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  1. Thanks for your reply, Ron. Very helpful. I'm aware of the video tutorials, and find them useful. But they are time consuming. For instance the video "Opening and Saving" runs 4 minutes, with no mention that RAW is different. I do see, scrolling down the page with the tutorial links, there's a whole section on RAWs. That's great because I work with them most of the time.
  2. I'm utterly new to Affinity Photo, and am stumped as to saving a photo. Save doesn't appear as an option. If I try closing the file, regardless whether I've made any changes, I get the message: "At least one file is currently being developed. Please complete or cancel before quitting the application." I can see a Cancel button, which means I lose my changes, but I don't see what I'm meant to "complete". The introductory video suggests the first thing I should do after opening a photo is to do a Save As… Save As… doesn't appear as an option. I've obviously clueless about this! Please help.
  3. In all the discussion on picas I'm not sure there's been much said on inches. I'm thrilled that they're there but see room for improvement in how the increments display. I welcome the fact that Publisher's ruler generally has finer increments than inDesign's at similar zoom levels. But counting across multiple 1/32nds, with ½" as the only break, is awkward. I attach a screenshot of Publisher's ruler, with inDesign's underneath, both zoomed to 150%. With inDesign you must zoom to 200% to get 32nds but meanwhile the groupings of eights, quarters and halves (more at higher zoom levels) in inDesign is a big help. Overall I like Publisher but there's room for tweaks.
  4. I've had a change of heart on my concerns about there being no fit-frame-to-frame or content-to-frame. For my particular purposes, most of the time I find myself dispensing with frames entirely. The vector crop tool works fine for when I need cropping.
  5. In my case, control+drag from a corner handle lets me free-rotate the photo, as well as resizing (but not from centre). In my case, if I don't click and drag on import there will be no handles showing, as the image will extend beyond the work area in all directions (or it would if it was visible beyond the work area).
  6. I've just tried that — no difference. I'm satisfied with click+drag though.
  7. I see the panel now, Mike. Thanks. Haakoo, I tried ctrl+click+drag. On my Mac that moves the photo without scaling it. I've also tried command+click+drag, which also moves it, and option+click+drag, which duplicates it. I may have a shortcut conflict. Thanks though.
  8. Is there something like "Let Publisher Determine Colors", as in inDesign? Or does it handle color management by default. I.e. I should assume Publisher does that, and turn off the printer's color adjustment option?
  9. And thanks too to Mike, for your suggestion. But I don't see a scaling option in the transform panel. As far as I can see, it does things such as rotate and flip.
  10. Thanks for your speedy reply, Walt. Yep, click-drag works. But click alone strikes me as useless unless working with tiny pictures. 72 dpi is a bizarre resolution. Perhaps there's a resolution setting somewhere but I haven't found it. Anyway, your tip works, so that's great!
  11. When I place a photo, without resorting to frames, the image fills the entire workspace — at three times the photo's native scale. The boundaries of said photo fall outside the workspace, and would exceed the area of my 5k screen, so I have no edge to grab onto and therefore no way of scaling the image. Is this a feature or a bug? Publisher tells me the photo is displaying at 72dpi. Is there a way to change that?
  12. Ah, I found the magic. Not sure why it wouldn't work before but now it does.
  13. Thanks for the video, Arun Sarkar. Does shifting the 0 work only in the Photo persona (which requires the Photo app)? I can't seem to move the ruler in the Layout persona. I'd like the 0 in the horizontal and vertical centres of the document.
  14. Provide a way to fit frame to content, and content to frame, please. Also to resize frame without resizing image. That would be great!