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  1. Adding to @v_kyr comment about "Well smart objects are layers, the image data of raster or vector images or even other linked objects." Yes, this is true but they can also be full-blown PSD when opened. Meaning I can import a multilayered PSD as a smart object and your current document seems to automatically assign it's own identifier so that the original isn't affected. Seems like it bakes in a copy. You'll notice when you double click that PSD smart object and it' opens up the file name shows the new identifier, which is usually a string of numbers.
  2. erickp

    Affinity Equivalent to Adobe PS Smart Objects?

    Photoshops "smart objects" is huge. Having that ability in AP, and even better, the ability to open a PS document in AP, then have it retain those "smart object" layers in whatever form Affinity decides to implement it would be essential. I honestly can not commit entirely to AP until they make this happen. I have too many PS files with "smart objects" that completely switching to AP is not even a possibility. I know there is a lot more going on in the backend, but primarily when creating a new "smart object" and/or importing as a "smart object, they are embedding it in the current one and it is assigned a unique identifier. This way, the original isn't affected, but you get a real full copy when you double click on it. Hope you guys can make this happen. I would LOVE to switch for good.
  3. erickp


    Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Some things should just be universal.
  4. I totally get it. Just putting it out there. I'm so glad you all are working so hard on Publisher. True competition has been a long time coming. I was around during the QuarkXPress and InDesign wars and saw that tide turn when most thought it wasn't possible. Got a feeling we are seeing the same thing here and NOT just with Publisher.
  5. In regard to Publisher: Should linking to a document just create a sort of XML? The whole point of linking is to NOT embed and produce a smaller file. Can't believe I helped hi-jack my own thread on Affinity Photo. LOL!
  6. For Publisher that makes total sense, because this is how layout applications usually work. It wasn't clear for Photo, but it's good to know that when you import/embed another Photo document inside another it makes a copy. Keep up the great work! Love what you ladies and gents are doing over there.
  7. Understood. If I do embed another Affinity document inside another, will the original embedded document become another copy? Meaning if I double-click on it and make a change, will it change the original? Photoshop "smart objects" literally create another document (.psb), so the original doc isn't affected.
  8. Will you be implementing something similar to Photoshops "Smart Objects" in Affinity Photo? I know you have the smart filters but Smart Objects is huge and probably the biggest thing holding me back from investing significant time in AP. I guess my other question would be, if I open a PS document in AP, will "smart objects" translate? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. erickp

    Tables (insert objects)?

    Introducing those 'anchors' within Tables and Text boxes would be a great addition. Let's shoot for launch release, not post. No pressure. Love what you are all doing over there!
  10. erickp


    Although APub does remember your previous settings, there is that real possibility as mentioned that the app crashes and you lose those settings. Then there is the issue of migrating and carrying over those workspace settings. And last by not least, the fact that many people have different workspaces depending on the type of work/project they are currently working on. This is definitely a must from day one. You can't cover all the features of an app like InDesign right out of the gate but coming damn close will make this app a worthy alternative. As far as the issue with "Studio Panels", I would totally spell it out at the very least. I'm not a fan of the term "windows" (sorry @GRH ) , but panels are appropriate within an application. If you want to be cool, then perhaps call them "S-Panels". Sound sleek and fast. LOL! All this commenting is mainly because I really like what you guys/gals are doing over there and we need you in the space more than ever. Thanks!
  11. Is there a way to insert objects/images/icons into a cell?
  12. erickp


    Obviously, every person works differently. Is there a way to save your workspace? It would be a shame if you spend all this time customizing all the panels (studio) just right and lose all those settings. This is especially important if you need to have different workspaces for different workflows. Side note: Putting panels under something called "Studio" is very confusing.
  13. erickp

    paste text in table

    Making "Tables" a little more robust would be extremely useful in terms of workflow. I tried importing a CSV file and I can't seem to do it. I tried pasting 4 columns with 10 rows from Excel, into a table within publisher and it seems to paste the whole thing in one column down various rows. Doesn't seem to recognize the columns and rows correctly.
  14. erickp

    Persona Problem

    Just curious, why would you think "panoramas, tone mapping, liquify distortions" need their own workspaces? They are really considered part of the filter category/family, oppose to a workspace you would use heavily. Now, if you had "3D", then I can totally see that as it's own workspace. To consider those others as a separate workspace, brings the questions at what point do you stop creating personas and filling up the top menu with endless workspaces. I suppose allow the user to customize them is a solution but a bit confusing putting emphasis on personas, oppose to an additional/typical functionality. I'm just opening this dialogue as a healthy way to discuss how it's used in the real world. Not just the average user at home but the professional interacting with it day to day.
  15. Thank you for the reply. Make sense. Hope you guys figure that one out because it's HUGE. Probably one of the biggest things stopping me from completely switching over. Will keep an eye out.

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