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  1. I tried with pdf and adesigner - the result is the same - bigger file weight. I need the APhoto format - layers, adjustment etc. I know, I can do flatten, save as versions and connect the file again. But maybe this is not the point :-) I know InDesigna very well, here I am learning. We'll see what's next, but thank you for the tips.
  2. Thanks for the hints. I swapped psd for aphoto, and first on pdf, and then on adesigner files. For information: for example. the same file .ai file - 77 kb pdf - 386 kb adesigner - 43 kb psd - 15.5 Mb same aphoto file: 7.7 Mb The result is that the Publisher file is now 40.6 Mb, which is even more :-) I'm still training. Thanks.
  3. hi, I'm using .ai and .psd files, exactly the same as in InDesign. The pdf file for print has 2.3 Mb, it is fine. This is not about an export file - pdf, tiff etc. It is the weight of Affinity files. I have hundreds of ID files. Multiply their weight 8 times ... if you convert them to Afiinity :-) But pay attention to the small difference between Affinity files - linked and ambeded. And, of course, for a very large difference in the weight of Affinity and InDesign files, in which, as you know, the files are only as linked.
  4. Can anyone explain two things to me: 1. why is there a small difference between the Publisher's file weight - one of linked files, the other with embeded files? 2. Why is there so much weight difference between Affinity files and the file of the same leaflet made in InDesign? In my opinion, the weight difference is too small. And the second thing - it's over 8 times heavier file than the InDesign file ... What will happen with something that in the ID weighs e.g. 200 Mb THNX tasma brzegowa fr 2019 FIN.pdf
  5. Thank you Walt for the hint. Yes, I saw this function. However, the opportunity that I was talking about would be great. This is a topic related to the PREFLIGHT function. Now we have to control everything ourselves. In small production, this is not a problem, but in the case of a large catalog - for example 100 pages, many photos, drawings etc. This is becoming a very serious problem. The effects of oversight can be serious.
  6. Hello to all who like Publisher :-) I do not know if this topic was discussed, but ... it would be nice if you could mark and update multiple files at once or if you could point to the entire new folder with source files. Now you have to do it "manually" with each file separately. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I do not know if this thread was already touched. Tabels. There is a merge cells function, but how to split the selected cells in the table - horizontally or vertically? If it does not have this function, I think it would be very useful...
  8. Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. "I'm afraid there's no way to do this currently other than checking the Layers panel as you have been done. Currently right-clicking the object and selecting Find in Layers Panel doesn't work for locked objects. I will pass this to the dev team." That's what I was asking about in my question. I think that the topic is connected with independent layers - each large work will have a large number of layers, so searching for the blocked one is a big waste of time. Thanks, I wish you good luck and perseverance to our dev team
  9. I do not know how the rest of users, but I have a problem finding the object that was blocked. It would be a function of marking this object, maybe with a different color and SHOW IT ON LAYERS. Now I need to look for the object, because I can not select it - there is no function to find on layers for blocked objects. Is there some other way?