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  1. Yes! Setting both monitors to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in Windows Colour Management settings did the trick! Many thanks for your help.
  2. Yes, for a start the rendering intent is already set to Relative Colourmetris (I tried the others too). The document is set to CMYK/8 and I have never had Euroscale v2 in my colour profiles.
  3. Sorry, this solution doesn't work for me. I am not opening existing images, I'm creating a blank document (in any colour space) and drawing a 'white' square. This square comes out yellow (as seen in my screenshots).
  4. I'm getting this problem again after updating my Nvidia graphics drivers. The old solution I had success with (switching the renderer) doesn't seem to be having an effect. See the attached screen grabs - you can see in "Screen Grab 1.png" Affinity Designer renders the background of the document in proper white, but the box I drew and filled with '100% white' has a yellow colour. In the colour mixer, the text is white, but the 100% lightness colour is yellowy. By the way, I have two monitors, the one on my Windows 10 laptop and an external monitor. The problem persists on both. I can't use Affinity programs until this is fixed....
  5. +1 from me too. I think Freehand used to have this.
  6. I've noticed an odd behaviour in the attached Affinity Designer file. The objects on the page are all the right way up (no rotation). However if I group any of them together the group shows as rotated 180 degrees. Logo Flip When Group.afdesign
  7. I was thinking the same thing. If I get time I'll do a video of my process. Also thought I might demonstrate how I use inkscape to deform vectors too (perspective etc.) Until the functionality is available in Affinity. I'm sure once these features are added in they'll be many times better than current offerings, so I'm happy to wait.
  8. I am getting some issues with PDF exports when applying Effects (FX) to images under other layers with FX. As you can see from the attached files, the Exported PDF has the bitmap image (with Blur FX applied) 'bleeding' into the effects on higher layers. Once I remove the blur FX from the 'bubbly water' bitmap, the issue disappears. Boiler TEST.afpub Test Export B.pdf Test Export.pdf
  9. There was never a response from the Serif team about this - is it something that has been considered? Amazing that there is still the odd feature or two in Freehand that I long for!
  10. I'd love to see a set of basic stroke pressure presets, with associated thumbnail icons. ie. Flat, 100% - 0, 0 - 100%, Centre-peak etc. I find myself so often wanting a simple stroke pressure style and having to recreate it every time. I guess I could make them myself and save them, but they wouldn't have easy-to-use icons I can just click.
  11. To do them at the same time, you would use the export persona. Lee has said in post #2 that the developers are aware of the missing option there and will be dealing with it. Just need to wait for the next update, which I'm sure will be soon.
  12. Yes, that is because you can't apply a bleed to every individual object, only to artboards. Bleeds are specifically for printing purposes, so you only need them on whole pages.
  13. Just thought I'd mention, the 'Include Bleed' option is present when exporting a PDF using FILE > EXPORT It is in a different place now though. Make sure you have added a bleed in 'Document Setup...' then go to FILE > EXPORT > PDF. The option is a checkbox on the main export box underneath 'Don't export layers hidden by export persona'
  14. I've just been trying to export 5 PDF artboards using the Export Persona and I can't find the 'include bleed' option. It was a tick box in AD 1.6 but now it is not an option in the Export Persona unless I use the File > Export option
  15. Admittedly I have a new laptop now (HP Omen) with an NVME SSD and Affinity Designer 1.7 loads in about 5 seconds! I might install the new version on my old laptop for a speed comparison though.

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