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  1. Hello. I think it would be useful to have a delete button on the swatches panel so that we can fast delete those that are not needed as opposed to right-clicking and then selecting delete. Also, marquee selecting more than one color and bulk delete would be great as opposed to deleting each one.
  2. @thomaso Thank you for checking this out! So you found your way around it. Your example is definitely much more accurate in terms of what I would want to achieve. I wasn't aware of the transparency issues, I thought it doesn't matter. As soon as I removed transparency, bending dissapeared even with full color spectrum! Thank you so much for posting your findings.
  3. Thank both very much for taking the time to investigate this! I very much apreciate this! On this link you can see what I used the image for, and please, look at the gradient and tell me if you see rings: http://www.dooreart.co.kr/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=13119&category= If you don't see the rings, then all I can say that my monitor has problems, not Affinity. My 4k file was just random copy paste the elements in question to show where the problem lies. The size doesn't seem to have any relevance with the problem, as well as file format. Everything looks the same. I will definitely look at this further. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was just generalizing in my problem description, aiming potentially at those who had dealt with the same problem before, and who could have the solution. I also included the file in the attachments. In the new image you can clearly see the rings being formed instead of a smooth gradient. I didn't try with tiff and other formats, because I need .jpeg to upload to the web site. gradient test.afpub
  5. Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a document that contains a simple 2 color gradient, that when exported looks likea "stepped" - like, edge visible gradient in .jpeg image. I tried exporting in different qualities ranging from 85~100, and in different resampling. I even turned on/off progressive from 'more' options, but the result is always the same. How do you export gradients properly?
  6. Hello. I would like a feature that allows creating of keyframes that are in fact just layers for the purpose of creating animated gifs.
  7. Hello, I have been playing with a software called Marmoset Hexels, and it has a feature that allows users to paint by filling grid in any mode selected - hexagonal, triangular, cubic...and even random grids can be created. So I was thinking how cool it would be to make pixel tool to change it's profile according to the isometric plane that is currently selected. Just a thought.
  8. @PixelPest Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for, cheers!
  9. Hello, is it possible to paint whole cubes of guides like pixel painting but in isometric view? Can pixel tool be shifted, change shape? And another question for AD, once I fit object to plane in isometric view, how do I unfit it back? Thank you
  10. I'm having two files. One is regular image and other is a black/white version of it. I want to use the white area as visible and black as invisible. Is there a was to do this? I attached files for your reference. Regular mask is doing it, white brush reveals the masked image and black hides it. But I don't know how use my image as a mask.
  11. Like Mr. Walt said, you could simply do it in Publisher. But now this begs the question, what's the point of having 3 apps if they could simple merge them in one? I mean they have been essentialy merged into one with Publisher. Is there a reason for us to open other apps beside Publisher?
  12. I can't see any ptoblem with editing Photo file within Publisher. When double clicked, Photo file opens in a new window with all layers 100% preserved and editable like you can see in the attached file. But you wrongly assumed that Photo persona will open your Photo file. It can't because it doesn't do that. Personas simply allow you to have access to Designer and Photo workflow while working in Publisher. When you place/import your Photo file into Publisher, currently opened file is still Publisher file, not Photo file. The only way to edit placed file, is to double click on it like instructed by Serif.
  13. Hello. Right now, awesome live filters available in Photo are not fully compatible with layereffects. I demonstrated in the attached file with 'perspective live filter' active on bevel/emboss layer effect. Moreover, perspective live filter won't work correctly with grouped layers.
  14. That is definitely some sort of "blend" tool that is not yet available in Designer I'm afraid.
  15. Hello. If we are going to build a library of assets for convenient use, it would be great if the icon size could be increased/decreased for better viewing, just like for example Glyph Browser window that allows such feature -- smallest size, small size, normal size, large size, largest size. This is especially helpful with detailed assets, or those that are different but look similar. Thank you.
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