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  1. If Serif support tell us witch files we need to backup, macOS users could simple create a incremental backup with this amazing backup tool. https://robdutoitsoftware.com/backuplist Is there any specific file or directory that we need to backup ? Thanks
  2. Well that´s not a solution for me I am with Mac OS. Thanks anyway
  3. Hi, I was on Affinity Designer 1.7.1 , now I update to 1.7.2, let me see if it is more stable. Thanks
  4. DesignT


    I am facing one problem with workspaces, every time I try a beta version it resets the workspace and I need to setup again my workspace. Also it seems that I need to reinstall all add-ons with new versions , is this correct ? It can not be the correct way to work.
  5. Worst than that is when we use a beta version it will lose all my customised workspace. We need a workspace manager. Other issue I am finding is with add-ons, new application version, new add-ons installations.
  6. Hi walt.farrell, Maybe I am missing something because I could not choose "create set" it´s grey. Please take a look in the attached images. Thanks
  7. Hi Alfred, I´ve checked and all the objects are smaller that the artboard dimensions so this shoudn´t happen. And you are right the artboard coordinates are the problem, but when exporting the artboard the application should only care about the dimensions, is there a reason for coordinates change the exported size ? Thanks
  8. Hi, Just to check if Crop presets are still not available with Photo 1.7.1 Amazing that we are not able to create presets. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am getting CPU overloading almost all the time with the new 1.7 versions. It freeze all the application with 500% and over 700% overloading. Is there any fix for this issue ? Thanks
  10. Hi, When I set a artboard for example with 1080px by 1920px or any other dimension when I try to export that artboard it always get 1081px by 1921px, it always add 1 pixel. I do not have any objects larger that those dimensions so it does not seem correct. Is there any reason for this ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am not getting the same visual effect after shrinking a group of objects. Please see the attached images original and after operation. It seems that some objects or effects do not shrink. Is this a bug ? Thanks
  12. Hi, When I create an artboard in Designer I get an horrible font type. Will application need any specific font to render correctly the artboard names ? Thanks you all.
  13. It´s nice to see that I am not alone on moving out MAS.
  14. Hi MarshallHarrison, I am an old user of Serif applications, Design & Photo and at that time distribution was only on Apple Store. I did not have other option at that time and I wish Serif will make it possible to move the MAS purchase to a Affinity Store product key. MAS versions are easy to upgrade and restore but personally I would prefer to by directly to Serif. Anyway I am very happy with these applications. Regards,
  15. Hello, I am an older user of Affinity Designer & Photo so at that time I was forced to get the applications in Apple Store. Now Serif distribute their products for Mac also in Serif Store, witch I would chose if I had that option when I initially bought both applications. Now I make the Affinity Publisher pre-order in Affinity Store and have all the other applications AF and AD in MAS. Why a user can not prove the payment of the products in MAS and Serif allow to move to a Serif store license version ? I am not happy with this situation and I think a lot of users do prefer to get a product key. I hope that Serif will find a way to make these clients happy.