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  1. Exactly?
  2. I'm happy for it to be split off. I am stunned at the displeasure people have to discussing this though. We have a long way to go. Oh well, last from me on the issue (on this thread anyway)
  3. Interesting. I've just had a look and this is the entry @JGD refers to I think. I'd say that was pretty explicit to be honest.
  4. And the length of time it is taking.
  5. That’s a really cool site. I’ve not seen it before. However, I don’t think it’s going to do what people here want. Looking at the DXF options, they all appear to be bitmap conversion formats. Unsure about PDF as it can be both but given all the others are bitmap I’m guessing it will be as well.
  6. I agree, however, equality is something that can and should be discussed every time, place and context that it crops up. If others want to then get worked up about it and take the discussion off-course that's for them to worry about.
  7. Thanks. I’m just bored of making the same points over and over again. There are those of us who are a bit fed up and there are some who believe we are wrong. There are probably some who are somewhere in the middle. I get that but it seems many are not open minded enough to empathise with those who are not happy because they are struggling due to missing functionality. Anyway, have a good evening.
  8. I think you misunderstood my point about not wanting to debate this.
  9. It was a general point rather than specifically regarding file formats.
  10. I suppose the issue comes when it is not clear if software had a feature or not. If it is such a ‘basic’, ‘standard’ (or whatever term you wish to use) that you just expect it. I do agree, this is not a client relationship. It is a customer relationship. A customer relationship where you *know* the product is going to be regularly updated. So to suggest that we should just be blindly grateful for the updates because we paid once is slightly unfair. The free updates were always part of the deal. The real grumbles are around the length of time some features have been requested and the silence around if and when they will be delivered. Anyway, I’ve had enough of arguing with people who are saying these these annoyances / grumbles / concerns shouldn’t be expressed. I’ve no intention of getting into a debate with you. Just explaining a few things. Have a nice evening.
  11. Or... she?!
  12. What a nice person you are. If you were actually reading what I posted properly, you'll see I asked it as a question. Are you scared by questions? Anyone who believes in equal rights of women is, by definition, a feminist. So if you aren't, you are sexist. This is not politics. I'm not going to apologise for upsetting you, and I will continue to point out discrimination or potential discrimination wherever I see it. I can assure you, I would say no one that I've ever met has thought or suggested I'm a fool. Quite the opposite if anything. Wading in to this like you have however, is looking pretty petty and vindictive. If you want to have an argument with me then fine, but I'm not sure everyone else has to be bored by your ranty posts. Maybe send me a direct message if you've really got a problem.
  13. I see you've edited your post since I quoted it originally. A wrong can be done without the victim realising. I refer you to my previous post.
  14. I'm really trying my best to not get personal in these discussions. Criticising Serif and their lack of transparency is one thing. I genuinely think @Mithferion means well which is more than I can say for some others. Saying that I do wish @haakoo would stop reacting negatively to basically every post I have made (since the debate about the definition of 'prevaricate') without actually engaging. The crazy thing is that I think EVERYONE actually wants these features and wants them as soon as possible. The lack of info coming out of Serif is what is causing these discussions to spiral out of control.

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