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  1. While creating new Document presets with the 'create Arbord' option checked, it becomes unchecked after saving the settings as an preset.
  2. It would be nice to have numeric values for color opacity in all color popup windows. not just the main colour panel. For me its very annoying while adding multiple fills in the appearance panel
  3. When creating a new document with margins and change some settings in 'Document setup...' the 'include Margins' option becomes unchecked, so that we lose the margins, even when rechecking 'include Margins'. Only reentering the margins will work.
  4. I hope there will be Update discounts. My suggestion is to activate the affinity-store version if an installed MAS version is found.
  5. Thank you Affnity, you did not mention it, but the lastest version features some PDF-export options wich allows to preserve images in their original color-space. You did this just in time so that i can verify it before my super old acrobat stopes woking with the next macOS. Keep up the good Work!
  6. While this is not the same problem i described, this issue is also color related an should be fixed. Did you get an response on that?
  7. With the default settings i experience some problems with black colors. First i would suggest to add a default document-swatch with a overprinting black, (and probably a non overprinting one). I need these colors in every print-design. In the default PDF export-settings (except the web-preset) the checkbox is marked to embed profiles. For CMYK documents i don't want this behaviour. In most situations i would prefer to export untagged CMYK colors (Device CMYK, instead of ICC-based CYMK) and tagged (ICC-based) RGB but with a output intent set to the documents cmyk profile. I did not manage to do that with Affinity Publisher (and Designer) With the current PDF export presets a black color is always tagged causing acrobat and printers to separate k into cmyk due to the color-profile.
  8. I created an 4x Image 1800px width @ 288ppi (4x72) to export retina pictures for different densities (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x). While in the export persona "4x" is not in the dropdown-list of scales, but appears while hitting "+". However, after playing around with different export setting i discovered that 3x is the base size giving me 1800 px of width, 4x is scaled up and 1-3x is scaled down. 1350px with setting the export to 1x 2x 3x exports as expected to 450 pixels @1x. higher densities does not work as i would expect. Are there any solutions?
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