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  1. I'd have thought it was fairly clear that a user would have enabled them because they wanted to use it? I am so puzzled by all this and I'm not even someone that uses baseline grids much.
  2. robinp

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    The PDF import is amazingly good. Obviously you lose all the styles etc, but if your document / template isn’t too complex, you can get something up and running pretty quickly. If all you need to do are a few minor edits then it is generally fine.
  3. robinp

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    What happens if you've already disabled the splash screen? How would I get it back? thanks
  4. Well let’s run through the chronology shall we: 1- @JGD raises the point about baseline grid in Designer 2- Serif’s QA manager @Patrick Connor responded in a, to put it mildly, rather defensive way 3- You say wait until the Publisher announcement to understand the reasoning 4- I point out it sounds rather hopeful (blind, irrational belief) 5- You then essentially say criticism is not valid because an announcement is imminent 6- I point out how that is daft 7- The announcement occurs and appears to include no new features in designer Now, could we please get back on topic which was about @JGD‘s perfectly reasonable request for baseline grid support in Designer? Unless I’ve missed something, it seems clear to me that the announcement yesterday didn’t resolve this and therefore the discussion was entirely valid and reasonable despite your efforts to shut it down. Even if it does and I’ve missed it, I fail to see how discussing a requested feature is ever an unreasonable thing to do. As for @Patrick Connor‘s replies to @JGD, I can only say that I think an apology is in order.
  5. What’s with your attitude? I’m really perplexed by how you seem to prefer to shoot at the person rather than the issues being discussed.
  6. robinp

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    This was introduced fairly recently in the beta. I’ve not tested it much yet but it does seem to have improved things substantially, albeit perhaps not to files as small as the InDesign files would be. I guess it has to save fairly high resolution previews in order to accurately and efficiently display WYSIWYG
  7. robinp

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I was under the impression there were some surprises being announced but it all seems very much as expected. No?
  8. Would you care to explain why you were so keen on stopping criticism until after the announcement this evening? You hinted you had insider info. From what I can tell it was almost entirely what was expected.
  9. So criticism must stop while waiting for an announcement. Not sure of the logic there. If they are about to solve all of the criticisms out there, then that would be marvellous. I highly doubt it though. Therefore criticism will continue. You seem to be being very defensive about this and I’m a bit puzzled as to why. I don’t think what I’ve written, or for that matter, @JGD, is particularly complicated or hard to understand. If you have insider knowledge of what’s coming then I’m very pleased for you but I haven’t. Whatever the reality of what’s coming later, it doesn’t get over the problems around communication and listening to user feedback to date.
  10. Except Designer was launched in 2014. On this basis criticism is never logical because there is always potential for an updated version.
  11. Are you saying that there are features in Publisher beyond what was in the Beta? I ask, and my original statement was on the basis of this, as someone that has extensively tested the Beta since it was released to the public. I’m also not sure how features in Publisher are going to solve the request for a feature in Designer. Maybe they do have some good surprises for Publisher that will be announced later but I can’t see how that will help here.
  12. Often, I’d argue, it shows the opposite. Reading this whole thread is incredibly disheartening. @Patrick Connor Seems to be taking time out to essentially insult a concerned user. Please show a bit of respect. It seems this whole thing could have been dealt with so much better. I get that the Serif team are probably working their socks off and are very passionate about the Affinity apps. They should also be proud of what they have achieved. However, the disregard for, and sometimes aggression towards users feedback is is puzzling and rather concerning. There are a number of essential features that are languishing, unheeded and barely acknowledged for years. Then times like this that the user is insulted for, what I think are, very reasonable and fairly argued points. You do have to wonder what the hell is going on? @Ash This sounds like a blind, irrational, belief. Perhaps I’m wrong. Do you have any logic or data to back this up?
  13. robinp

    Grid problem in develop mode

    I have tried and failed to recreate the problem. I will report back if and when it reappears.
  14. robinp

    Grid problem in develop mode

    Hi Here are my specs. I have just tried it again and the grid seemed to be working properly. I have a feeling that it might be when I have an external monitor attached. Certainly, when it was not working correctly that was with an external display. I do currently have the Metal acceleration enabled so I will experiment when I manage to reproduce the error whether turning Metal off fixes it. thanks Robin