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  1. Only in some cases, yes. I used affinity for many things so far and i think this feature could be used in UI designs to show the px alignments, for packaging, branding, 2D product design etc. although the document can be sized accurately, but u still have to manually write them down. Same thing for blueprints. You can spend extra to have another app do that but i dont think switching applications with different file format is a great user experience.
  2. Yes. Viewing the measurements are not the problem. Inputting them individually for drafts, blueprints or UI is a hassle.
  3. Hi. Is there any sketch meassure alike feature in affinity where i can draw lines and it tell me the length immediately.
  4. This is exactly why they have the advantage. No one in this field has done it completely well imo. Unlike illustrator where its bloated with features
  5. I disagree. I think affinity designer will fit well as an alternative to so many kinds of apps including prototyping tools, mostly due to their user experience. Its just been always missing some fundamental features of each to completely replace them. I think they know that too since they mentioned they’re working on it. Although, AFTER 2.5 YEARS OF PATIENCE an update on if they are still working on something like that would be nice.
  6. Well, this is awkward.
  7. Hi v_kyr. I thought so too. Before i used wacom, i used an iPad to make my illustration. And me personally prefer iPad over wacom.l, but wasnt sure if its just me. Though i think The file management issue could be solved if they can make the continuity work. Right now when i use affinity file on one device. I see it pop up on my other device in continuity style, but when i click, it merely opens the app and thats all.
  8. Than it eoulf be a problem for people wity limited icloud storage Right now where it saves can be selected in preference where u have two options, in my ipad or icloud. If the document is made and not saved, while closing, it will delete the document indefinately. I think an indicator icon where it says the document is being synced with a file in either “in my ipad” or “files” or wherever would fix the confusion. Plus they have to ask us to (A) save the further changes or (B) save as or (C) discard the changes while closing.
  9. I’d like to see other’s perspective on this. Would your rather use wacom on desktop or just an iPad. What are the preference for people that used both?
  10. I just downloaded FileBrowserGO, so far, it seems like an interesting file management alternative that iOS lacks. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. Aaron Martin

    Batch Processing Unresponsive

    Hi. Im tried to make batch processing with Affinity Photo on 250 photos. Than again on only 10, its gets stuck processing from the first item, i tried on my 2016 mbpr i5 and 2018 imac lated update and latest macos. All with same bug. The macro i add has only one selective color adjusting layer on. please help
  12. Hi. I have tried force myself to use the iPad suit of affinity as my main professional set up for little under 3 months this summer. I was pleasantly surprise with the amount of work on details and most of the times after passing the learning curve it was a joy to use. In some cases even better than desktop. I will speak about my suggestions at the end but my main issue, which at some part is due to lack of proper file system on iOS, was the way affinity manages their file. I believe the purpose if files displayed within affinity app is somewhat like tabs on the desktop app. They keep changes history, and use a huge amount of space. But when u save the files or close them, thats when it gets a bit confusing. if i open a file from cloud or “files” in ios, after working on them for a while, its hard to know if they are still attached to those files or now acting as an independent file. I thinks there are several indicators (mentioned below) missing that would make the process more logical: 1. When u open from file, it should be an indication (an icon or text) mentioning that this file has a pre determined location in files or a cloud. 2. When closing the app, it should ask if you i want to save changes to my current pre determined posision (in other words, replace it with) or make a duplicate (or save as) in a new location. 3. It should have the ability to ask me to save with change history (same as desktop) 4. If the file is created from scratch in affinity appe, it should ask me if i want to save the file before closing (which at this point it asks, but doesnt allow me to save while asking) 5. If i rename a file with pre determined location indicator that already exists in the cloud or files, it should rename the file in cloud as well. This was my main complain. Other changes i like to add is: 1. Layer arrangement (where u bring a layer to the top or buttom) is in alignment tab in studio while creating shape on or inside or under is on command tab. To me it seemed more logical if they were together, or both at both places. There was many times i wanted to bring a shape on top and i unconciously went and clicked the command tab. Although this might just be me. 2. if there was an easier way to sheer a shape as i can on desktop app, that would help me save alot of time. I get that we can utilize the pre existing sheer function but after even somewhat getting used to it, it felt like fresh air after coming back to desktop and pushes me sometimes to avoid working on ipad just for this reason. the rest of the experience was alot of fun. I enjoyed so much of it and thank you for creating such a wonderful app.
  13. I’ve tried some batch processing with 1.7, it still acts weird. Although i dont expect it to work properly since its beta, but i hope it fixed on final version.
  14. Aaron Martin

    Frustrating Layer Management on Designer iPad

    I will try to make another recording if the first one wasn't obvious enough, the layers that was selected from 0:07 to the end, was layers inside a layer(Phone Background) behind another layer (Home Button) and it was selectable.