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  1. Hi, just watched the very helpful Getting Started video, now two years old. It shows a toolbar with "01 - Levels 02 - Black and White" etc. Does this no longer exist?
  2. That was the answer – thanks!
  3. Barry_Edmiston

    EPS Files are terrible!

    Looking again, I see that they are in fact identical in size: 1904 x 1008 px.
  4. Barry_Edmiston

    EPS Files are terrible!

    Thanks for that. Will have to look again (right now on iPad) once back on desktop. I have thousands of book publshing image EPS files going back to the 80s and 45 MB Syquest disks, when size mattered and they saved disk space. At first glance with Affinity, they seemed deficient. Will investigate further!
  5. Barry_Edmiston

    EPS Files are terrible!

    Affinity treats an EPS image very differently than Photoshop! 01-title.eps
  6. Here are my preference panels with no offset issue. Maybe it's something with the code of the "General" panel?
  7. I don't know what you mean by "Display settings." I see no reference to that term in Affinity documentation. Samsung monitor, screen size 1920 x 1080. Mac Mini 2011/High Sierra. Here's another example of offset check marks.
  8. In Resize Document and Resize Canvas, there is no specification which dimension refers to height and which to width. For an infrequent user with an almost-square image, this could create problems.