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  1. Bit of a guess but maybe EZCAD2 doesn't like <svg width="100%" height="100%" and needs explicit dimensions Try exporting with Set Viewbox off
  2. This <image id="_Image1" width="5916px" height="1416px" xlink:href="----kSuQmCC"/> is a png image encoded as base64 data and I suspect it's the shadow rasterised I suggest having a look at my previous response to a similar question a while back https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/121183-svg-how-to-avoid-large-file-sizes-using-gradientsshadows/&tab=comments#comment-661317 Good luck
  3. I'm afraid that it's not. If you open the svg with a text editor you'll see <image id="_Image1" width="135px" height="59px" xlink:href="data:image/png;base64,.... etc This is the OTRA in brown which has been rasterised. Common culprits are Layer fx. You could try exporting with rasterise set to nothing
  4. You can save a group of adjustment layers as an asset, the fun starts when you want to use it in a new image Add the group from the assets panel to the new image Ungroup the layers Toggle background layer on and off
  5. So would I but they ain't. Integers work fine but decimals don't. Bug or what?
  6. Weird. Your pdf looks perfect here. The screenshot shows it in APhoto and its fine
  7. That's not nit-picking, it's an excellent observation that the beta checkers missed. However I can confirm that the selection marquee is lying as the Flood Fill coloured the whole layer and not just the 'selection' Plus there is even more, if the tab is floated then this happens
  8. Yes and it's available. Works for canvas size, doc size, object sizes, fonts, line widths Anyway, to illustrate @Joachim_L 's comment Now, I would like to see the ruler units as percentages....
  9. Click the hamburger at the top of the Library panel then Import Macros
  10. That's correct but without seeing your export settings I cannot comment further. What width/ height is the jpeg and how are you viewing it?
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