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  1. Not if it's intentionally done for performance reasons. There is no perfomance gain associated with a bloated file. It takes longer to read from disc and longer to parse And I suspect that at some point there would be enough "gas" space in the file that Affinity Photo will rewrite it and compact it down to the needed size. But that's only a guess, and not something I feel like experimenting with. That is, however, the way that .afphoto, .afdesign, and .afpub files work. And it's quite easy for me to believe that the other proprietary format files used by Affinity work the same way. The 'gas' shouldn't be there. I suspect that Serif has missed a trick, there is no point in converting a straight ascii LUT into a binary file if the maintenance turns into a problem. Regarding .afphoto file sizes they seem to be huge compared with the basic image size within so heavens knows what it contains. cf Adobe tiff format, a piece of genius then developed into .psd
  2. Makes no sense to me Walt, when stuff is removed from adjustments then the file should be rewritten properly. Leaving FF padding spaces is an error no matter how you look at it. I could add even more LUTS then remove them and I suspect that the file would keep growing in size which I suspect would increase the program loading time but that's a job for the Devs not me.
  3. Don't give up, just keep on clicking everything in sight! Maybe it's the heat? Anyway, my very last attempt. Duplicate a Brush of a reasonable size, rename it NitasFavouriteBlurBlush, adjust the parameters as before and only use it for blurring. Set the Associated tool to Blur Brush Tool Adjust the size with the [ ] keys and nothing else Hope for the best
  4. By an amazing coincidence I decided to dock the Library next to the Histogram yesterday, it works So to try and break it I selected Brushes then moved Adjustments next to it. Tried LUT, Invert and Lens Filter, works perfectly
  5. @Nita Reed Weird, has the tool reset itself? Not really sure but I think the main parameters are Accumulation 100%, Spacing 1%, Flow 100% Even the preview works!
  6. @Nita Reed Yeah, I kept trying to break it but failed. The Reset button is bottom left on the More panel that I cropped off.... but I think it's a red herring. I had assumed that it reset to factory default but it seems to only reset any changes you have made whilst the dialog is open Anyway, it's a crude tool that I rarely use, there are better ways of blurring Glad it worked even if it's a bit slow
  7. Try Perspective tool Show grid Adjust nodes so that top & bottom guidelines are parallel with the lines of your frame which I've coloured green. Adjust width/height as necessary
  8. I don't think it's the canvas size. Below I've used the Blur Brush Tool on an image 4128 x 3104px then it was cropped, the rainbow rectangle added and the left of that blurred with the same tool. I sympathise with those having problems but I just cannot get the tool to not work. Maybe try reseting the tool and copying my settings as a starting point
  9. Not as far as I know. They are applied to an image via an LUT Adjustment layer then may be added as Presets so they appear in the Adjustment/ LUT panel However, I don't think that this works very well at the moment and have just filed a bug report
  10. Playing with LUTS introduced via an LUT Adjustment layer then added as Presets so they appear in the Adjustment/ LUT panel 1) There seems to be an issue with LUTS containing remarks in that the data are not deleted from adjustments.propcol after the preset is removed from Photo 2) LUT tables are overwritten with FF and the file size doesn't properly reduce when a preset is removed What I did: File sizes below relate to adjustments.propcol in C:\Users\DavidinЯuislip\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user 1.65 MB (1,740,756 bytes) originally created in 1.8.3 before the 1.8.4 update 3.32 MB (3,483,348 bytes) 2 LUTS added 2.72 MB (2,855,872 bytes) both LUTS removed. Teal header and table is still there in hex editor view, gone from Adjustments/ LUT in Photo FG_CineTeal&Orange1.cube file header =====================================(not in file merely a delimiter) #Generated with IWLTBAP LUT Generator #Website: http://luts.iwltbap.com TITLE "FG_CineTeal&Orange1" #LUT size LUT_3D_SIZE 25 #LUT data points 0.066667 0.109804 0.125490 etc ===================================== so I removed the comments and line breaks thus: ===================================== TITLE "FG_CineTeal&Orange1nonotes" LUT_3D_SIZE 25 0.066667 0.109804 0.125490 etc ===================================== and renamed it NoNotes 3.32 MB (3,486,824 bytes) - added NoNotes 3.52 MB (3,694,712 bytes) - removed NoNotes. It's gone from the hex view but the file is larger Reset by copying adjustments.propcol from C:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Resources\Affinity Photo to user 1.42 MB (1,493,679 bytes) 2.69 MB (2,826,618 bytes) 2 LUTS added. New adjustments.propcol created, original renamed to adjustments.propcol_backup1 K_TONE_Vintage_KODACHROME.cube 880 KB (901,585 bytes) FG_CineTeal&Orange1nonotes.cube 412 KB (421,925 bytes) both freely available on the www 1493679 + 901585 + 421925 = 2,817,189 - ok 2.69 MB (2,824,747 bytes) both LUTS removed. LUT tables gone but now lots of FF empty spaces in hex view ?
  11. I don't see raw file thumbnails either but it's a Windows 10 issue which is apparently fixable by installing an extension https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/raw-image-extension/9nctdw2w1bh8?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  12. You can crop an image, apply adjustment layers, highlight all layers, copy then do File/New From Clipboard and a new document will open with an uncropped image plus the adjustment layers
  13. I have a massive tiff file, 88797 x 22958px 2.25GB that Affinity couldn't handle. No error message just a crash. Best I could do was open it with Irfanview, took about 30s and save it as a 100% jpeg. Irfanview has a maximum dimension of 65500px so I saved it at 60000. Not ideal but at least I could see it in Photo. Good luck
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