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  1. segts

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    I tried to watch that version, but it didn’t work for me. I do like the mechanical sound of the synthesizers with the imagery, but the overall effect felt a little overpowering. It’s a really interesting concept though! Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I was really making up the look as I went along to try to mimic the original poster as best I could without using raster painting.
  2. segts

    Pantone colours

    Hi there @AffinityAppMan! Am I missing where the search field is on the app? Can you post a screen grab? I would really appreciate it! Thx
  3. segts

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    Thanks @AffinityJules! It’s actually one of my favorite films. I first saw it years ago when I was a little kid and it really left an indelible mark. And thanks for the kind words @casterle!!!! Here’s the final! Stephen
  4. segts

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    Starting the background today!
  5. segts

    New convention art WIP Metropolis

    Got a little more done today.
  6. segts

    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    Nice character design!!!!
  7. segts

    Gardener's Lunch

    Great scene. I really like the composition! That green house is killer! S
  8. segts

    portrait illustration

    Love the expression!!!!! S
  9. I have been spending the past couple weeks creating the art for an upcoming convention. I decided to color the art in Designer and I really am glad that I’ve made that decision. It’s been fun exploring Designer’s strengths. This is a work in progress, but it by far is the piece I’m most excited about. I have always loved the film, Metropolis and I’m so glad that I get a chance to reference it in my work. I’ll post what the final image looks like. Best! Stephen
  10. All it takes is practice. I was thinking this AM about posting one of my first characters that I drew years ago on social to show the change. Funny that you mention it. All it takes is practice. The best thing I'd recommend is find something you like to draw and draw it over and over again. Over time, you will get better and start making decisions on style, line quality, line width and color. It's fun to watch the progression. Here is some examples of where I started with my Babesville series. Early Babe Timelapse Video Blog Link I think you can see the difference. Check out the time lapse above if you get a chance. You can see how I used to work in Illustrator. I am loving working it Designer so much more! It really suits how I think and organize elements in my design! Best! Stephen
  11. Hi there! Wasn't sure where to post this but I noticed a difference between the iPad and Desktop version. Earlier, I realized that my file was the wrong PPI in Designer for iPad and wanted to change it. I went into "Resize" and when I changed the PPI, the doc size also changed. At first, I didn't realize that "Resample" was resizing the dimensions bc it's on by default. Do you think it might make sense to have that option off by default, since "PPI" and "Dimensions" work independent of one another on the Desktop when you initially open the Setup? Just a thought. Thanks for all the awesome work!!! Stephen
  12. TY! You mean this gal? I was inspired by Louise Brooks for her! And thanks again for your help! It really means the world to me! S
  13. Yeah. They don't have that tweak on iPad yet. It just rounds up visually, even though it's the actual number. So if you have two shapes, one that's .75" wide and another that's .80" wide, they'll both say .8" in the measurements palette. I'm hoping that it gets fixed soon. @R C-R helped me with figuring a workaround in the meanwhile! And thank you regarding the art comment! This is a style that I've been working on for the past two years! Glad to hear some feedback! S
  14. segts

    My first try with Affinity Designer

    This rocks! Thank you! I was hoping for noise!
  15. segts

    Illustration Design using Designer

    Thanks @Pariah73!!!! I would love Affinity to emulate some of Inkscape's node-drafting strength, especially since their approach with node type is so similar! S