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  1. Hi, I am getting an odd issue with rendering artboards name font, all other fonts seem normal. Is there any font used by the application that need to be active in fonts system folder ? Using: Affinity Designer 1.6.1 Affinity Photo1.6.7 Thanks
  2. Hello @R C-R So from your answers, a document palette is just used in a specific document. Imagine this workflow, I think this a very used workflow. Each client has many documents, and a colour swatch palette with the company spot colours. The existing documents are for example logotype, stationery, flyer, outdoors and so on. The colours are already set in the objects. In this workflow I need to have an exported palette with all company colours and import that palette to each document. Now my problems are: 1- I am assuming that just importing the palette and make colours global does not work because, I think the object is still using old colours so I need to reset all objects to use the new global colour. 2- Even if a reset the object colour to use the new global colour I can not make the existing palette colours as spot. 3- What will be the easiest way to keep the company colours if possible with spot colours and use them in all documents ? It seems that the only available option to get a spot colour is to create a new colour, with the SMYK picker, as global and spot and reset all objects colour to use this colour. Changing an existing colour to spot will be an easy work if that feature existed, so do it in all client documents seems to be a lot of work. So if the work already exists, and the colours are set, what will be the suggested solution to change the colours to global+spot in all the documents? Hi @firstdefence thanks for the guide link but I already see the video guide. Thanks you all
  3. Hi , I already have a system palette that was created for this client in another document, even that I can not get the option to change existing color (inside the palette) to global. This is terrible, if global color does not stay in a swatch color palette, then every time we use a palette with clients colors we need to change them all to global. That´s not possible to be that way. So as I understand, I cannot use a general swatch panel for the client and define global/spot colors on it, I need to recreate a new document color palette for each clients' document. This is so basic that I can not believe that this is working this way... I am using system palettes for my clients colors. Is there any was to set an existing palette (system) to be the document palette? For example a palette is used as a document palette by more than one document. Wouldn't be simpler to add global and spot color in the palette and be ready to use in any documents ? Thanks
  4. Hi, Again, I do not want to add a global color I want to change an existing color to global color. Adding global color is available in swatch menu. This is a basic feature how to change an existing color in a global color and spot color. Shouldn´t be so difficult... I stuck here, I need to export as PDF to send to my client and I want to use spot colors. Any help please ? Thanks
  5. Hi firstdefence, I try it, but I did not get those options on my right click over an existing color. I have several colors that I want to make them global and spot, how can I do it ? MacOS X 10.13.6 Affinity Designer 1.6.1 Affinity Photo 1.6.7 Thanks
  6. Hello, I suppose this feature is available, but don´t see how to get it. How can we set an existing swatch color to be global color and use as spot color? I already know how to add a global color, but what about changing an existing color? Thanks
  7. DesignT

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

    Hi LyricsGirl, Where can I see all styles to be able to choose ? Thanks
  8. DesignT

    Naughty but Nice! Cheecky Texture styles!

    Hi, This is a 800Mb file what is included here ? Can you post the link just for this style please ? Thanks
  9. Hi RCR, I am trying to resize all artboard contents (text and images) and I try both dragging on a selection handle and in the Transform Panel. The text was not resized only images.
  10. Hi, I am with Affinity Designer 1.6.1 and text is not resized, should I do any extra step Thanks
  11. Hi, I never expect this topic reactions, it seems there isn't any information about this differences. Thanks, @GabrielM for clarifying about the platform differences. I can see in Affinity releases topic this: Affinity Designer | Mac OS | Mac App Store | 1.6.1 | 1.6.0 Affinity Designer | Mac OS | Affinity Store | 1.6.3 PK | n/a Affinity Photo | Mac OS | Mac App Store | 1.6.7 | 1.6.6 Affinity Photo | Mac OS | Affinity Store | 1.6.9 PK | n/a So my question now is between MacOS versions, are there any differences in Afinnity Designer 1.6.1 and 1.6.3 PK or Affinity Photo 1.6.7 and 1.6.9 PK ? Thanks for your clarifications.
  12. Hi, I have an Mac account from a European country but I am living in a non European country so I do not need to pay VAT. So in this situation, I think I still need to pay VAT to buy products from the Mac App Store. Is there any way to buy Sherif products? Thanks
  13. Hi, I am bit confused about the actual Affinity Designer & Photo versions for MacOS users. Apple Store Designer version is 1.6.1. Wintel platform get different versions, what about the features, are also different? Are windows versions more capable? Please confirm if it is still impossible to buy MacOs versions directly from Sherif Thanks