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  1. Two things: 1- The content is confidential so please deal with it in a suitable manner. Please do not pass it on and it is only to be used for tracking down this bug 2- Is the above link a standard link if I need to send files in the future?
  2. I've managed to dig out the file from before it went wrong and immediately after it went wrong and can send it to you but I'm not putting them on a public forum.
  3. I think there could be clean and easy ways to arrange it so that tags could work. The advantage they have over folders is that any given style could have multiple tags so you could arrange them in numerous ways depending on what you're working on at the time. Could be really powerful.
  4. Can you provide a direct / private upload link @Chris_K ? thanks
  5. I had it saved for a while but after no response to it for a while I deleted it. I'll see if I can dig out from our back ups.
  6. OK, understood. But it still doesn't really explain the purpose of Group Styles. They are a poor way to organise because it necessitates selecting the Group Style in the Based on setting, thereby meaning you can't actually base the style on on something else; and I can't see why having a Group Style not being able to be applied is actually a feature? How is that better than just a normal style? For example, if I go back to my example previously: Main styles: Heading 1 Heading 2 Body Bullet list Number list Appendix styles Heading 1 Heading 2 Body Bullet list Number list To set up the above, you would have two Styles or Group Styles called 'Main' and 'Appendix' and then set the individual styles as Based on the Styles or Group Styles. However, you might want the appendix body style to be based on the main body style and the Appendix Bullet list to be based on the Main Bullet list. With the Group Styles system (feature?!) I can't see how that would be possible because doing so would move the Appendix Bullet list to be 'under' the Main Bullet list in the hierarchical view. Essentially, folders or tags would be hugely more flexible and useful. Personally, I would ditch Group Styles and replace with something useful and more flexible.
  7. Thanks, so I really can’t see what a ‘group style’ would do that a folder structure wouldn’t do, but folders seem much more flexible. A group style does less than a basic style that others are based on because a group style can’t actually be applied. A group style cannot contain disparate styles in a way that allows you to organise by document section or type (as I noted above) It seems to me that group styles are superfluous and effort and UI space would be better devoted to a folder or tag system for organising styles. Is there a single use case where a group style does more than a basic style that others are based on?
  8. I was paraphrasing the gist of what you were saying. Sorry if it came across as me directly quoting you. I have given it a go. Not sure what gave you the impression I hadn’t? I just don’t underestand the doubling up of this feature. It is confusing and I genuinely can’t see a solid reason for it. Can you give me an example of a use case where havingboth ‘based on’ and ‘group styles’ would of benefit? @Chris_K @MEB maybe one of you could explain what the intention is? Thanks.
  9. I’m sorry but I don’t buy the ‘more options are better’ argument it is just bad design to have two features that essentially do the same thing. Doing so makes it confusing because the app is more cluttered. It also makes it more difficult for different people to pick up working on a document that another person has worked on. It’s all very well being in your own bubble but it is essential that it is as easy as possible for someone to open a document and immediately get to work on the the file. If there are different ways of achieving essentially the same thing, it is going to make it challenging. I don’t mind which it is, and unless someone can provide a compelling use case for having them both, we should have either ‘based on ‘ or ‘group styles’. Folders on the other hand would be very handy. Perhaps even better would be tags so that you could sort / search them as required on the fly.
  10. Hi, I think currently there is no way to create template documents other than manually managing them yourself. Ie, there is nothing stopping you using a particular file as a template. I haven’t done it yet in Publisher but I understand it is possible to import styles from one document into another. In this way, you could have a template or series of template files set up which have the styles required for different types of documents and then either duplicate / save as or create a new file and import the styles. As for a more flexible way of organising styles, I think there is currently no way to do this. The best idea so far is to have folders so you can drag and drop styles into folders as required.
  11. But isn’t that exactly what the ‘based on’ feature achieves? I just can’t see how or why having both would be desirable. I can only see situations where it is unclear whether a particular style setting is being derived from the group style or from the ‘based on’ style. Indeed, in hierarchical view, they appear much the same. Having one or other of Group styles or Based on feature and a folder structure would give a lot of flexibility. Currently it appears to just be confusing.
  12. Thanks, but I do understand the basic principle of ‘based on’ and it is very helpful. The question was what and how this differs from a ‘group style’. Anyone know?
  13. Thanks, I’ll give it a go
  14. No worries. I can't reproduce it either. One thing that I did when creating the frame was to drag from bottom left to top right. Not sure if that is part of the recipe to recreate the bug. Trying it again hasn't had that effect. Will keep an eye out for it happening again.
  15. So in summary, there is a bug within the text styles settings. You cannot set up a list style directly as a new style, you have to first get the text looking how you want it and then update a style from the selected text. OK for now as a work around but it needs a fix in due course @Chris_K @MEB