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  1. The more people here speak out for an alternative, the more my hope increases that Affinity hears our requests and calls and begins with an implementation!
  2. As I said, there is no alternative to LR and it is getting more and more unbearable, because Adobe starts to limit the features of the Classic version more and more. It would be a blessing for me as a photographer as well as for the other colleagues that I know ... but also for the many private users that we photographers have so often recommended the program to.
  3. Question: is Affinity working on a Lightroom replacement ? So far, you've done such a great job, it would be a blessing if you could create a Lightroom version as well. The combination of archiving and editing has become very important to me as a professional and I often hear the same from my colleagues. Maybe you are already working on a development ? THAT would be great !
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