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  1. Alfred, I get your point, I was just trying to say that the website is not saying what exactly the "place" a PDF means, which it should as it is something different than what all other software makers mean by this. That's all.
  2. Hi Catshill The pain originates in a presumption that importing or placing a PDF means placing as is (Passthrough PDF), but what Affinity does is parsing a PDF thus making it editable. But you the web does not say a word about it, just place PDF and many others... It is kind of missleading and does not feel like a final version... I have already tried a few PDF rasterizers and feel that it is going to be the best and easiest way even for those who bought affinity after my recommendation.
  3. Hi Fixx, end of 2019 is ok, 2020 is a bit far away and 2021... I do know how to export a PDF to raster image on a Mac. The question is how to do it on Windows - is there something similar to Preview? An app that would do the job acurately and with no additional cost? Thanks P.S. Stil... I'd like to hear an official answer to my questions about the arrival time of the Passthrough PDF functionality...
  4. Hi MEB, thanks for the straight forward answer, even though it is not the kind of answer i' like to hear. What do you mean by take some time? Are you talking about 1.7.x, 1.8, 1.9? How many months away is that? Is there a roadmap that would sum up future plans for each product? I'd say this is a crucial feature for your software to be used in production environments, where accuracy, reliability and speed are a must. Thanks
  5. Hi Callum, The truth is, that I tried all the ticking possibilities on importing the PDF and the outcome was the same. Affinity tries to parse all PDFs no matter what happens to the look of the document - meaning the fonts. So what you suggested just does not work - does not keep the imported PDF intact, as it should be/as was created. Try it yourself and you'll see. I tried on Windows and Mac - same result. And the same happens in all three apps. So with the whole suite of three "professional" apps there is no way of including an advertisement (for example) from your customer unless you own all the fonts used in the PDF or all the type was outlined. That is a serious trouble, if I am not mistaken and doing something wrong. The outcome of such functionality may look like this: see the difference in the type. Now, the question is: Is there a way of avoiding this? Is there a way of rasterizing the PDF, so that it can be imported to Publisher as was, not with altered looks of the missing fonts? If there is one, PLEASE tell me. If not: PLEASE incorporate the possibility of importing PDFs without parsing and substituting fonts AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The sotware is otherwise still in beta (Publisher) when it is missing such basic feature. At least the Photo app should be able to rasterize ANY correct PDF. That is fundamental too.
  6. Hi there, I have to say I really appreciate your effort and I do like your apps. I still hassitate about switching from CS6, but there are people around who made the step and rely on your apps. I was asked for help by one of those people with a relatively simple document in Publisher. We sorted things out, but then I looked closely at an advert that came from exterlan studio as a usual PDF and I could not believe my eyes. The document had all fonts substituted! It did a relatively good job and the difference was not huge, but still - it was different. I tried to import the file in a different way, looked in the preferences for some kind of a switch, that would allow to leave the PDF as is and not parse it on import. NOTHING. So I tried the other two apps, hoping for a way of at least rasterizing the PDF in Photo. NOTHING. I have not found a way of including the external PDF in the publisher document so that it looks as intended. If that is correct (and it is not my mistake of not finding a way) then it is a BUG hidden behind the facade of a feature. The software is unusable for everyone who needs to include external PDFs in his documents, because there is no way of having all the fonts included in any external PDF. And there is no way of having all texts in the external PDFs outlined. It might work with 50 % of them, but the rest... Q1: Is there really no way of importing a PDF "AS IS" (without parsing is and thus substituting missing fonts and altering the look of the document)? Q2: Is there really no way of rasterizing a PDF "AS IS" (without parsing is and thus substituting missing fonts and altering the look of the document)? Suggestion: If the imported PDF had and option (at least in Photo and Publisher) to leave the PDF intact and parsing it only if the user needs it... that would solve the problem (it could be rasterized and imported as bitmap (only a suggestion). I understand, that designers who do not import PDFs from other designers do not encounter this problem, but for all the others (including me) it is rendering the apps unusable. If the above statements are true, PLEASE try to solve this very soon. Thanks. Marek

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