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  1. Hello, is it possible to paint whole cubes of guides like pixel painting but in isometric view? Can pixel tool be shifted, change shape? And another question for AD, once I fit object to plane in isometric view, how do I unfit it back? Thank you
  2. Hello. I would like a feature that allows creating of keyframes that are in fact just layers for the purpose of creating animated gifs.
  3. Hello, I have been playing with a software called Marmoset Hexels, and it has a feature that allows users to paint by filling grid in any mode selected - hexagonal, triangular, cubic...and even random grids can be created. So I was thinking how cool it would be to make pixel tool to change it's profile according to the isometric plane that is currently selected. Just a thought.
  4. I'm having two files. One is regular image and other is a black/white version of it. I want to use the white area as visible and black as invisible. Is there a was to do this? I attached files for your reference. Regular mask is doing it, white brush reveals the masked image and black hides it. But I don't know how use my image as a mask.
  5. @PixelPest Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for, cheers!
  6. Like Mr. Walt said, you could simply do it in Publisher. But now this begs the question, what's the point of having 3 apps if they could simple merge them in one? I mean they have been essentialy merged into one with Publisher. Is there a reason for us to open other apps beside Publisher?
  7. I can't see any ptoblem with editing Photo file within Publisher. When double clicked, Photo file opens in a new window with all layers 100% preserved and editable like you can see in the attached file. But you wrongly assumed that Photo persona will open your Photo file. It can't because it doesn't do that. Personas simply allow you to have access to Designer and Photo workflow while working in Publisher. When you place/import your Photo file into Publisher, currently opened file is still Publisher file, not Photo file. The only way to edit placed file, is to double click on it like instructed by Serif.
  8. Hello. Right now, awesome live filters available in Photo are not fully compatible with layereffects. I demonstrated in the attached file with 'perspective live filter' active on bevel/emboss layer effect. Moreover, perspective live filter won't work correctly with grouped layers.
  9. Mandu

    Hey Affinity,

    That is definitely some sort of "blend" tool that is not yet available in Designer I'm afraid.
  10. Hello. If we are going to build a library of assets for convenient use, it would be great if the icon size could be increased/decreased for better viewing, just like for example Glyph Browser window that allows such feature -- smallest size, small size, normal size, large size, largest size. This is especially helpful with detailed assets, or those that are different but look similar. Thank you.
  11. Hello all. We have seen amazing, tremendeous designs done in Designer and Photo so far that shows that both of those are extraordinary, professional grade applications. My suggestion is about conveninece of use rather than a new feature. When I click on the start/end point of already existing curve with a pen tool, I can continue drawing the curve without the need to previously select the start/end node with a node tool. I understand that not everyone may need this, but al least making it an option through an icon to turn it on/off. Another suggestion is closing the curve when clicking on start/end point of already existing curve (by using pen tool). Right now this can be only achieved by using the join tool in the menu. I think this method is redundant and pen tool should be able to close already existing curves. Thank you.
  12. Mandu

    Crashes in latest beta

    @DarkClown I think that Publisher has been in Beta for too long, about 6 month overdue according to their initial plan which was to release it by the end of 2018. I think at this point they have to release it as is because there are no aditional features planned for this release, and bugs will be sorted gradually just like with Photo and Designer. As you can see, there is alreaady 1.7.1 version of both Designer and Photo that delivers fixes for various things. You can be sure that everything is being worked out on constantly.
  13. Hello all. Big congratulations to Serif for creatingand releasing 1.7 version! I'm now looking to get into ADesigner. Since I primarilly used Illustrator for drawing and creating shapes, I immediatelly noticed big differences in how pen tool behaves. Things I have trouble with: 1. I can't simply select two curves and use pen tool to connect them? Curves remain seperated. 2. How can I delete a shape segment line? Since clicking on a curve creates a node, selecting a path/curve segment is not possible, the only way to delete a segment is to select two nodes that are forming it and then press 'break curve' in order to detach it from the rest of the curve. This is way too complicated on the long run. In Illustrator you simply select the segment you want and press delete. 3. Joining two different curves at the end points of my choice? If I do this, AD simply connects two nodes that I don't want to be connected. I tried reversing the path/curve direction, but AD keeps joining the same two nodes that I don't want to be connected. 4. Pencil tool doesn't close the shape. Right now, I have to use 'sculpt mode' and redraw that segment in order to close the curve. Serif said in the release notes that this needs some more work if I'm not mistaken. If you could give me some input about the issues, I would be grateful. Thanks for reading.
  14. I'm not sure what are you talking about, man. Everything is exactly the same as it was. If you want to alter the curve while pen tool is active in the process of making a shape, hold Alt and then manipulate curve. If your shape is closed, then use a node tool, and then manipulate nodes the way you want your curves to be. This part is 100% the same as in Illustrator.
  15. Me too. I can't believe that Publisher is finally around the corner.
  16. So right now I was performing some color to black/white image conversion with the batch job in AP, and after I clicked ok I realized I forgot to specify the file save location. Needles to say, my original images have started to be overwritten by the black and white version, and unfortunately I just couldn't find a way to stop the process. I pressed esc, delete, backspace, I tried to turn off the program..but nothing worked. At the end, I force stopped the application from the task manager. Fortunately I have a backup so there was no permanent damage. What I am proposing is to either make AP automatically create a new folder (like Photoshop) without overwriting existing images, or to make some stop button...Or to have both options in the checkbox style, to create a new folder in the same location, or to overwrite existing files. Or maybe the simplest solution could be for AP to create some sort of name/number extension if the file is saved in the same location where another file with the same name already exists.
  17. Hello all. There is this general situation with all Affinity software, not just with Publisher, where tightly placed or snapped together shapes still leave a tiny gap that is visible in the finished graphic. That is really not good because I have to overlap shapes to get rid of it. Can something be done about this? Thanks.
  18. Hello all. I would like to request a feature that would enable use of boolean operations between pixel layers, pixel and curve layers together. Right now, only curves and shapes such as rectangles can use boolean operations. Just like for vector booleans, pixel booleans would ignore rgb information and use only pixel location. On the other hand, Adjustement layers can only be merged with pixel layers and not with curves and shapes. I would like to request a feature that would allow users to merge adjustement layers with vector based layers. That would be useful simply because active adjustement layers prevent users from properly assigning colors from the color wheel. Thank you. Looking forward towards using Affinity 1.7
  19. Hello good people. Evaluation of APublisher would be on a completely new level if those two personas become avilable. I'm curious where is the holdup? Please don't tell me they will become available when the Publisher releases.
  20. Thank you for replying. That's kind of sad... Also, I posted this topic in the wrong forum. It should have been discussion forum, not bug report.
  21. Thank you. It's so simple, and yet so frustrating if you don't know.
  22. Hello all. Like I said in the title, I want to move elements/layers that are located in the same place in the artwork but are part of the groups with other elements located in other places in the artwork. Things get complicated here because I simply cannot find a way to move specific layers without moving entire groups. In Illustrator you do this simply by using direct selection tool (node tool in Affinity), select anything you want and move where ever you want regardless of which group those layers belong to. How do I move things in Affinity apps that belong to different groups??? I know that I can double-click and move each element within a group, but there are many elements below that one I also want to move at the same time, but they belong to different groups. How do I move them all together without moving entire groups? (and without ungrouping elements)
  23. Hello there, thank you for you reply. Could you do all that without selecting layers in the list? Issue is that I need to do it in the artwork, not like that. Why? Because I have many groups and 100~200 layers and can't click select that way. I wasnt to marquee drag and select multiple layers that are located in different groups. Even If I could click on each item on the layer menu, I wouldn't know which one to click, so I have to seelct it from the artwork window. But anyway, I figured it out partially. I have to click and hold ctrl and then marquee drag select. Unfortunatelly selecting many layers this way is also selecting other layers left and right.
  24. Mandu

    [AD] Isolation Mode

    I would definitely like to see a proper isolation feature in Affinity that allows work not jus preview. It is obvious for working on complex projects.
  25. Yes I meant Add. It's a process that never ends no matter how simple the shape is.

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