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  1. I'd like to print photos on 13x19 paper. My photo sizes are 4x4, 3x5, and 4x6, and I'd like to create a template where I can evenly place the photos, getting the most out of my paper. Are there templates for such a thing? If not, how do I create one? And, if I do create one, can I make the sections into placeholders so when I copy photos onto the template, they will go directly into the placeholders/sections?
  2. Haven't heard, or posted, anything for a while. But, I haven't been home to use AP, so... However, after downloading the Beta version you recommended, it had an update a while back. After installing that update, I now have two icons showing up for Beta, and both say 1.7.2. I have them, along with my store version. I'd like to get rid of one of the Beta icons, but don't know which one. These icons appear when I open my .CR2 (Canon RAW) files, and it gets tricky as to which one to choose. LOL Also, is that Beta version for which you gave the link a trial version I'll have to pay to upgrade to? Do I keep my store-bought version, or keep the Beta? I show both in my Apps folder. The good news is, the Haze Removal issue seems to have fixed itself.
  3. I just appreciate your willingness to help, and to fix the issue! Trust me, I couldn't get this much attention with Adobe! So, here's the latest, and I hope it can help! First, I did make the name change to the file, as you suggested. I did it in the 1.7.1 version, rather than the Beta (haven't tried it for that, yet), and opened AP, and a photo. I then developed the photo, after making some exposure corrections, then clicked on Haze Removal, then Split View. Voila! I didn't save the changes, and closed the file and AP. I had a thought, so wanted to try it. I reopened AP, then that same photo. I made my exposure corrections, then developed it. Then, I changed the dpi to 300 (for print). The first time, I left it at 72. And, guess what! It hung! Maybe this could be helpful to you? Also, prior to making the name change to the file, I had opened AP, then tried to open a PDF file. That caused it to crash! Here is the crash report. AP Crash Report.pdf
  4. As I posted in the bug forum, AP has been hanging all day. Now I don't even have to click on Split View, but it's hanging when I click on Haze Removal. I'd ask if it would work to do a completely new install, but that doesn't really make sense as AP is hanging in both the 1.7.1 and Beta. And, as I said, I wasn't having an issue before the most recent update.
  5. I don't get it! LOL I've had one good edit, then the next photo I tried, it hung when I clicked on Haze Removal. I didn't even have to click on Split View. Not getting any crash reports, but having to do a lot of force quits. And, it's slowing everything else down big time. :(
  6. I was about to post that turning off Info worked. I was able to complete a full retouching with no hanging. Last night. But,,, today, hanging once again. I checked the activity monitor. Nothing extraneous running, but I did do screen captures of AP's activity when it was hanging on the Haze Removal.
  7. Thanks! I unchecked Info. I've attached a screenshot of the items in Studio. I haven't changed anything in my preferences for the Beta version, if that helps. I'm also attaching the screenshot of the Performance, as per your request. My camera RAW images are from my Canon 80D. I've made no updates for the camera, and none for AP, other than the most recent update. Why it is happening in the Beta version, also, is beyond me. Of course! Any way, I get my images directly from the camera card, move them to a folder, and open them from the folder, directly to AP.
  8. No, I haven't done that, yet. Guess I should give it a try.
  9. So, I just opened AP, opened a photo, got it developed, then clicked on Haze Removal, and BINGO! Crash! With a report! Here you go: TanBrae Mac Crash Log 172 beta.txt
  10. What is the Info Studio, please? And, what are placed points? All I've had open in AP are the photos, and then the Haze Removal tool. This is also happening to me in the newly downloaded Beta version. For some reason, opening the Haze Removal tool slows my computer down. So far, the slow downs have not happened using any other tools. I got discouraged, went past my deadline for editing these photos, and haven't used AP since. I'll try again, though, and see if I can get repeats in either version, then post any crash reports I get. I'll also add that I have posted this issue in the bugs section so you may want to check my post there. Thanks for the reply! I know you all are busy!
  11. Got Beta installed and opened. First photo I'm trying to edit, again, it hangs on Haze Removal when clicking on Split View. ODD! And, I'm assuming it's AP that is making my whole system hang. Opening Firefox so I could post here was an issue. Something isn't compatible.
  12. No, I didn't know there was a Beta. I'll have to give it a try, I guess. I wasn't having any issues with the version I have until the update, and didn't realize there is a new Beta version.
  13. No worries! I did post in the correct section, also, finally! LOL New here, so I wasn't aware that I should post in the Bugs section. Yes, I ran Malwarebytes (see the fifth post above this one), and found two instances of threats. Did the clean up, etc. Still getting the AP issues, and things are slow only when I have AP open. Otherwise, computer is running as normal.
  14. And, sorry I messed up. I didn't see that I was to make my request in the Bugs section until just now! Sorry!
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