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  1. This worked for me, too!!! WOOHOOO, AP!!
  2. Which version of DNG Converter did you use, please? I'm running my Mac with Mavericks, have PS5, and tried AP, but, nothing has worked so far. SO SAD!
  3. OMG, I HOPE so! I just bought an 80D, and can't edit it with PS, or AP. VERY sad. I'm trying to get away from PS, and when my files wouldn't open with it, immediately turned to AP, and figured, "this is it, no more PS for me", but... Keep up the great work, Serif!!!
  4. I'd like to see the Dehaze tool work while in RAW. It could be useful in both RAW and Develop, but, when I use it in Develop, it seems to change some of the settings I've made in RAW, or, the image doesn't appear the same as when it was in RAW.
  5. Being able to move items from one canvas to another, without having to do copy/paste, would be AWESOME! I miss that feature that is available in PS.
  6. I'm looking forward to the time when .svg files can be made! I am a Cricut cutting machine user, and need to be able to create .svg files. For now, I guess I'll go back to using PS. :(
  7. Ditto! I first bought PS CS5 for college. Got the whole suite, and now, the only thing I use consistently is PS. But, I'm afraid that will go if Adobe no longer supports it, and it starts getting buggy. Affinity, you ROCK! THANK you for helping me to NOT have to "upgrade" to PS CC!!!
  8. TanBrae

    AP • Early Morning Birds at the Marsh

    Oh, WOW! Wish I could get such awesome shots! I really like the #1 and #4 shots! Great work!
  9. TanBrae

    No AP • First Snow! —picture heavy!

    LOVE the third and last pictures! I didn't spot the Kingfisher, though. :ph34r: Nice photos. I have yet to try AP for editing photos. I need to get busy and do that!
  10. Congratulations, Serif! Thanks for creating my new "Photoshop"!!! ;)
  11. TanBrae

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all! SO glad to have found that Serif provides tutorials AND forums!!! WOOHOOO! I'm new to Affinity. Found it when doing a search for Photoshop alternatives. I do NOT (NOT, NOT, NOT!) want a subscription-based service for editing my photos, and creating digital scrapbook layouts! So, lo and behold! AFFINITY! I've already viewed the one and only Affinity tutorial on lynda.com, and can't wait to view the tutes here. THANK YOU, Serif! I work on a Mac. I'm a husband-lead convert from being a long-time Windows user. I love how intuitive Macs are, and cannot wait to get started with Affinity on my iMac. (I'm just downloading the paid version of Affinity, now, so figured I'd do some research on the Serif site while waiting for the download to finish.) I'm hoping to put Affinity to use doing freelance design, and photo restoration. Looking forward to "meeting" you all!