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  1. Last year Iafter I graduted, I worked as an IDX designer at a mobile phone company. Like most companies in China, employees worked almost 12 hours a day at this company. I did not have so much time to study or improve my skills at that period. The same year, Chinese developers launched a campaign called "996ICU" to against this huge exploitation. In thw spring of 2019, I quited the job. Now, I want to change a lillte bit of this world, and tell meyself, how many beautiful views that I can find out after quiting 996. I will keep updating.
  2. Don Lee

    Chongqing Series

    Chongqing Series 5, Qiansimen Bridge
  3. Don Lee

    Chongqing Series

    Chongqing Series 4, Sky Corridor
  4. Don Lee

    Chongqing Series

    Chongqing Cable -- Chongqing Series 3
  5. Don Lee

    Chongqing Series

    Chpngqing Series 2nd drawing, Chaotianmen Bridge.
  6. Don Lee

    Chongqing Series

  7. I have been known that Chongqing is a city with a lot of fantasic views. But untill I have seen Zhu Wenqiao's nice shots of Chongqing city, I finally make determine to create something about this city. This is the first one in this series.
  8. Don Lee

    Chengdu's night

    Thanks for your comment. This panda is a statue on one of Chengdu's landmark buildings -- IFS. You can google "ifs panda" and will see the biggest panda in Chengdu.
  9. About 4-hours-work, I think this is the best vector product pic I have ever draw.