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  1. Margin and bleed lines turns invisible while scrolling on page, returns when scroll stops.
  2. Excellent though that my request as a Beta tester some years ago. Asking to be able to set color to bleed line finally has been addressed. All in all, I've abandoned Adobes suite long ago for Affinitys Triology of software which is excellent We just have to continously strive for even better software. So let's
  3. Consistency.. All I'm saying.. Consistency. Photo has no reason to have the color selector tool working differently than other software in this software trilology. Maybe this issue is intended, maybe overlooked. BUT all designers (users of your software) would benefit from this tiny issue being looked at and changed. Like I've said, I tend to choose wrong tool frequently due to this issue, thus loosing time and getting frustrated. Surely I can not be the only one. Is there any downside to change this little icon to be consistent to the SAME one in Publisher and Designer? I think not, ONLY benefits. Small request, small change, HUGE benefit.
  4. The way this tool works now, half of the time I'm selecting the wrong icon resulting in frustration and time loss
  5. But when there is a stroke tool, would it have any negative impact showing icon for this as in Publisher or Designer? I would think not. Only benefits. No?
  6. In last update, 1.9 of Affinity Photo, there's no difference between icons for stroke and fill color making it very hard to know which one you're selecting color for, stroke or fill. This bug is only present in Photo, not in Designer or publisher.
  7. Wouldn't it be a nice feature if the user could choose which stock sources to include in stock panel somehow? Even if one couldn't, to be able to choose from Unsplash's free photos would be of great value
  8. Thanx Aammppaa Well, I think that it just stresses my point, don't you? If both you, and I, are confused by this matter then chances are that others are too. My thought is as I've stated earlier, why not move opacity tool to the same place where gradient opacity lives (maybe except for layer opacity)? That way, we'll have one "Opacity" panel to rule them all with one tab for linear opacity as it is now, and one for flat opacity. I think that would be an elegant way to solve this opacity confusion matter. Just a thought..
  9. call it what you want mac_heibu. There is a time for layer opacity and a time for opacity on for example a single letter in a layer. I think the fact of inconsistency remains in some of these opacity panels. And it's my opinion that it would be better to gather all kinds of opacity tools in one "Opacity" -panel. I.e one tool to rule them all, although it's just an opinion . So four different ways to set opacity... One as a gradient, one on layer level and two on object level, where one has a slider and percentage and the other has not. And the Color Studio panel, where you actually can set opacity with slider or percent and the little sibling, where this value is reflected but where you only have the slider and no way to set the value in percent.. I still think that the opacity slider in the context menu should have the same way of setting opacity as in the Color Studio panel. After all, they are siblings
  10. Layers can contain more than one object. Let's say that I want to set är certain opacity to just one letter in a text. What then? Layer opacity won't solve this..
  11. Maybe, for the sake of consistency, this opacity should be moved all together away from the color tool "Fill" tab to the opacity tool? Adding the type "Flat" to option menu. And then adding the new tab "Flat" to the opacity panel like it is with the gradient tab but with the option to set exact values only for flat opacity?
  12. I would like to be able to allow my heading span desired number of columns in a text frame, in this case 2. Possible? See attached dump below.
  13. I would like to be able to set an exact value on a colored object. As of now it's only possible to drag a transparency slider and guess a value. See attached screen dump.
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