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  1. My tablet is plugged in, but I haven't been using it directly during work in Publisher.
  2. I have similar issue that still has not yet been addressed. When I want to change typeface, the program freezes.
  3. at 0:18 mark of that video, it shows Publisher using 10gb of ram memory, lol! Moral of the story, the more images you add, the more memory it takes. Which means that Publisher is ultimately unsuitable/unusable for large projects.
  4. At least you can move around, but after I start changing fonts/typefaces, my application just freezes. 1.82
  5. This happens to me as well, quite frequently, but I didn't bother posting it simply because it is too random even with the same file.
  6. @GarryP Thank you so much for this. I really had no idea about Image Brushes hence my question. What you have accomplished there is definitely something I can use on my projects. Thank you again.
  7. The link to the effect in question is here: Can this be done in Affinity software?
  8. Simply pasting any text into windows notepad will make it plain and then copy/paste that text into any application will also make it plain. No need for some external programs.
  9. Yes Mr. Farrell, it is indeed located on the network drive. Thanks for commenting, I didn't know this. But it should be noted that I have been working with Publisher since Beta on the local drive exclusively and never experienced this problem before.
  10. This is not necessarily a bug, but it certainly doesn't work properly. I'm working on a single document consistently (very large number of layers), and as I keep adding content the more I get these errors when trying to save. Sometimes it saves with no problem, sometimes I get this error. Also, program 'freezes' when I try changing fonts on the same document. But then I realized it doesn't freeze but rather takes extraordinarily long time to process the request. I don't think this problem specifically occurs only in 1.8. It just so happened that I worked on that project with the latest release. coin_simulation.afpub
  11. 1. For some reason, the file I was working with suddenly has an Image that appears like to be missing, but is not being reported in the resource manager as missing. The paper knife on the right, is the instance of the same image but appears correctly. It exports exactly as seen in the preview.
  12. @Jon P Have you tried using my file from above? Maybe it has something to do with already existing files. Sometimes it freezes right away (while working on that file), sometimes it takes 10~15 secs.
  13. I have these curves that have been converted to a 'text on curve'. And when I change the color of the curve in the Text Frame panel, Publisher becomes unresponsive. 2.afpub
  14. Hello. I think it would be useful to have a delete button on the swatches panel so that we can fast delete those that are not needed as opposed to right-clicking and then selecting delete. Also, marquee selecting more than one color and bulk delete would be great as opposed to deleting each one.
  15. @thomaso Thank you for checking this out! So you found your way around it. Your example is definitely much more accurate in terms of what I would want to achieve. I wasn't aware of the transparency issues, I thought it doesn't matter. As soon as I removed transparency, bending dissapeared even with full color spectrum! Thank you so much for posting your findings.
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