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  1. Okay it works! when you first Group. So all the steps: Crop a picture Double click and drag the image within the frame Now resize the whole frame: not possible, so: Group the image, then resize, holding Shift
  2. tnx all! Solved!
  3. @Walt: I want to: 3. Change the size of the frame INCLUDING the contents, so the content must scale as well, together with the frame In INdesign: hold ⌘-shift (CTRL-shift on Win) Preferably by just holding ⌘ as a modifier (or ctrl on Win)
  4. I've just learned that Layer > Convert to Picture Frame will do as well
  5. It would be very handy to Paste Inside (for instance an image). In any frame but in particular in multi-shapes such as triangles. In the Edit menu an option: Paste Inside (⌘-Alt-V)
  6. The Place Image Tool is very handy but it lacks one essential thing: to be able to CROP the image by holding a modifier key, say ⌘-Shift I know this is possible with the Picture Image Tool but that is too much workaround
  7. Is there a way to resize an already cropped image in a Picture frame? In Indesign it is just holding ⌘-shift. In Publisher you'd expect just holding ⌘ would do it.
  8. It has to do with the resizing of the frame: the frame remembers the Font Size Change, and you cannot undo this, not even with Styles, or with Reapply. Normally I would do: ⌘A and then just apply a style, or Alt-click the Plussed style.
  9. i can't seem to find the Reset Button. Text > Reapply Text Styles did not work correctly. What I did is: I made 2 linked text frames. Resized the first frame, with the contents. Text is bigger. But I can't make the text the same size again as in the second frame, not even with a style. Normally I would ALT-click the "PLUS" n the style.
  10. aartjan.nl

    Zoom to Selection

    OOPS SORRY! thnks
  11. If a text or paragraph style gets a PLUS, please enable ALT-click or other method on this PLUS to overrule changes to text and return to the pure style
  12. Top Right Bottom Left: please add a group chain icon whereever these 4 values are shown
  13. The color of a Selection line is Blue. The color of Selected Content is also Blue. Brown would be better.
  14. Studio > Pages is too wide and you cannot make it less wide.