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  1. This needs to be a thing in Designer too. I am constantly using the cmd/alt-del shortcut to fill selections. I don't see any options for it, even in the pixel persona. I don't want to be constantly fiddling with the tolerance slider.
  2. I think we all agree but at this point we're talking to the void. Let's wait and see what happens whenever they decide to release an update with a worthwhile selections feature set.
  3. It's important that we don't all get false hope with this. It could still be several years before we see anything with the current track record.
  4. I don’t blame anyone here being sceptical/pessimistic about the delivery of this. I’m excited AF (as it’ll make the software I paid for useful) but I’ll be damned if I’m counting my chickens until it goes live.
  5. I agree, it looks spiteful to me 😂 Regardless, it’s great news and I’ll be ecstatic if this a 2020 and 1.x feature.
  6. I had a quick look through the forum, ordering posts by most views and checking the "likes" on the original post. This request has the most votes (54) yet it doesn't have the most views. Seems like people are using it and still our voice isn't being heard/appreciated. The only post that comes even close to this thread is for Autotrace (47 votes) and that was also created in 2014. Having been involved in running a forum for a popular application for several years, I can tell you the number of comments says more than the votes. Comments and discussion show passion, votes can be cast and forgotten.
  7. Yes! That would fix the shortcoming of the software. Listen to this person!
  8. REJOICE! 1.8.1 finally fixes this issue, boys and girls! ... Just kidding. As you were.
  9. Yep, sadly it doesn’t take long before this becomes an insurmountable issue. It’s fundamental to vector illustration.
  10. @jamesholden Sorry, my mistake. You're right, it's a perpetual license but you only get one year's of updates for the initial purchase. I'll update my post to reflect that omission!
  11. @DomD Sketch (Mac) is a capable alternative if you're focused on UI work which is a perpetual license and a year's worth of updates. After that you pay a lesser fee to continue to receive updates. Aseprite is an amazing Pixel Art editor with a perpetual license and currently infinite free updates. Both of those are quite specialised though and not the generalist tool that Photoshop is or Designer is trying to be. As it is, Designer is sadly not fit for purpose when it comes to heavy lifting -- at least for my use case. If you already have a CC license I'd stick with that, at least for the foreseeable future. It'd be wrong to assume Affinity are actually working on this, at least not for the version we've paid for.
  12. Thanks, but I'm not new. I've been following the thread for years so I'm well aware of how Serif staff treat us.
  13. Too right, I wouldn't have bought Designer if I knew it didn't have this feature. Now I recognise that's mostly on me because like you said, who would've thought in 2019 a professional design application wouldn't have a 'select same...' feature. Nonetheless, I'm not particularly keen on paying for a new version when I haven't got any value out of the version I bought due to a deal-breaking feature omission.
  14. I agree that people should charge for their time but this proposal is flawed in this case. Take the following situation: Two designers (of equal skill) quote for a job requiring manipulation of a vector file. One uses Affinity Designer, the other Adobe Illustrator. Who do you think quotes for fewer hours? It's absurd to suggest that you charge the client more money because you choose to use under-cooked software. That's not the client's fault! Any sane client would call you out and go elsewhere, somewhere—that likely uses Illustrator—making trivial work of an existing vector file.
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