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  1. As someone who bought almost everything in Affinity Store, and will get the Photo Workbook... I just wish to voice how unfortunate it feels, to be complicit in tossing tree & ink on a flying chariot—then getting some poor fellow to leave lockdown to artisinally hand-deliver it. I'd much rather download hyper-DRMed & severely-limited 30 gigs in Affinity Publisher. Today, I fished out the AD Workbook from the bottom of a box, and bent my neck to read it—contravening my expensive investments in ergonomics. I'm not in the art/graphic-design world. Perhaps it's true that everyone's such starving artists that: No one has a great book-scanner. If the workbooks were electronic, no one would compensate Serif sufficiently. But I'm not blaming anyone; it's systematic. And frustrations may be amplified by the pleasure of using Affinity software. (So if anyone at Serif is demoralized by this post... I suggest they re-read it. Because I'm not blaming them, and am saying Affinity software is so good that I'd care about this in the first place.) Given that this thread was started by someone with poor eyesight... This does feel like an unfortunate state of affairs. I hope there's some effective solution to all these problems.
  2. If I buy a brush once from Affinity Store, can I use it in all my Affinity software — across all devices? Thanks!
  3. Thank you! (Yeah, I should've tried zero-width unicode glyphs. And I missed those threads you helpfully linked to when searching for "bullet".)
  4. Suppose I have this: Abc If I try to set A's style (say to bold red), the preceding bullet will also become bold red. No matter how much I try to "trick" Affinity Publisher, it matches the bullet's style to the next printable character's style. Even if I just want the bullet to stay black & regular-sized. This seems unfortunate, but should I somehow convince myself it's really a feature?
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