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  1. +1 In my opinion, the Affinity suite interface needs a big change. Sometimes there are too many steps for a simple task.
  2. I hope that in future versions they will improve the interface, there is a lot of work to do.
  3. I hope so… and apply it in Affinity Designer too Thank you @walt.farrell for your time and your suggestions.
  4. Hi @walt.farrell, Thank you very much for your quick answer, This is not exactly the solution I am looking for. I would like to edit individually in APhoto. I don't like depending on Affinity Publisher for everything. Although I would like this option to also be in ADe. Thanks again
  5. Hola, Suggestion: Edit images in Affinity Photo individually with context menu or a button from Affinity Publisher or Affinity Designer. Affinity Publisher and Designer Resource manager as window Studio, to be able to manage links easily. Thank you.
  6. Hola, It would be nice that in future versions Ade and APub, that we can edit the photos individually, this process would save a lot of work. Possibly a context menu of the image (open in Photo) or anything else. For me this option is essential in my workflow Thank you and I love you for your work
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