ll see this feature before Putin releases Donald’s Tape. Current money is even.
  15. @deedsNails it. In an effort to refresh both design and software skills (dormant since art school over a decade ago), I purchased the suite. I've been fiddling, running through tutorials on Skillshare, seeing what still works in my artistic brain. Sadly, AD is technologically incapable of allowing users to complete a frustrating majority of elementary design projects. I think this is generally where @deedsfinds the pillar of his argument that AD is much more for illustration than design. There's too much that it cannot do that anyone who expects to work seriously will need it to do. AD is a 20th century solution to 21st century design problems. Until it grows up, the only aspect of all-things Adobe where an argument can be made for it is through the pricing model, which seems wonderful, until tripping over the inability to execute a specific, relatively fundamental design technique leads to the asphyxiation and stymieing of the creative mind. The "roadmap" that a prospective buyer might peruse before deciding to make a purchase is a well-manicured cul-de-sac.
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