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  1. I don't think I posted these last year. I made these for a friend's Blythe collector site.
  2. @dannyg9 That is great news! The huge hurdle that I have is working with editorial. We need an app that has editorial integration like inCopy. For our magazines, we just make final PDFs for our printer. If Affinity creates some galley view for editors, then I would love to switch. The other tricky bit is having robust tools for creating graphs and charts. Producing science pubs and online content, we are constantly making graphs and charts and would love something baked in. I have been using Publisher for my own work since the beta too. I no longer use InDesign for my personal work and I
  3. @dannyg9 THX! Yeah, the type isn't done yet. I just made it real quick in InDesign and imported it as A PDF overlay with the exception of the headline. I'll make the final tweaks in InDesign (unfortunately). I am looking forward to having no part of Adobe in this process if possible. I'll post the final art when it is ready. Thanks again for your input!!! It was a lot of fun to create! S:)
  4. I did all of this in Affinity design except for the character in the lower left. I drew her in Medibang, traced her in Inkscape and then added her to Designer
  5. Are there charts for Affinity Publisher in the works? They said they'd be offering charts in the upcoming software. Can't seem to find it if it is there. THX S:)
  6. @badcat Thanks for confirming that this is essential for designers. The program is so great and has so many fantastic tools, but the color management really needs some love. Let's hope this happens. I know that it's less sexy for developers, but it is imperative for professional artists!
  7. Has there been any fix on this magnification when selecting nodes? For some reason it happens more for me in the new 1.7 version. Thanks in advance for any help. I don't know how necessary this is since we have almost infinite zoom. I agree that this is frustrating! Nice to know that other people are struggling with this. I hope a fix comes Thanks so much! Stephen:)
  8. So it looks like the issue is that the places that you effects become rendered as an image. And for some reason, there may be an error when it comes to the clipping of masks when converting to raster. Here's screen shots of another file. You can see that the eye is rendered as an image in the layers panel. Trying to change the stacking order of the layers to fix the issue like before. S
  9. Hi there! So with the new version of Designer for the iPad, I am having problems inputting numbers into either the palette of the resize dialogue box. I have a document that's 8.5" X 11" and I am trying to resize the canvas to 8" X 3.5". I am not using artboards. I am using the resize function in the app. When I try to resize to the new size, the file becomes 8" X 3". It disregards the .5" for the height. I have tried multiple times and the same thing happens. I have made sure that the lock icon is not selected and it still doesn't work. I'm wondering if others are having this proble
  10. I also turned her plush face design into a cute pattern in minutes. I’m really excited for this fabric to arrive!
  11. So here Josephine is along with my first prototype! It's been a fun journey and all the work was done using Designer on the iPad!
  12. Thanks so much @DM1! For some reason I remembered being on the same screen as the width and height. I forgot that I had to click on the right carrot to get to PPI. Thanks for the reminder!!!!!! It really means a lot Best! Stephen
  13. Hi everyone! So I opened the new Designer this AM and when I went to resize a file’s PPI in eye Resize drop down, there was no PPI/DPI adjustment. This is where it was in the past. Is there a new place where this is located? Thanks so much for any and all help with this! Best! Stephen
  14. Thanks! I’m really excited to get the fabric in hand. It just shipped yesterday !!!!!’
  15. Hi there! I've been working on translating my earlier Josephine Baker illustration into a plushie pattern design. I've been only using my iPad and Designer for this project and I'm enjoying it!!!! I'll post the doll when she's finished! Enjoy! Stephen
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