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  1. + if one renames a swatch, the new name exists immediately but does not show until one leaves the swatch panel ( eg to colours) and returns
  2. Thank you -- didn't see it at top level, now found in /appearance.
  3. In Text Styles, as in Page Plus, I would like the 'show where this style is used' action. Very useful when developing templates and when copying text in ( which tends to create new styles automatically ) it enables merging of styles too. This would presumably also work for graphic styles, though I don't use those. Similarly I would like 'normal text for para style' action -- the character 'no style' does not seem to do the same thing.
  4. In a CMYK document, a 25% version of a colour should appear lighter not darker. This also applies to the patch displayed at the top of the screen when in a document. The swatch panel, as far as I can tell, cannot be resized and takes up a lot of space Swatches should have option to display the name alongside the colour - some corporate colours are visually very close.