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  1. Thank you! The head was taken from an illustration I did for one of my coloring books. I just tweaked the eyes and vectorized the line art. Thankfully the head was on separate drawing layers. It's one of the drawings I have featured on the Pigment coloring app for iPad and mobile.
  2. THX! They're based on product illustrations that are released by a Japanese company. I tried to keep the style similar but make it my own Attached is what the company's illustration looked like.
  3. @Rob Necronomicon THX!!!!
  4. That WOW feels more "wow." I def need an ALL CAPS version for this! 😂
  5. What's even funnier is that after all the years of using inDesign, I had no clue that double clicking on the bottom middle bounding dot also snapped the box to the text's baseline. It's like you opened up a world that's always been there and I had no clue! Consider me an old dog with a new trick! S:)
  6. Thank you both for such a speedy response! I read this somewhere, but for some reason when I tried, it wasn't working for me. I just tried it again with a new text box and viola!!!! Thank you so much! Relearning behaviors is a lot like learning a new language. I think that's why people rely on old faithfuls rather than trying to options! I can't thank you enough! I'll let you know if it doesn't work for some reason in the new doc that I'm working on! Best! Stephen
  7. Hi! Just a quick question. I've been spending the week reading the Publisher Workbook and kicking the tires of Publisher with an actual project. So far with the help of the workbook, I have been having huge success in translating my inDesign brain over to Publisher. One thing that's tripping me up is being able to quickly snap my oversized text boxes to fit the last baseline of text. I use this method a lot in inDesign for snapping to bottom of the text frame to a baseline or margin. If there is a function for this, please let me know. In InDesign you can use this function for anything that sits in a frame, including images and tables. As a work around I have been locking the text to the baseline and using "snap to baseline" for the text frames but it takes time and is a little fiddly. I'm attaching screenshots of inDesign so you can see a visual of what I'm describing. And just to note, there's also a fit content icon located in the top menu when you use the move tool that I find super useful. And as a side note, I am loving the fit options for art when you place without a frame in Publisher. That's just brilliant! All the best! Stephen
  8. I've had a request in for decimals while working in the iOS version of Affinity Designer for a while too. I totally get it but I do believe they are trying their best to address our concerns/needs. So far what they've done in a short time is amazing. Many developers believe creating new features is sexier than refining what they have. I do believe this is where Affinity is different. They listened to a lot of what Publisher users needed and started incorporating improvements immediately. And with the sneak peak video they just released, it looks like they're still committed to improving performance. So I am hopeful that there are more refinements in the near future. My hope is that there will be big fixes for 2.0. I know three years is a long time to wait for something basic, but I am hopeful. We'll definitely have to celebrate when it all comes together! S:)
  9. "Ants on ice cream" is now my favorite saying! And yes, Rulers would be awesome.
  10. I love the color palette! Great work and very atmospheric!
  11. Great job! And just so you know, It's super easy to make patterns in Designer. I've done oodles of patterns for fabric designs. Looking forward to seeing what else you create!
  12. I made a quick update to my avatar since I recently shaved. I drew the image in Medibang, traced the image in Inkscape and then cut apart and colored in Designer. This is my go-to process for illustration work.
  13. It was worth a shot! Is that setting on the iPad version of the app? Good luck and let me know if you come up with a solution and want someone to kick the tires. I would be happy to help out! S:)
  14. Language is definitely tricky and there are so many variations based on where you live. Personally, I love that my Aussie friend refers to tater tots as potato gems. I wish that's a term that would catch on in the states. I think I just get hung up on dots vs. pixels. And again, I definitely think it is more me being literal than the rest of the world being incorrect. S:)
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