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  1. have the same issue too with my current setup. even just to open the apps. it will getting worse when i'm opening the apps together with working files.
  2. is there any further update regarding this? since it is also happened to me. i'm using macbook pro i9 2019 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB 32GB RAM
  3. Thank you. I really appreciate this. Some of the reason I'm missing Illustrator so dearly is this feature and Shape Builder Tools.
  4. after knowing luts I guess its okay for me to edit each of image individually although Photo not like Lightroom. For batch editing, we might opt for other alternative.
  5. I do respect the whole team for bringing update and fixing those pesky bugs. Not insisting or rushing since all of us have our own choice but hopefully the dev team and Serif would take note or consider what we are giving in as input. ❤️
  6. True. We cant set how many step / color we want. after almost 3 years seems like no future update.
  7. i cosigned. at first hesitate to move out from adobe ecosystem since Affinity looks promising. But if they didnt add up any requested features, I guess I need to reconsider everything.
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