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  1. Totally agree with ChrisGraz. One more thing concerning percentages: Percentages of placed images should be stored! At the moment, whe you replace an image, the new image just appears in whatever size. This is extremly annoying when for example you want to update an picture with a newer version of itself and it jumps back to its original size and you need to to the scaling/cropping-adjustments all over again.
  2. Grouping the image Frame with the Image works, but it still is unnecessary complicated and seems like a workaround. (If i want to move the "inner" picture now, i have to DOUBLE-DOUBLE-click to get there. And the "replace image" button is not shown anymore etc. ) Being able to just use the Shift or Ctrl-Key to switch behaviours would be much easier. I still hope the image placing/replacing/scaling/cropping will be improved.
  3. SwissGraphicDesign

    Images in frames?

    I agree with robinp. This topic has been discussed in several other threads before. For me this shows clearly, that the way to place, crop and resize pictures is - at the current state - not good. Having two "types" of pictures is terrible from a usability standpoint (because they look the same, but the interaction is different with each "type"), so people will always have the same problem if this is not changed.
  4. SwissGraphicDesign

    improved picture frame tool

    At the moment it seems way too easy to strech (distort the proportion) of pictures. I don't see any usecase for that, and still this is like the first thing that happens if you start pulling on a placed image. Cropping a picture is much more important for me, because this i need to do every day.
  5. I agree with all the 7 points mentioned by Abou. Especially with "4: When we place a new picture, it should be by default in a picture frame." I don't see the benefit of having two types of pictures. The handling of the two types is slightly different also (for example while changeing the width images are streched while pictureframes do whatever depending on their "properties"). Concerning "7. We should be able to select an element without encompassing it totally": There is an option under "File -> Preferences -> Tools -> Select object when intersects with selection marque" I would like to have this activated by default, because it irritated the whole office immensely (we are currently working with indesign).
  6. SwissGraphicDesign

    Resizing picture frames - major BUG!

    I understand perfectly what he wants to do. While layouting it is very common to slightly adjust the widths and heights of image frames in your layout as well as to try out slightly different image-clippings. None of the four options in "Properties" does allow it to do this. In my opinion, how Indesign does it by default works perfectly.
  7. SwissGraphicDesign

    Resizing picture frames - major BUG!

    I noticed the same problem, when i was trying to make a slight adjustment to the width of an image-frame, the image jumps back to its initial size. Cropping and resizing pictures is one of the most important features for me. At the moment it is very easy to stretch images, which is exactly what i don't want, because it distorts the pictures. I hope in the final Version of Affinity Publisher it will be possible to place, move and crop pictures like i do all day in Indesign at the moment. In Indesign also the black and white cursors make sense: black = move whole image, white=move picture inside.
  8. I think the CTRL + SHIFT + W shortcut is not good as a preset, because: - its too complicated to remember (3 keys) - it's very similar to CTRL + W which closes the document, if you happen to not press the shift key properly.

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