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  1. Maybe the newly released CorelDRAW is the (temporary or permanent) answer to our missing feature woes.
  2. Don't hold your breath, it could be another 4 years at the current rate.
  3. Some great points there, @furtonb, I agree with much of what you said, particulary your last sentence. For me, Affinity Designer is a Lamborghini without wheels: It's incredibly capable and sexy but due to lacking something so integral it stays parked in the garage gathering dust.
  4. Being QA/Support and the conduit to the community, is that something you would mind finding out for us, please? I appreciate it's not helpful to the development team to give concrete details but you've told me the same thing as you did in this thread years ago. Edit: And apologies for being rude: thank you for the reply.
  5. It's sad to see this hasn't made it into the 1.7 beta. Silence is not helping. @MEB, I can only speak for myself but you would ease a lot of my anger/frustration being more transparent about when (or even if ) this is coming. It's been several years of it being 'planned' and nothing has been delivered or explained.
  6. I work around it by not using AD, I use Illustrator (and that's a bummer).
  7. We've been "bearing with you" for quite literally 4 years for a planned feature. This is absurd. If I didn't give a rats about Affinity Designer (or Serif in general) I wouldn't be here badgering you, but I do care. It's not only impossible to stop using Adobe products for missing features like this, it's also impossible to genuinely recommend to serious users.
  8. I agree but it seems the importance is not understood. It's been 4 years since the first post.
  9. In a marketplace where you're up against "The Goliath" Adobe Illustrator I would've thought this would be great for boosting user acquisition. If people are looking to support the "David", AKA the more innovative, nimble guy AKA AD it should be made as easy as possible to transfer that existing work, right? This seemingly minor feature is high impact enough that it makes me hesitant to drop Illustrator (despite having bought AD and enjoying many other great features). Please, please, please bump this up the priorities.
  10. Removing unused colours and selecting same objects by colour/stroke/fill style are two things I find myself wanting to do a lot and as my current knowledge goes, have a significant time-cost to work around. But, I'll admit I'm still learning the program so perhaps I'm missing something. Here's a situation I found myself in just yesterday: I had made a palette out of the colours in my document (great feature BTW) but I had a two-tone gradient backdrop so it pulled dozens of colours from said gradient and placed them in my palette. I thought to myself, "no worries, I'll shift click them like the OS and bulk delete them" but couldn't find a way to do that. Am I missing something or is the only way to delete multiple colours doing them one by one? Seems like Affinity have thought about (and done a great job at) creating palettes but not thought about cleaning them up.
  11. I'd love this ability between PS and AD. I'm looking to leave PS behind but without being able to paste paths out during the transition period makes it very hard to use AD.
  12. I don't in any way think this is just for UI work, for the record. I totally agree with you (and your example) of using it in real artwork!
  13. B4ttleCat

    [ADe] Keyboard shortcuts wishlist

    I couldn't agree more. Shortcuts are paramount to maintaining a good workflow and even more important to retaining artists looking to give up PS. I'm finding it difficult to use Affinity purely on the fact that many of the advanced shortcuts in PS aren't present in Affinity. For example, I use the number keys running along the top of the keyboard a lot to change opacity while using the move tool in PS. I tap the 1 key to make the current layer 10% opacity, tap 5 to make it 50%, tap 6 and 7 in quick succession to make it 67% opacity and so on. That said, my example wouldn't be solved by customisable shortcuts, in this case that would need to be a developer-sanctioned feature.
  14. B4ttleCat

    Lock transparency

    Thanks Matt, The Protect Alpha is exactly what I talking about for the second case so that's great. It's also good to hear there's more layer functionality under the hood that doesn't have a UI yet. It's sorely missed. I hope you guys can fix this soon!
  15. Hey Matt, thanks for the reply. It's not a poly curve I was using, but just an ellipse. I don't know if that helps clarify anything for you.