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  1. Fair point. Having read your post I played more with cropping. I didn't realise negative cropping was a thing!
  2. Thanks for response - that is useful. Independently of the use of FilterForge, I think what you are saying is that Crop does not fully crop the file - and the file saved after cropping would still contain the full image. So, in order to save filespace if one uses large background bitmaps, Crop is not enough and one should Rasterise and trim each of any large bitmap layers as well? That appears to be the case from a quick trial I did. I would suggest that it would be better for Crop to do a trim as well in some future version.
  3. Not sure I understand this .... is the following (from the Designer Help File inaccurate / misleading when it says there is support ..... Features of Affinity Designer Here's an overview of the features of Affinity Designer. Choose a category from the menu below, which includes options to view all features, or only those that are new in this version—marked with a red bullet (▪). All featuresNew in this versionPower, performance and compatibilitySolid graphic design toolsPowerful layer managementExternal resource managementProfessional object controlProfessional colour suppor
  4. Indeed so. This may be an example of two very similar things being developed by separate teams, and taking the best of both and making it uniform would be good. I rate presets above live filter if there is need for a choice --- typing in any long formula and parameters is really error prone.
  5. I process a jpeg in Photo and crop it to square, then save as an afphoto file. I open this 'square' afphoto file. On selection , a rectangular boundary shows the original boundary with the square image within it. On selecting the crop tool the specified image and crop dimensions are both square as I wanted. If I feed this image into a Forge plugin, it sees the original dimensions and messes up processing of distortions and tiling. Win10 PC 64bit
  6. Absolutely right -- I have no idea how that turned on but that is the problem ... many thanks - I had tried all sorts edit : I think it's down to accidentally selecting a brush that sets 'protect' on, then choosing the brush I intended to use, which does not set 'protect' but leaves it on. the 'leave the setting alone' type of brush is a hazard I'll have to watch out for !
  7. In Photo, if I create a new pixel layer, I get a transparent canvas on which I can start painting leaving any layer underneath visble where I have not painted. In Designer pixel persona Windows 10 V1.9 a brush will not paint on a new (ie transparent) layer. Filling the layer with white enables me to paint - but obviously kills the aim of being able to see the layers underneath. A transparent area created by erasing paint after filling with white also does not allow painting so that is not a workaround. Still true if I rasterise the layer. Is there a workaround or is this a bu
  8. Agree - need some touchable items that are usable when in tablet mode shift alt ctl and perhaps ctl-z/undo as a hot button. On my HP Envy in tablet mode, I can display an on screen touch keyboard but that is modal - holding that shift key keeps focus on the keyboard so disables drawing with the pen .
  9. Oh <sad face> I've been gradually gradually working through some of the simpler things I do in Illustrator to convert my work to Affinity. As I am retired doing limited numbers of posters/tickets etc for political and charity organisations, the impact isn't as great as for a pro, but ....... having been used to Illustrator's Expand Appearance on brushes as per the attached image ( line-applybrush-expand-styleit) this is something of a shock. Fortunately I keep an old Illustrator running (largely for the Scriptographer plugin) so I can go back to it when I want to do an
  10. All three programs Designer/Photo/Publisher can save a thumbnail with a document, and this works well, showing the thumbnail image in Windows Explorer. The saved thumbnail does not show up in my resource management software where only the associated application icon is visible. I've discussed with them and they have no problem in showing the windows thumbnail ( and I see one in Photoshop and Illustrator documents etc ) . They tell me they know of one problem package and that is Corel - who hide their thumbnails from apps other than Explorer in some way- and no good reason was given b
  11. A very useful discussion. I think I may be almost there using a mouse. I have managed to get some variation in the width and opacity of a line by setting the context controller to velocity .... BUT .... By moving my mouse as fast as humanly possible across the whole screen, I get up to abut 25% of the full width of the line... How can I make Affinity realise I really do want to get a thick line if I move quickly while retaining some control of where the mouse is going across the desk 🙂 edit - I also cannot find a context controller for the pixel brush equivalent --- are pixel
  12. Designer in Windows 10 just showing an icon, Photo in Windows showing an image No - it's not as complicated as I thought - not about location of the file -- just need to show LARGE icons - <duhhh>
  13. Grouping items where a contour has been applied breaks when dragging the group....... Create artistic text. Duplicate. Contour top item to be smaller. Add stroke to top item Group. If one then selects the two items within the group and drags, they move correctly [lower part of image]. If one selects the group as a whole, [upper part of image] and drags, the drawing parts move differently, as if the scaling of the contour is affecting the movement? Windows 10 Ryzen5/Radeon Designer 1.9 regards Gareth
  14. Further information -- doing the same with two jpegs of 2.5Mb works fine ...so it could be a size issue. I will try to find a combination of Tif 8 /Tif16 /jpeg /png that is on the edge of the error condition EDIT -- EDIT -- EDIT Today ( next day) I ran this sequence of tests with Jpegs 1200, 1800, 240, 3600 and Tifs at 1200 and 3600 - up to a total of 184Mb of input data. And this was with Capture One running and it takes up a lot of memory. As an ex computer systems tester I hate this .... the only difference today is that it is raining . I'll try diagnostics again if it
  15. I am suspicious of the NVidia interaction too - not necessarily an error in the drivers but in AFphoto's use of it. There has been a change 'somewhere' 🙂 Up to April last year I was able to create landscape Panos easily (not large - around 4 or 5 tifs of 40MB each) . I came to do this recently and AFphoto v184 failed ( program just vanishes when clicking OK after stitching - even with just 2 tifs ) Obvously much would have changed in the computer [win10 I7 12Gb ram] over that time, so I did a complete reload of windows 10 and all apps (inc 185 of AFphoto) but no luck - again AFphoto j
  16. Following up this topic - I have made lots of panoramas of normal country scenes with 6 or so TIFF images processed from CaptureOne with no issues. This snow scene appears to blow it - with no error message - Aff Photo just vanishes quietly. I tried with all 4 images and with three as that gives enough coverage. The image is not important - just fun for family - but it may help to find a problem so I'll put them here on a OneDrive ..... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvP2QWjWWdqnhpAhjvjdkgdFU9Sc7Q?e=7HoZeR Windows 10 64bit Intel I7-4770 with 12 GB of RAM - Aff Photo version 1..8.5.703 Gar
  17. Many thanks anon2 for the tutorial ... conversion to software with different terms is always a challenge!
  18. To extend this issue a little. If one does a normal subtract operation (no modifier key) where the result is apparently a compound path with two red nodes, the Layer menu / Release Compound is greyed out. Not sure if the result is the 'wrong sort of compound' -- it shows as '(Curves)' in the Layers panel -- or just a glitch that the command is not enabled. (This would have been part of my workaround for the absence of a vector erase brush)
  19. Vector erase to alter shapes would be great -- not just as a quick shaper but to create apparent interweaving layers using " A-B-Acopy then erase-the-copy-layer" technique. I still go back to AI for this
  20. I like the rotate view for inspection in publisher -- but it's highly disorienting to have the mouse movement and others reversed. Is there an option I have missed somwhere ? If not, please please add one and make the default that the mouse works in screen coordinates not document? [ Now this is odd -- having written the above and returned to my document , it no longer has this weird behaviour -- it must have heard me! will reort if it happens again ]
  21. Dan503 -- just asked the same thing myself -- though I called it a 'length' option on a variation on a brush -- which would be simulated smooth pressure variation over the length of a stroke.
  22. There are baby steps that one could take to give more vector support. Even with the raster orientation of the software oe of my favourites would be to have a 'length' option for variation -- I don't often use a pressure pen and I find velocity control unwieldy. A variation that applies over the length of a stroke would mimic one type of Illustrator's brushes. [EDIT] I have now come across the pressure profile for a stroke - and although this is not embedded in the brush, it approaches what I like to use.
  23. Thanks for response. I am not a photoshop user so cannot answer the question. I am mostly an Illustrator user and I am moving into the Affinity family. Nearly very happy!
  24. Agree Garry -- the extend option etc should be available to pixel layer in Designer for consistency between apps. A pixel layer in designer, after all, is not a 'layer' in the 'folder' or 'home for other items' sense but is an item. This discussion has been valuable to me in finding out how transparent png fills can be treated with effects and some quite surprising (to me ) results 🙂
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