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  1. The application is fantastic, I bought it, I bought Designer and I will buy Publisher when it comes out. These programs are still young and they need time to get better, the development team has a lot to do and I'm sure it's not a simple job. Apart from the small malfunctions I'm happy to have replaced Photoshop and Illustrator, I like Affinity Serif policy and sometimes it is easy to find a solution to solve a little malfunction see what I wrote on the wacom tablet and the launch of macro in pen mode instead of a mouse.
  2. I notice the same problem, I use a wacom intuos small and the only way for launch macro on library panel is right click -> modify macro and run macro from the macro panel. If in wacom preferences-> Mapping I change the mode to Mouse (instead Pen).. the problem disappeare.
  3. I ate pizza tonight, expresso tomorrow morning..
  4. Hi I'm David I've been using Adobe suite for a long time especially Photoshop in the first beta incarnation on a very old Mac II Ci. I do some web and traditional graphic job, and I'm interested in 3d graphics (I'm using Blender). Some month ago I bought from Apple Store the AP & AD, my intent was throw into the trash Photoshop Illustrator (and maybe) InDesign. !!!For the first two I'm very close to!! I'm starting now to use Affinity (Suite?) cause my old iMac was a 32 bit only capable. I'm impressed you are doing an exceptional work, go ahead!! (Sorry for my bad English I come from Italy.
  5. Finally today I bought Designer and Photo

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