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  1. Thanks Dan. No apologies needed. I know the last two years have been very difficult for you all. This is not let's face it a serious bug, which is why I hadn't pursued it for so long. It's easy enough to import my palette when I start. It's just one of those minor irritations one would prefer not to have. Hopefully next version. 🙂
  2. AP on Mac OS Mojave This something I first reported years back in the very, very early days with first release of AP. Nothing has changed since then so I am tempted to believe that I may be failing to understand something rather than there being a fault in the app. I find having to keep switching greyscale and colour swatches rather tedious. So I created a swatch of my own that contains both greyscale and colour in a single swatch palette. It is set as an application palette. I saved this and on startup can select it in the palette drop down just above the swatches. So far so good. However the swatches menu has an option "Save as default", followed by the colour modes for which you would like it to be default. I set my new palette to be default but AP ignores this and always defaults to the grey scale palette. Now maybe I am misunderstanding but, to my simple mind, a default palette is the one that loads on startup. However I cannot get any palette, including the AP native palettes to load as default in any colour mode. I have tried every combination I can think of but AP resolutely insists on always starting up with the greyscale swatches. I cannot believe, after such a long time, that this can be broken. If that were the case then plenty more users than I would surely have reported it right from the early days just as I did, so I have to presume that somewhere I am missing something - I am often rather good at that.🤔 So what am I missing to get this feature working or am I misinterpreting entirely the meaning of "default".
  3. Thanks Patrick. The last months have been topsy turvy for all of us, no matter where. Affinity forums are some of the most responsive on the web, particularly where the developers responding themselves is concerned. No apologies needed. I'll try what you suggest. Thanks.
  4. Thank you. That admirably clarifies my confusion. Since I am basically a photo compositor ( http://www.cambiguities.com ) as opposed to designer my forays into AD territory are pretty scarce. In the end I have learned that this is one button I can safely ignore without feeling I am missing something critical.
  5. I had sort of come to the conclusion that it was one those tools I probably could live without .............
  6. Yes. Senior moment. I'm getting better at them with advancing years! 😆
  7. Walt, R C-R, my apologies. I didn't state clearly that I am in AP. My fault entirely. Sorry to waste your time. 🙁
  8. OK half way there. Thanks Walt. I don't use Artboards so that's cleared up. But I am not clear what you mean by tagged as Layer? I can't recall ever seeing this tag. (Image, Pixel, Text, Shape names, but Layer?) I hope I am not being forehead slappingly stupid.
  9. This is a very old post but I am having exactly the same puzzlement as to the use of the button. I have set up a multi layered document. No matter which layer is active and no matter the setting of this button I can still select any and all of the other layers singly or multiply in the canvas by clicking on them or by marquee selection. I am unable to make this this button change selection behaviour in any manner whatsoever. Sorry to be so dense but, in really simple terms please, what am I missing here?
  10. As plenty of users have pointed out you can do this in Photo with the perspective tool. You can do the exact equivalent of holding down the command key (Mac) in photoshop when free transforming. You can freely drag any corner in any direction. You can do this destructively using the Perspective tool on the tools menu or by applying the non destructive Perspective filter. It's a little hidden but once you have found it it's just as easy as in Photoshop.
  11. Given that my query has gone unattended for five weeks I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a response. Affinity team are normally very responsive and helpful, one of the best for that, but they are overloaded at present. Looks like workarounds for now. 🤔
  12. Can anybody please confirm for me whether I am correct in thinking that there is still no way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to a macro?
  13. I am a relative beginner in that I have learned Publisher from scratch and never used DTP apps before. Fingers crossed I am doing fine. I have been building a project for about a year now and am delighted with results. I think this is an amazing app. But obviously I do misunderstand new stuff sometimes so I am guessing that I am missing something I need to be doing here. I am having problems with the Index panel. I have just started adding an index to the end of a large document. I have set some index markers in the text and created a page with a text frame for the index. The Index panel shows the marked items in a list below it and clicking the Insert Index button creates an index in my selected text frame. It works perfectly! Except ....... if I modify the marker list by adding and/or removing markers then select the index text frame and click the Update button in the Index panel, nothing happens. I have tried everything I can think of but I cannot get my index to update. I have a workaround, which is to select everything in the existing index and delete it, then click Insert Index and it creates a new index with all the changes. Obviously this less than ideal, but I haven't been able to find any way of getting the Update button to work. Suggestions anyone please?
  14. Bearing in mind I posted this in 2016 and nothing has happened since, despite other people expressing the same view, I think we must assume the Affinity team don't agree with us and feel that their implementation is correct and useful. A pity in my personal view .........
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