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  1. Ill winds and cloud linings .............
  2. And my apologies in turn for taking it out on you .............. wrong of me.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. They finally appeared yesterday. See post above.
  4. I have two machines. A desktop that I use all the time where there were no updates at all and a laptop that I use only from time to time. It occurred to me to check the laptop ......... and there they were. Once updated from the laptop they finally appeared on the desktop after several log in and outs from the store. Thanks Patrick for responding. Running perfectly now.
  5. And, yes, your point about the app store is well taken.
  6. The beta versions no longer work. Beta files are not backwardly compatible with my earlier installed store vesrsions. Nothing critical was created on the betas but it's frustrating nonetheless.
  7. Below is the text of a post from the forum announcing the release in the App Store of the final beta. Although it is the where the download instructions are given it is, apparently and puzzlingly, not the appropriate forum to announce difficulties downloading it. Despite having taken an active part in the beta assessments and having downloaded and used them all I am completely unable to download the release version from the App Store. I have had the original AppStore version of Affinity Photo and Designer since their release and they are present on my machine and show as installed in the App Store. However App Store only shows only my original pre beta apps. Nothing shows in updates to update them and Cmd R does nothing to update 'updates'. Not only can I not download the new release I cannot even use what I have happily been using to date because it won't let me in and I get a message telling me to download the new version. I am now totally without access to your app or my files. I am not the only one confused that is clear from other posts .......... can someone please hold my hand and take me though this step by step? iMac Retina 5K. 6 x 3,7 Ghz. OS Mojave 10.14.5
  8. DavidMac

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    With the greatest of respect Patrick there is confusion everywhere. I am not the only one with problems. This thread is full of questions like mine. A thread announcing a new release seems an entirely appropriate place to ask for help downloading it. It's already full of questions about downloading. Brushing me off to another forum is to say the least discourteous. I have followed and commented and given input on this beta for months and I have supported Affinity since it's inception. Quite frankly I am angered by your lack of assistance .... however, given no alternative, I shall, do what you say ......... but, to be honest and frank, you have left a bad taste. After so much that has been so good what a terrible shame.
  9. DavidMac

    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    App Store shows only my original pre beta app. Nothing shows in updates and Cmd R does nothing to update 'updates'. I can't use what I have because it won't let me in and I get a message telling me download the new version. I am not the only one confused that is clear from other posts .......... can someone please hold my hand and take me though this step by step? Same applies to Designer of course.
  10. Thanks Leigh. That's clear(ish). I'd sort of guessed the Pressure which is why I was asking about Efficiency. Efficiency sounds like one of those figures of more significance to developers than users. Probably useful if I ever have to come here trying to troubleshoot a memory problem.
  11. I am having difficulty understanding what Memory Efficiency in the Info Panel represents. On modest documents this can read as high as 5616%. How can anything be more than 100% efficient? On huge mega documents that make AP really struggle this has plunged to as low as -2147483648% which seems a completely ludicrous and meaningless figure. So please what exactly does Memory Efficiency represent?
  12. I can confirm same problem here.
  13. DavidMac

    Default Palette Doesn't seem to work

    Thanks Gabe. I think this is the third time I have reported this going right back to just a few weeks or months after first launch! It would be good to see it dealt with.
  14. DavidMac

    Expand and move selection

    Actually Alfred not really your bad. You were almost there! Here is what looks to be the best method: Draw an ellipse (or other) shape with the Shape Tool. Click Convert to Curves on context toolbar top right. Select Pen Tool. Click Selection in context toolbar top left. The curve will be converted to a selection. This method has a couple of advantages over Cmd clicking the thumbnail. Cmd clicking a thumbnail doesn't work at all on a wireframe shape with no fill or stroke and selects both inside and outside if only a stroke is present. Neither is desirable. This method always creates a single selection to the outermost bound of the shape regardless of presence or no presence of stroke, regardless of thickness of stroke if present, regardless of filled or unfilled. So it works in all cases. For best precision and visibility you can draw a wireframe shape with no fill or stroke and a selection will still be created. Lastly this method automatically deletes the now unneeded shape leaving just the selection. I would love to claim credit for this method but it is in fact the official AP method outlined in the help files. Contents > Selections > Creating Pixel Selections > From Shapes BTW the new Selection from Layer and Delete doesn't do the above. It behaves exactly the same as Cmd clicking the thumbnail.
  15. DavidMac

    Expand and move selection

    Yes. Good point. Thank you for pointing that out. The problem is that the fill covers what you are selecting which is a bit counter productive. Seems to work best thus: 1) Draw ellipse with neither fill nor stroke. This is easiest and most precise in terms of visibility for drawing. 2) Fill (whatever colour is currently selected will do) 3) Cmd click thumbnail. It's all getting very 'workaroundish' again ..........