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  1. Aaron Martin

    Bullets Layout

    Thank you so much for your help. Also figured out clicking bullets button on toolbar also fixes my issue which makes me wonder, isn't the UI logic of this area a bit unlike what serif team usually does? If i wanna have bullets as below: sample text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text sample text sample text text sample text text sample text text sample text theres two ways: 1. Either select bullets from the top toolbar and than adjust the properties in Bullets/numbers tab on paragraph panel 2. Or Enable bullets in paragraph panel > create a text style > Edit text style > click on paragraph (for some reason the option was not there at paragraph style) adjust the indent... which if i disable bullets, i have to readjust the indent again. the thing i like about affinity is the intuitive UX which makes me wonder whats the intent in designing such workflow
  2. How to have bullets layout according to attached photo
  3. Aaron Martin

    Charts & Graphs

    Plus one for this function
  4. Aaron Martin


    haha, neat
  5. Was this part of an update? or its a bug?
  6. It started working again after resetting , force quitting for several times (roughly 15-20 tries) but now it wont close, gives this error "at least one file is being loaded. Please wait before quitting."
  7. Stuck in Load Screen! doesn't launch even after reinstall/restarting etc. UNRELIABLE! Need Help ASAP IMG_3545.MOV
  8. Hi , so i made a lengthy document and i want to use few specific types of paragraph style for the whole document, the problem is, after applying paragraph style, the color of all texts becomes uniform, which makes texts both on dark or white backgrounds become white. Is some documents where there photos, this is useful, but in some, it creates a hassle to modify all text colors one by one which could be fixed if we could save blend mode in paragraph style
  9. Aaron Martin

    Forum Logo

    No. I hope theres no misunderstanding, i guess its my ocd. The blurred edges of the logo seemed to decrease the overall sharpness of the website, i usually use svg for web logos and icons. I also believe it could be less in size as well, since i see affinity platform as a professional team, so i got curious if there is reason u chose png rather than svg.
  10. Hi. Why the logo on your forum is png and not svg?
  11. I see. Wouldnt it make more sense if the software automatically subtract the top vector shape from the buttom vector shape when the top layer is set to erase blend mode while exporting?
  12. Here are the original affinity file from ipad with 3 artboards and the exported pdf files Test.afdesign 车力士-横幅 1.pdf 车力士-横幅 2.pdf 车力士-横幅 3.pdf IMG_0781.MP4
  13. File exported in export persona’s pdf (for export) rasterizes, this behavior differs with exporting pdf (for export) from action menu, and also differs with same process on desktop so should be a bug.
  14. Aaron Martin

    Why theres no search in iPad Projects?

    No one is disputing that thats not what we are discussing here. Having a search function for a list of item does not make a software a DAM, only makes it more convenient to find what ur looking for, which affinity currently lacks. Your previously suggested files is a better workaround than involving another app, for my non-DAM use cases. The issue as i mentioned previously is, in the case im currently dealing with, which i don't think im the only one, for working exclusively on iPad, and getting professional work done, multiple file interconnection is required. This means you will have a multiple brochures, banners, decors, branding guidelines, advertising posters all at one place and you need to take recourses from each other and copy/paste it. Fixing this is not equivalent to DAM. Im not sure how they are aiming on building a DAM software, but im assuming thats more photo related than designer. Which also leaves certain lack a file management issues behind. I discussed more on the ipad file management on another post here. Https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77386-ipad-file-management-experience/
  15. Aaron Martin

    Why theres no search in iPad Projects?

    Hi DM1 Your suggestion is more of a workaround than a solution which i am aware of and using, although i believe it still lacks in some aspects, such as indicator that shows if the file been modified, synced or opened from a folder (which saving it will save time in that previous location) or cloud sync indicator, but it does not apply to my current situation which many of these files contain materials i need to use/copy/reference. In my opinion a search functionality, no matter how advance (best case, could also access the metadata of the projects) is necessary.

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