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  1. and .......... Well they do, but only for native unit types. Picas are not yet supported so typing in the form '3p6' is ignored (afaik). Once supported you would be able to type '15p' or 14p11 but only once it is a native unit type which it is not yet (afaik). Oh sorry. You are right. I thought it was converting for me. Sorry. I totally misspoke. Yeah, this should definitely be fixed. Sorry for getting your hopes up, @KipV
  2. @MikeW Has there been any progress on saving spot colors as Pantone in EPS-or-have you solved the issue with extra nodes being introduced when you try to export to PDF? I would do the two-step process that @Slayman suggested, but the introduction of all that bad geometry didn't work for me when sending my files to an enamel pin manufacturer. I ended up sending them the eps with a Pantone color guide on the side of the art so that they could do a "select same" trick to swap the color correctly for me on their end. On the idea of Select Same, you could take a page out of Inkscape's playbook. Before they introduced the feature, they let user be able to select multiple objects by using an XML editor. Tried to find a video for you, but I did find a forum thread that may help http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1724 Quote from forum: "You open the XML Editor (under Edit) and look for the color used (select the object on the canvas, and it gets highlighted in the XML Editor), copy the color (it is one of the values in "Style" e.g.fill:#ffff00 and insert it into the Style Box in the Search Dialog (Strg F) Hit enter" --- Exposing the XML data while you figure out the UI and design of select same might be helpful for people. Thanks again for all you do! I would love to be able to report that export has been improved for my blog post review of Affinity Designer on desktop and the iPad and using it as a tool for creation and production. S:)
  3. @KipV Yeah. All the programs for Affinity and Adobe do measurement conversion on the fly. Glad this helped
  4. Packaging is essential! But this is a great start! I really enjoyed my first go at the program.
  5. Thx @MEB! Would be nice to have them in a palette window instead of a dialog box. Thanks for your help! This is looking great so far.
  6. Oh. And @MikeW. I don't see an area for document errors/preflight
  7. Thanks Mike. Also a way to know what the actual and effective PPI of an image is would be great. InDesign handles that in the links palette.
  8. Thanks @carl123! That's what I was looking for as a replacement for a links palette. It would be nice to have that Resource Manager as a palette instead of a pup-up dialog box. THX!
  9. Thanks @MikeW! There was an actual button for that! Is there a way for me to managed my linked images or to see if the images are properly linked. And it would be nice to have percentage and size adjustments for images like InDesign
  10. Hi there! Thanks so much for this program! You guys rock. I can't figure out how to replace images. If I want to swap out a photo of an already-placed image, how do I do that in your app? I tried to find a links palette or even just selecting the image on the page and going to File/Place. Instead of it pasting into the existing image frame, it creates a new image all together. One thing that is helpful when designing is setting up one image correctly and then duplicating the image and swapping the pic. In InDesign, it keeps the replaced image's size and placement the same as the original. I may just be overlooking something. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey @KipV. I agree. Picas are needed and it was the first thing that I noted. In the meanwhile, I know it's a pain, but you can work in points and that's a more apples-to-apples conversion until they get this straightened out. And if you put in measurements like "3p6", the app auto converts the measurement for you. Here to hoping for Picas in our future!
  12. But I will add the the page shuffle is very helpful. Here is a video that should help!
  13. In Indesign this is called "turning shuffle on/off." I have to agree that this would be great. Another thing that I noticed is that if I create a document without facing pages, I can't seem to find a way to revert that option after you create your doc. Doc setup no longer has a facing pages option... Found it! THANK YOU FOR THIS PROGRAM!
  14. Even Inkscape introduced it years ago;) Select same, paint bucket, and graphs & charts are the only thing that keeps Illustrator relevant for me. I would love to ditch Adobe completely:)
  15. Thanks! I'm hope that "same..." gets introduced. It's really hard to edit files without it