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  1. I bought my software on the App Store. Wondering if there is a way I can also install the app on my Windows machine? Or is it different serials? AppStore doesn't come with a serial number as far as I understand.
  2. I love the Affinity Software, but I find the panel sets a little challenging at times, because they all dock in on each other and sometimes it gets a little tricky to navigate the panels. The easiest way for me to work at the moment is to work with two monitors where I use one monitor only for panels, but I travel a lot and don't travel with two screens. So a way to make workspaces a little more flexible would be great. Is there a way to make another column of panels that are collapsible as in Adobe? This feature really saves time and makes the workflows easier, because you can build muscle memory to the location of the tool sets.
  3. Markcq

    Export as HTML

    Yes please, it would really help to have html and css export functionality. I prefer to code by hand, but sometimes you just need something quick.
  4. Markcq


    Yes, please ePub, HTML and CSS export or saving functionality. Of course there are things like Sigil, but I can do a publication in InDesign and export it... I can even do a publication in Pages. I really would love to have this functionality in Publisher... ePub reflowable as well as fixed layout.
  5. I agree. It would be really handy to be able to unlink or delete a master item from one page when you need to. In InDesign you can Shift+Cmd click on the master page item to unlink it. It won't always work to have a whiteout box over the master page elements, especially if you have a textured background.
  6. I found if you click the corner point and then hold crtl it allows you to scale the fame and the content, but it also seem to rotate, so you have to be careful to not rotate the frame. I've tried adding shift and alt to the mix, but it doesn't lock the rotation in... So I've just changed rotation in the transform panel.
  7. Thanks, that's amazing... Strange... the orange examples I have above was done with a single curve... I have tried it now and it works. Not sure why the previous one didn't work. Thanks for the vid. Really helpful.
  8. Ok, so I finally found that I had to convert to curves or draw something with the pentool to activate the menu items. But now, the two options look the same...
  9. What are the possible reasons for the Alternate and Winding Fills to be greyed out in the menu? I'm following instructions from the help file: When I try it, I cannot select either: I've tried with nothing selects, with only one object selected, with two objects selected. I've tried selecting directly on the artboard as well as from the layers menu. Am I missing something or is the help file just sketchy?
  10. Definitely +1. I do a lot of geometric art and complex charts. I use the live paint tool in illustrator all the time. So now, whenever I need to create one of these I have to go back into Illustrator. I really would like to ditch Adobe and only use Affinity.
  11. Thanks @GabrielM, The anticipation is killing me I know the wait will be worth it, because the Affinity team did such a great job with Designer and Photo. Thanks @MikeW, Yes, I always package, so always have the IDML files.
  12. 1. Would I be able to open files created in InDesign or QuarkXpress in Publisher like I can do with Illustrator files in Designer and Photoshop files in Photo? I use InDesign a lot want to know if I need to start converting files before Publisher is released and before I let go of my Adobe Subscription. 2. Would we be able to create interactive PDFs as we can do in InDesign? Hyperlinks, Cross-Referencing, Table of Contents, etc.? 3. Any news on release date for Publisher?

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