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  1. While this is not the same problem i described, this issue is also color related an should be fixed. Did you get an response on that?
  2. With the default settings i experience some problems with black colors. First i would suggest to add a default document-swatch with a overprinting black, (and probably a non overprinting one). I need these colors in every print-design. In the default PDF export-settings (except the web-preset) the checkbox is marked to embed profiles. For CMYK documents i don't want this behaviour. In most situations i would prefer to export untagged CMYK colors (Device CMYK, instead of ICC-based CYMK) and tagged (ICC-based) RGB but with a output intent set to the documents cmyk profile. I did not manage to do that with Affinity Publisher (and Designer) With the current PDF export presets a black color is always tagged causing acrobat and printers to separate k into cmyk due to the color-profile.
  3. I created an 4x Image 1800px width @ 288ppi (4x72) to export retina pictures for different densities (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x). While in the export persona "4x" is not in the dropdown-list of scales, but appears while hitting "+". However, after playing around with different export setting i discovered that 3x is the base size giving me 1800 px of width, 4x is scaled up and 1-3x is scaled down. 1350px with setting the export to 1x 2x 3x exports as expected to 450 pixels @1x. higher densities does not work as i would expect. Are there any solutions?