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  1. Yes, it helps... It isn't as good as only hold the Alt key, but it is a good alternative to assigning a button to the pen, since this last one method makes it necessary to fly on the tablet, that is, the pen must not touch the tablet so that the button assigned to the hand tool works. Thank you!
  2. You are right, but I use pen buttons for others functions and its unnatural for my put the hand tool in that button... or maybe -I recognize it- because I've been used an "Alt" key on my left hand for ages. Since PageMaker what I remember. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for your reply. As far as I know, Alt + left click mouse button doesn't produce any character. If you press Alt + any other key, you be able to make any special character that you want. If you use a mouse and click with the middle button it appears hand tool, this it's ok. My point is because I use a Wacom tablet (doesn't have middle button). In this case it's much faster simply hold the "Alt" key and press and drag the stylus on the tablet, the moment you release the Alt key, the hand tool disappears. This is exactly how I work in InDesign and I assure you that it's much more efficient than changing the tool or use a vertical and horizontal sliders every time while I'm working on a zoomed text. If you work with a mouse, isn't as dramatic as tablet because at least you always have the central button available to hold. I only ask Affinity for an optional "Alt" hold key for hand tool, if the user want. Simply as an option.
  4. My suggestions (Excuse my mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker) For me, merge data is absolutely necessary. (I see a specific pinned post for that, great!) Why are there no global layers?... How can I make a catalog with multiple languages then? Global layers are essential! Please, add duplicate tools with grid parameters: vertical and horizontal distance and number of copies. Be able to rotate pages individually (for design purpose). Currently only is possible globally. Pressing Ctrl + combination should zoom to the selected object (if selected) and not to the center of the page like now. In vector mode (like on a editing an imported PDF), transform functions doesn't work, ¿why? Its important that if you hold "Alt key" always activate the hand tool to move a view, specially important when you are on text tool, since it's not possible to use the H key or any other, because it would be written as text. When you define a color with a name, and this color is applied to a style, the style is not updated if you later change the color. Fix it please. Very exited whit the potencial of Affinity Publisher, give me more power to leave InDesing forever. Thanks!!!