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  1. This is great but unfortunately does not work with PDF files. I hope this will be added too!
  2. This is a major missing feature! There is no such information like the actual size in % which is absolutely annoying! The transform studio only shows the W and H so you have to do the math to scale a picture for example to 75%. if you want to fill a frame with a picture at 100%, you have to first set at the Picture frame properties "None - the picture will not be scaled" then place the image so it fills at 100%. Now you can use "doubleclick+select little black arrow" to select the Picture and use the transform studio to scale it - you can use % at the W or H field, so 75% for example
  3. Hi, i am searching for any option to reset any squeezed or transformed picture to its original aspect ratio and to scale pictures numeric in %. while the rotation can be set to zero in the Transform Studio there is nothing like "Reset X/Y to 100%". The four different scale-options in the Pictureframe Properties don´t reset to the original aspect ratio of the file once the content is distorted. When working with files like floor plans, it is necessary to make exact changes like: 25% back to 75% etc. there should be deninitly x% and y% in the Transform Studio. I would like to ha
  4. Thank you for your reply! I really like the double-click way of changing position, rotation and scale. This makes it very fast instead of changing tools or selecting layers. however it should be possible to simply grab the frame and align it back to the edge of the picture with a snap. when i use the "little arrow" from the widget to move the image, the frame also gets invisible wich makes it even harder to find the edge. i also would like to grab the corner of the frame an scale it proportionally with the content. at the moment i can only scale the frame but the image stays
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