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  1. Hello, Thank, disabling "Show as list" fixes the issue for me also. Regards, Philippe
  2. Hello, The W&B Bristles crash on my Windows 11 machine with 2.0.0 as we as Beta Regards, Philippe
  3. Hello, Beta If I download/install the Daub W&W brush set, Affinity will crash when trying to open W&W Bristles. All other sets installed work fine. I tried to uninstall/re-install to no avail. Regards, Philippe
  4. Ref: Luis Melendez - Affinity Photo stock brushes
  5. Discovering the eraser for highlights.
  6. Hi, I was amazed when I got Rebelle 5 and its new pigment mode. I then discovered a few days ago that Affinity Photo already had that feature - unless I am missing something obvious. Ex: 1) take an oil brush (Impressionist Oil works pretty well) 2) set tool as mixer brush 3) make sure mode is "YRB" 4) Pure blue + pure yellow will yield green. A game changer to me. Regards, Philippe
  7. I am trying Affinity Photo as a painting program. If I succeed that means I can stick to one program on all of my devices throughout the complete development process (graphic novel in mind); a pretty exciting prospect. This is an attempt at a landscape with that novel "style" in mind.
  8. Hello, I have the same issue, though not as bad. I am using a Wacom tablet. What helped for me was to play with the "Tip Feel" of the pen settings. In my case, that meant making it firmer. Regards, Philippe
  9. Ref: Thomas-Moran - Castle North Berwick Scotland
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