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  1. OverpreparedGM

    Constant Crashing with latest release

    I tried to do that, but when I try to open the publisher it says that that version of the beta has expired and that I need to download the new version of the beta. I'm going to try upgrading my OS to 10.14 mojave, but it may take a while because I don't want to accidentally delete my partition that holds bootcamp/windows stuff. Cheers.
  2. OverpreparedGM

    Constant Crashing with latest release

    @Jon P10.10.5 Yosemite
  3. I downloaded version, and now it crashes all the time. It opens my old file, but it's been crashing every time I do one or two things, specifically it's done so after I try to: export to pdf, delete a page, scroll through the pages, change text from body text to heading, etc. I'm attaching the file I've been working on in case it's relevant. Is there a way to roll back to a previous version until this is fixed? I really can't use this beta. Player's_Guide.afpub
  4. OverpreparedGM

    [By Design] Can't import brushes

    Aha! Thank you.
  5. I'm using Designer 1.6.5 on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.5. I've recently purchased Designer along with the nature brush pack. Installing Designer went fine. importing the Grade UI that came free went fine. When I tried to install the brushes, it gives me a message saying they're installed But when I go to check the brushes panel, I can't find any of them. Am I looking it the wrong place? I've tried to install them several times. I've also tried exiting and restarting the program just in case in needed a restart to show up. No new brushes. I'll either want to be able to see the brushes or need to get my money back. I'd rather have the brushes, though.

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