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  1. Oh wow, just found out that AP handles raw images of Sigma SD Quattro perfectly (correct lens, aperture, shutter speed etc. ...). So I guess you guys don't need more example files? @Thomas: Nice to meet you here. LG, elassi (KVR).
  2. Last post for that topic as the fix has been done after de-installing all non-system fonts: Font count: 245 Loading time: 0,05min (Designer & Photo) Now need to think about-and-how throwing long-term habits over board.
  3. HEUREKA! Sorry for the "live-report" posting style, folks. Won't happen again, I promise. Font count is down to some 7.000 at the moment and AF Photo loaded in six minutes.
  4. Hi MEB, it's FontExpert2014 (an older version as the name says). Will check at times if this load-on-demand is available. It seems to be but I can't find out now because... it's still busy with the other task. Btw, just checked with AF Designer, don't know why I forgot this simple test, and yep: it also suffers from the loading problem. Guess you found the problem. All in all one thing is clear: Didn't face this story before the WIN-update. Add: Looking good... AF Designer, meanwhile 'on', is reacting to the de-installing process
  5. The idea is to have a large collection to choose from when you want ... erm ... a large collection to choose from. Switching the app to select a font in another program, then install it, probably only to find out that it does not fit like you expected, then repeat the process... hmmm, you know what I mean. I hoped that a font manager would help here but it turned out (at least to me) that the interruption of the creative process is still annoying. (Edit: Nonetheless AF loaded with all those fonts in acceptable time before, like all other apps using fonts. There was no need for me to visit t
  6. Actually it should not slow down that much. The luxury of 32GB RAM (12GB on the other machine) is made for this kind of comfortable waste. At least I never experienced a similar disadvantage to date and that's why I never refrained from loading that much fonts on starting the OS. I simply never had problems because of doing so. But, as I said, let's wait for the new tests. The font manager is still struggling to and working on deinstall(ing) the fonts which indicates that the problem may have been identified.
  7. Approx. 10 minutes for the Fontmanager to list all fonts. That's hopefully a sign. Have the same config on another and much more weak machine (OS: Win7) but do not experience a similar prob there. Curious what will happen...
  8. Add: Could be the right path to a solution, because the font manager I've loaded to check the number of installed fonts is also working ('hanging') longer than it used to... I'll try with a minimal setup and let you know what happens.
  9. Let me check. There are plenty, that's for sure... Edit: 11.853
  10. Hi MEB, thank you for taking your time. Unfortunately it didn't help (the dialog appeared, though, and furthermore in no time, at least this is working well). I've made a screenshot of another observation during the loading process: First, the splash screen shows its common look (being an alpha masked image) but after approx. 1/3 of the loading time this black background shows up. Still, it takes way more than 20min for AF to eventually load: I've tried to get rid of this splash screen by de-activating the 'help-window' (or whatever it is) during earlier attempts, read: unchecke
  11. Hi folks, AF Photo has never been the fastest one at start-up. Usually it took my machine around 30 seconds to load AF. But since updating* to the latest version it's 24 minutes. Usually I would have killed the start-up hang in the task manager but coincidentally I've let it doodle and -voilĂ !- AF showed up after the mentioned time. There's definitely something wrong here. Tried a fresh install, tried the beta, nothing helped. Any hints? I'd also appreciate to be able to download the recent (prior) version to check if the delay disappears when switching back to an earlier version. Unfortuna
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