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  1. Don Lee

    251 Series

    After mermaid quiting from Huawei
  2. Don Lee

    251 Series

    After near 2 months resting, I am going to paint again, and I am learning how to draw with Affinity and Wacom, it's cool. And what's more, there is one thing recently makes me very angry, Huawei 251 issue, so it makes me to start my new series —— against 251, it's least I can do. This paint is the first one of 251, it's a copy from pinterest.
  3. I upload my windows log, hope it can help.
  4. I Windows Log.evtx Windows Log_2052.MTA Windows Log_2057.MTA
  5. I decided to turn on desktop version, I purchased desktop permission.
  6. I tried reinstalling, but still not working. I purchased desktop version today, that's working. I decide to abandon UWP version from now on.
  7. Don Lee

    Failed to Save File

    It's UWP version or desktop version? I find out that UWP fail but desktop version can save files successfully. Both are newest softwares.
  8. Got it. The point is UWP version can't save file, and desktop version works. I need to use this software now... I don't want to buy it again...
  9. I think it's not my computer's problem, I install Affinity Designer just after installing win 10. And the desktop version Designer can save file successfully. I want Serif to change my software from UWP to Desktop version, because UWP version can't work. (UWP version is more expensive than desktop version.) That's rediculous.
  10. Don Lee

    Failed to Save File

    I have this issue as well, and worse, saving files causes my computer restart.
  11. systerm: win 10 1903 Mircosoft Store latest edition Everytime I saved files, computer would restart and fail to save files. I tried to change file name and location, but still not work. The afdesign file was created, but could not open. It said "Failed to open. The file type is not supported." Desert.afdesign

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