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  1. robinp

    HUGE file sizes

    I think being able to explicitly open and then edit a PDF is a killer feature. I don’t like editing on the fly though, it is confusing for people who, as you point out, consider PDFs ‘uneditable’.
  2. robinp

    HUGE file sizes

    +1 totally agree. I personally really don’t like being able to edit placed PDFs. Much like I prefer linked vs embedded files. So dangerous
  3. robinp

    HUGE file sizes

    Yes, and if you've got a versioned back up system, each save will presumably create another massive file on the back up. This is concerning because it could cripple back ups.
  4. robinp

    HUGE file sizes

    Yes, most worrying is that i haven’t seen any real acknowledgment of this MAJOR problem or any suggestion that it is ever going to be resolved. An app that routinely creates files that are hundreds of MB is not OK.
  5. Fixes the spread movement crash. No luck with the crash when placing multiple images.
  6. Thanks. That does work. It is, however, very unintuitive. Is there a plan to improve this?
  7. On that Mac, the locate button works but the other does not. I can see the value of the locate button for altering the view to show the file, but I do think selecting it in the resource manager should highlight it if it is currently in view without having to use the locate button.
  8. With the resource manager, I would expect that selecting an item in the list would select the item in the layout space and vice versa. That it doesn't do this, makes working with the resource manager extremely inefficient. Given how fundamental this is, I have assumed this is a bug, but perhaps it is a feature request?
  9. When placing a multi-page PDF into a frame, it no longer seems possible to select the correct page. It works when placing the file directly but then when copying and replacing the document with another to match the cropping, all the settings are lost. Therefore, I want to use a frame but without being able to select the page, this is a non-starter.
  10. Thanks, I've just suffered this crash and it is a pretty essential tool. In fact, I've been using .270 this afternoon and it has now crashed 4 times in about half an hour (not just this bug).
  11. When trying to place more than one .png file at the same time publisher crashes. To reproduce: Choose place tool Navigate to finder location of .png files Select 2 or more of them Hit return / click open Publisher crashes
  12. Having updated, I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. I'll keep an eye out though. thanks
  13. Hi @Jon P I had literally just downloaded an update when prompted by AP. I'll try .270 and see if it fixes it. thanks Robin
  14. When trying to select a block of text sometimes the wrong text box is selected. See video. Screen Recording 2019-03-25 at 11.52.57.mov
  15. robinp

    .112 mask editing bugs

    Hi I have just been trying to get it to behave like it was the other day but I cannot get it to replicate. Indeed, the behaviour is now exactly as you describe above. On the subtlety of how the eraser works, I think it is a strange design choice. I would expect the eraser to 'paint' the opposite of the brush. Ie, if black is selected for foreground and white for background, then the eraser would create white and the brush would paint black... and vice verser if the colours are swapped. On the specific issues I was having, I will keep an eye out and record it if it starts happening again. Robin