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  1. Hmm, I've downloaded it from here and reloaded it to Photo. It works so it's not corrupted My version of Photo is, an earlier version may not work. You need to import it into the Macro panel not the Library as it is .afmacro not .afmacros. If that doesn't help I'm stuck When you record the macro, click on the layer below with the mouse, there is no keyboard shortcut as you know. This then writes the amazingly helpful "Set current selection" into the History
  2. This is a two step macro that Rasterise/Trims then selects the layer below RasteriseAndDown.afmacro
  3. "Export persona exports blank files" Not quite, it's exporting files without an extension If you rename the Layers then the slices get the png extension and the exported files are fine So that's the fix, what causes it is entirely beyond me
  4. I believe 1.9 can accept numerical entries but I'm staying away until it's been fixed in 1.8, only one of the nodes on the curve can be active so if you select it, it will lose its fill then the position can be adjusted with the arrow keys
  5. Ensure the Context Toolbar is visible - View\ Show Context Toolbar Now in the Develop Persona you will see two buttons top left, Develop & Cancel Clicking Develop will take you back to the Photo Persona from where you can export to your required format
  6. well it's in the lensfun database https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/mil-sony.xml however, it wasn't available from the lens profile drop down but if you copy the attachment over to the appropriate folder, here it's C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\1.0\LensProfiles, it will be when Photo is restarted Tell your friends ps, it's well worth knowing how to roll your own so open the snappily named SonyFE_12-24mmf4G.xml with a text editor and compare it the lensfun page SonyFE_12-24mmf4G.xml
  7. It is my understanding that libraw handles the conversion from raw sensor data to rgb by de-Bayering, White balance etc. Optical lens corrections need the numbers such as: <calibration> <distortion model="ptlens" focal="10" a="0.013" b="-0.071" c="0.021"/> </calibration> which are provided in the lensfun database. If your camera/ lens isn't listed you're stuck Read more here, https://www.libraw.org/ but put the coffee on first From your last quote it seems that what worked in the beta didn't make it through to the release, hopefully it will reappear when 1.9
  8. Your screenshot shows that you've successfully opened a file so the libraw library works and that is what your this really meant as it related to libraw However. the lens correction is done with the lensfun database which is currently hosted here: https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/actioncams.xml and the DJI FC3170 is not listed. I think you have three choices - identify a camera with a similar lens and use that - make a profile for your own camera - wait until someone else has profiled the camera, uploaded it to github, github has processed i
  9. As I wrote above, "On Windows there is Task Manager wich shows CPU, Memory and Disc usage for each program, I'd guess there's someting similar on an Apple." I have no knowledge of Apple though so can't help
  10. Well 57344 MB is rather more than the 8 GB installed but at least it wasn't set much lower, say 4; I have never understood why Affinity lets you choose a number higher than the chips but that's for another time. I managed to find some sample files, 6064 x 4040px 47.2MB, here https://www.photographyblog.com/previews/nikon_z6_photos Ok, Affinity has been running for a while, nothing opened, Task Manager shows 1885.4 MB. Lens profile detected 4.5s with no other corrections 5s with a few random corrections Closed and restarted, Task Manager shows 232.6 MB 5s with no other co
  11. Anyone can give 'advice' like that How many other programs are running? How much RAM is allocated to Photo? see Edit/Preferences/Performance How often are you Developing raws and what size are they? For a raw image 4640 x 3472 this box takes 3s with no corrections 6s with a few random corrections On Windows there is Task Manager wich shows CPU, Memory and Disc usage for each program, I'd guess there's someting similar on an Apple. If it's using the disc then it's strapped by RAM. RAM is cheap Photo is remarkable in its use of ram and its reluctance to give it up even after a
  12. I don't see why not but what will it achieve if that info is already in the Affinity database? As I understand it, profiles in the LenProfiles folder will supersede anything built in. So it could be useful if you have profiled your actual camera/lens but repeating what's already there won't help. Did you get the Leica lens working?
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