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  1. Thanks. I don't work with clients so it's never even occurred to me!
  2. Thanks, but now I'm even more confused. Here's a 1-page PDF (left) placed into Publisher (right). There is nothing editable about it, and the background is rendered in gray. If I wanted to correct a misspelling, I would have to create a text box, match font, size, and color, and very carefully paste it over the other word. That's easier than correcting it in a PDF editor?
  3. In another thread, someone wanted to have some pages with numbers, some without. In proposing a solution (duplicate the master page with numbers, remove numbers), I found that it is not possible to rename the duplicated layout. If the first is called Master-A, so is the second.
  4. In my work (book layout), I have never even imagined placing a PDF inside a document – off-topic, but I'm curious; why and when do you do that?
  5. Wouldn't it be easier to make a master with everything including page number, then duplicate it and remove the page number, so that you only need to apply one master? (Though I appreciate knowing you can apply more than one; hadn't gotten that far!) Duplicating a master layout brings another problem, but I'll post that separately. By right-click on page, you mean right-click on the page in the Pages sidebar.
  6. Thank you! This answers the question I have posed a couple of times, about being able to isolate a portion of an image.The frame of the original then needs to be cropped, and the two grouped before you can move the picture around the page. But this is a good and quick solution, much easier than what I have to do in InDesign. However, dealing with images in Publisher Beta remains a far-from-satisfying experience.
  7. If the original needs to be modified, why would you not want to modify it? this functionality exists in InDesign – "open original" – with no file bloat "linked" means the image is not retained in the app. With InDesign, if a linked image is not where it's expected, the picture frame is blank. I haven't seen the other thread, but I agree that a universal document setting for linking images might/should provide a solution to the file size issue. Right now you can only ink after the image has been embedded.
  8. To test AP, I started to recreate a project I'd just finished reformatting in ID. After this image, I placed a few more with no problem. It's not really an issue for me since I don't plan on using Ap at this point for production. I just wondered if someone with more familiarity might see something I was missing.
  9. Well, I am at a point where I am retiring dozens of published illustrated books and reverting rights to the authors. In the process, I am cleaning up the formatting to make them more uniform so the authors can publish their own POD version. So I am not about to convert and manually replace literally thousands of images. The design I don't mind doing as a favor, but that's not a good use of my time. Meanwhile, I've never needed support from Adobe or anyone else for EPS. I delighted AP can read and display them.
  10. It's actually considerably worse than that, which is why I included the stats about the image sizes.
  11. As others have pointed out, this does seem to be a problem. With only two pages of content the AP file size has swollen far beyond any of the other 23 ID files in the series with 64 full pages. And regarding "tons of data," my IDML files are generally 95% smaller than the working ID files.
  12. Considering it's in beta, that's what I thought as well, but wanted to point it out.
  13. Hadn't occurred to me to try that. I would still prefer to just hit "esc," instead of having to do two steps.
  14. I created a 64-page document. Empty, the file was 15 KB. I imported two images, 5.1 MB total, then changed them to linked, which should have reduced the file size back to very close to 15KB. Instead, it's 13.3 MB! Adding two more images, total 3.2 MB, takes the document size to 20.9 MB. Something wrong here.
  15. I do this constantly in ID to isolate separate items in an image. I don't use Affinity Designer, and it was tricky for me to figure out in ID, but it appears it's not possible in Publisher.
  16. I have no problem with this at all. Make a text box, chose Text>Insert>Page Number.
  17. Long before even such marvels as Syquest 45 megabyte optical disks (yes, I go back a ways), I did research and experimentation to find the most compact way to store image files. EPS was it (significantly smaller then TIFF). I stuck to that over the years. Now that storage space is not an issue, to convert would mean having to replace them all manually in existing documents, one by one.
  18. My current projects involve exporting color projects for black and white POD production. Even if you specify grayscale for a new document – and the imported color images display in grayscale – they still export to the PDF in color. Never mind – the answer you posted while I was typing solves that problem!
  19. I am trying to isolate a specific irregular section of an image. After highlighting a frame with the selection tool, then choosing the picture frame tool (because doing as you suggest, choosing the picture frame alone does nothing), Option-drag crashed the app.
  20. InDesign's Preflight feature is a big deal for people doing production work. Publisher could definitely benefit from that. I'm sure it's "because beta" but there is no viable option for exporting a production PDF. UPDATE: for the second, actually there is: "more" on the PDF export panel.
  21. That changes the size of the image, so if you're trying to isolate one section of the image (my need) is of no use.
  22. ...and several times not. I've had no problems with other EPS images. Might be interesting to see if it happens for others as well? 01.EPS
  23. it would be nice to have more than just “V” to get back to the selection tools when working with text, since it’s all to easy to add that letter to a selected text if you’ve forgotten to click out of it. InDesign’s “esc” is very useful in that regard. the frame properties panel “button” for each selection would be more useful if it included that text portion as well.
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