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  1. Thanks guys I noticed the clock on the Mac I installed on was not set to the correct time, so that may have had a bearing on it. I installed designer onto the same machine without any issues. Had a play with it last night and was very impressed, as a long time Adobe user. What's the min spec you need to run these apps decently? I have a 2012 Ultrabook with an i5 and 4GB of RAM and a 256Gb SSD. Will it do OK on this till I get a better machine? And what's the minimum decent spec to run them on? Do I need dedicated graphics, for example? And is IDML import on the near horizon yet?
  2. I don't know if this possible as I am new to this but in InDesign I used to import bitmap files at 300+Dpi and then you could colour them to suit and set the transparency of the bitmap as required to obtain a 'greyscale' of the colour. Otherwise you will need to change everything to vectors in the correct pantone colours. You may also need to check separations for anything that overprints. Black may print as an overprint, which isn't always desirable.
  3. @MEB Any ideas on a timescale on IDML support? 6 months? A year? Sure would be nice to know.
  4. Hi Just downloaded the Publisher trial, installed it, opened one of the sample files. The app ran light treacle, literally couldn't do anything after changing a line width. Restarted the Mac and relaunched the app to be met with a message saying 'your trial has expired'. What happened to the 10 day trial? Running an iMac i7 from about 2011 with 4Gb RAM, High Sierra. About 280Gb drive space available. I would really love to have a go at this software but the experience hasn't been so great so far.