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  1. Hi all, I'm sorry for being so slow to reply. I wasn't receiving notifications. In any event Andreas Scherer solved my problem. Yes, I'm using Publisher, and selecting 'no filling' before drawing the ellipse indeed works. Thanks very much!
  2. The opacity tool seems to apply to the text, not the ellipse. I presume there's a separate tool for the ellipse itself, but I'm stumped as to where it is.
  3. "Color Handling: Performed by Printer" is an option in Publisher's Windows print dialog box but I don't see it on my Mac (Mojave, 10.14.6) for my Epson R2880 printer. Without it I can't use Epson's Advanced B&W print option, necessary for decent black and white work. Any ideas, Mac users?
  4. Thanks for your reply, Walt. Your Print dialog box is quite different from mine. I'm using an Epson R2280 on MacOS Mojave, which perhaps makes the difference. I have Color Matching, which offers ColorSync or Epson Color Controls. For Advanced B&W I know, from printing within Photoshop, to use the Epson option. And then under Printer Features I can select Advanced B&W Photo. But nowhere, when I use Publisher, can I find a Color Management tab and Color Handling: Performed by Printer. In my aged version of Photoshop the first option I see is a choice of the program or the printer handling color management. It's a puzzle! BTW I notice when I bring in some dialog pix for uploading to the forum they seem cropped. Perhaps they will appear in their full glory when uploaded!
  5. To use Advanced B&W printing on my Epson I need to turn off colour management in the app, in this case Publisher. Otherwise the printer and the program are in conflict and the results are terrible. So, please, how do I turn off colour management in Publisher?
  6. Something strange has happened. I created a totally new document and found that I could scale it. Then I went back to one of the documents that I couldn't scale, and now it is scaling. I don't know what changed. Perhaps the act of creating another doc flushed something out. Anyway, scaling now works.
  7. I can't do that without some guidance. When I try screen recording with either Mojave's screen-recording system or with Quicktime Player I find myself locked out of using any app controls.
  8. It's a one-page doc. I've just added a 1 in the Pages box, set scale to 50%. The output is still 100%. A further thought re Epson's greyed out Expansion setting as a possible suspect: The output also sticks at 100% on my laser printer, which has no equivalent to Expansion. I would guess it's unlikely that two totally different printers from different manufacturers would be to blame. Anyway, thanks for your perseverance.
  9. Strangely I have found that printing 8-bit on coarse screen laser also shows no banding.
  10. I think I've found what you're referring to. In the printer section of the Print dialog box, under Page Layout Settings there is an area labeled Expansion — which turns out to mean the opposite, i.e. scaling down. It's at Max and is greyed out, so for some reason it isn't allowing scaling by the printer. By the way Range and Scale is also in the Print dialog (hence my confusion), but within the app section. You've got me curious. Scaling within InDesign and Photoshop works even though Epson's Expansion setting is greyed out when I use either of those apps. But Lightroom has always refused to scale below 13x19. I've always exported to Photoshop from Lightroom when wanting smaller prints. Meanwhile the more I think about it, I'm pretty sure beta versions of Publisher did let me scale down. I always scale to save ink before doing final output, and used the betas without issue.
  11. I think you are talking about the Print dialog box. There is only one area of Print that covers scaling on the Mac, as far as I can see, and that is in Range and Scale.
  12. Hi Chris, yes you mentioned scaling in Publisher earlier. Where exactly? As I say, I haven't a strong grasp of its UI, and document scaling within Publisher remains a mystery to me.
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