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  1. I also want to draw and add some vector shapes and product templates to the site so it has some content in it to fill it some more. What do you guys suggest i draw and put there?
  2. Hi. I appreciate your time for checking this out. You are right. I think its because of the web using http instead of https. Im not sure how to do that yet, looking into it now and will be done. At the meantime, if anyone could guide me with some advice, that would be great as well.
  3. Thank you so much for time to check it out. I initially tried to make this as simple and without any distraction as possible. But the animations were though (mostly cuz im a noob at this) what i aim as main focus was firstly to require as few clicks as possible to upload or download files, and also avoid any other graphical clutter so the resource thumbnail become the main focus. i will work on the UI more and try to make it look fresh. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hi everyone. Im a fan of affinity and thought of creating a website for you all to easily upload, share and find resources exclusively for affinity files for free. Before you check this website, i wanna let you know that i made this website with little help from others and lots of passion and love, its not perfect and i intend to keep upgrading it and your opinion is valuable. i hope it can help some in the community. www.affinityelites.com Enjoy PS: Everyone can download resources and assets but you'll need to sign up to upload While uploading files, you can submit a PNG thumbnail of your file that has transparent background. This way others can utilise the background greyscale effect to check how the source looks with different shades of grey level background.
  5. Yes. Im aware of the workaround. But nevertheless this is a bug that effects a workflow and requires one more detailed checking for such mistakes which does not show either on affinity or preflight and just pops up as a surprise when the work is done and final.
  6. Hi. I wanna report a bug when exporting a file after applying effect on shapes that has other shapes inside them, to PDF (either flatten or for export) After exporting a file to PDF. It shows some strange shapes on the file. Attachment below showcases the bug.
  7. Hi, I like to request a feature for Designer on iPad and Desktop. I want to be able to convert colors resulted on HSL effects to be applied on real color. Which i think it should be easily applied when the color picker and the point of center of the color gradient is able to be calculated. I made some screenshots to illustrate my idea in attachment below:
  8. i think this might be cause of operating system since its behaving differently on my mac. here i sent you 2 screenshot of my document , first before clicking "tab" button, next after clicking "tab". as you can see, it shows the screen without any tools or menu bars. i used to doubt it behaving differently on windows.
  9. Document title bar goes if your having only one document open and window is fullscreen, menu bar should be hidden ... And Doesn't scroll bar disappears when page is still? maybe if u could send a screenshot to clarify if we are both discussing same shortcut key.
  10. Wow. +1 for this. Doesn’t necessarily have to be just serif.
  11. My assumption is that this and several other heavily requested features are saved for ver.2 update to create a higher incentive for older users to pay for upgrade. We are at ver.1.9 now so im hoping if my assumption is right and if theres no v.1.10, hopefully well see this soon.
  12. A year has past. This bug is still happening on latest beta. Ay timeline for a fix by any chance?
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