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  1. DavidMac

    Studio Link not Working

    Thanks. That's very clear now. I am basically a Photo user. Publisher is useful to me presently for just one single long term project. My interest in the Publisher Beta was just that - interest ......... and simple curiosity. So I can quite happily carry on with 1.7.3 for my project and update when the time comes. Thanks for your help and clarification.
  2. DavidMac

    Studio Link not Working

    Stupid me, I forgot to give machine specs. I had guessed that it was probably a case of waiting for compatible versions. I just hoped that I might be wrong ...... Thanks Haakoo for your very swift replies.
  3. DavidMac

    Studio Link not Working

    Now you have really got me puzzled. I attach an extract from the mail that came this morning with the Publisher beta 8 installer.
  4. I have just installed Publisher Beta V When I try to use the Designer and Photo personas the link does not work and I get the attached message. Designer and Photo are V 1.7.3 from the app store. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing post Publisher install but that doesn't help. Both apps link perfectly with the V 1.7.3 release version of Publisher so I can work with that fine for now. I remember in the past that linking between beta and release versions didn't always work. So is this something I should expect until a new release version of Publisher is available or do I have a problem? Thanks for any help.
  5. That would be great! So much of what we do in these kind of apps is instinct based on 'knowing where the buttons are'.
  6. Patrick your post just crossed with mine. I just discovered this for myself. Sorry to have bothered you. While I have you 'on the line' so to speak. It really would be much easier of Studio recognised our personal screen layouts for Photo and Designer. They must be accessible to Studio.
  7. My bad .......... Apologies to all ............... Hadn't realised that Publisher had a new release version. Just installed it and all working perfectly. It's great. Although I would be much happier if Studio used my screen layouts for Photo and Designer. Now I have to learn publisher. I can see some happy hours ahead ............
  8. I am using Publisher Beta 1.7.2 458 App Store Photo 1.7.2 App Store Designer 1.7.2 OS X 10.14.6 All have been opened and run. They are not apparently registering with Studio Link I get the message asking me to install and run them. Where do I go from here? David Mac
  9. Ill winds and cloud linings .............
  10. And my apologies in turn for taking it out on you .............. wrong of me.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. They finally appeared yesterday. See post above.
  12. I have two machines. A desktop that I use all the time where there were no updates at all and a laptop that I use only from time to time. It occurred to me to check the laptop ......... and there they were. Once updated from the laptop they finally appeared on the desktop after several log in and outs from the store. Thanks Patrick for responding. Running perfectly now.
  13. And, yes, your point about the app store is well taken.
  14. The beta versions no longer work. Beta files are not backwardly compatible with my earlier installed store vesrsions. Nothing critical was created on the betas but it's frustrating nonetheless.

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