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  1. i have the nov 23 photo beta, but i didn't know about the new publisher beta, so thanks for that (hugely grateful that there is a heavyweight, budget alternative to InDesign). i still wish there was some kind of alert i could sign up to find out when new betas or new versions were released by Affinity.
  2. is there a email newsletter or alert available so that i can find out when new affinity beta releases happen?
  3. thx, patrick. any idea when the next beta will be released?
  4. walt.farrell: Cropping already works that way if you have chosen a ratio-based crop. jd: unfortunately, it does not work that way for me, whatever i do. if i want the result i am looking for, either i have to push in on a corner then move the whole crop, or do one corner then the the opposite corner. it is tedious and time-wasting. imo, notify should be on by default. this should be true of every forum - why would someone go to the trouble of posting a question and then not want to hear the reply?
  5. thanks, MEB, your reboot Reset route worked. previously, i could not get the Defaults > Factory Resets to do anything useful at all, so this is a better and larger hammer to crack this kind of nut with. i can delete all other presets, just not the ones that get created with the same parameters as an existing preset. as you say, crop works differently in 1.7.x anyway, so i agree there is no point in fixing it in 1.6x and i will just be very careful when creating presets. indeed, i have just managed to create the 16 : 9 preset correctly, though imo it is rather easy to make a mistake and inadvertently create a duplicate preset. of course i now know that 16 : 9 already exists in 1.7, and i look forward to being able to use it when the bug that stops it from working is fixed!
  6. many thanks for letting me know! i shall stop struggling with this one for now, though unfortunately the reason i turned to the beta in the first place (apart from general interest and keenness) is that i am having trouble with the crop mode presets in the main stable release and i was hoping that i could get the job done in the beta. sadly, it looks like i am stymied both ways at the moment. i have posted a bug report in the stable release section of the forum with the topic title 'Photo unable to delete user-created preset', but it has not been accepted yet.
  7. i would really like to be able to have the crop move on all sides together sometimes, say if one pressed a control key. it is tedious to have to move every corner separately. it would also be good to be able to choose to emulate the default photoshop behaviour - even though i don't personally like it, i am sure many people are used to it. separately, though these forums are mechanically pretty good from what i have seen so far, two things could be improved: 1) i cannot search inside a topic or thread only at a global level, or at least, that is the way it seems to me. a more granular search would be very helpful, for instance so that i can tell - easily and quickly - whether anyone else has posted a request like mine or made a similar bug report. this will surely save your developers time. 2) make the 'Notify me of replies' button below default to ON not off! surely there are no worries about GDPR here - and i would have thought that most people in these forums would want to know if their request had been answered.
  8. thank you for such a quick response. as you suggest, i have found and tried the cog and its dropdown, seen lots of splendid presets, including just the one i want, but i am utterly unable to select it or apply it. i have clicked the small menu icon at the top right, but it just opens a slightly larger version of the dropdown, and still i cannot select anything. is there a video showing how this is supposed to work, please?
  9. when i first created a crop mode preset (trying to make 16:9) it was accidentally left (by me not understanding properly) at the same settings as 1 : 1. this was not intentional. however, now i find that i cannot delete this useless preset because when i try to select it, it changes to the 1 : 1 preset, so i can never get it to highlight and therefore i cannot delete it. this is very disconcerting as now i have two 16 : 9 presets, only one of which is useful. btw, it would surely be nice if 16:9 and 2K were provided by default.
  10. in Crop > Mode, there are no longer any presets and apparently no way to create them. i hope this is just temporary, because this is pretty vital for a quick workflow. also, where can i post feature requests? i would really like to be able to have the crop move on all sides together sometimes, say if one pressed a control key. it is tedious to have to move every corner separately.