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  1. I think this not so intuitive. While Indesign has two options (manual and numerical) I often use the button 'fit content to frame' or 'fit frame to content'. So the UI offers more options for how you want to do the work.
  2. I second to make the Affinity products' UI more flexible. And I thought too that many icons in the UI are not that well designed, while on others I thought: wow! The UI is definitely an area where Affinity hast to look into, say the graphic in general has to be improved.
  3. I second this one. Make workspaces possible to save.
  4. It said when downloading that the beta version is in english only for the time being. The final version though will have full language support. You might have overseen this.
  5. It does what you just wrote, but it is not what I had in mind. Say, I size an image but I would like to crop it on one side. How do you do this without the image changes its aspect ratio?
  6. I guess this will come when Publisher supports more languages than just english ...
  7. I really miss a shortcut command to place images or other files. Cheers Andreas
  8. When I place an image I would like to resize the image to my liking and to crop it without it gets resized. In Indesign I can do this manually and on top of that I have several numerical controls to change things. Are these possibilities missing or couldn't I find the right way to do it? Cheers Andreas
  9. Good to know! I will try a small project and then report back. Cheers Andreas
  10. Hi all Thank you for the beta release of Publisher. Looks nice. Even more nice than Photo. Now comes my question, weither I may import existing Indesign documents or weither that is not possible. I understand if the beta cannot do all of it, but I guess this might be a so called killer argument ... Cheers Andreas
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