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  3. Hi. Congrats on 1.7 and bravo, amazing work. I’ve played around a little with designer beta 1.7, but never really done any work with it professionally. Now that its out i’ve notices some bugs that seem to be missed while checking before rolling out. Ive noticed wobbly menus on places like, export persona’s file selection menu (where u choose export file format and further details) and export window’s pdf advance page. On these pages if i use magic mouse’s touch area, it will move the whole menu with my touch that makes it wobbly while using. Second, i believe the ability to add bleed to art boards in export persona is also missing for some reason. Although I'm not sure if this is by design and if so, i’d like to know the reasoning since its not making any sense to me and adding an extra inconvenient step to my workflow. Thanks
  4. Thanks arkinein for the thorough suggestions. i remedied this using publisher, less hassle i believe, but still not as convenient or logical as before i’d say now my question is, is this by design? Or a bug?
  5. I just realized that now as well, am i missing something? If i a document(with bleed specified) export with keyboard shortcut (command+shift+option+e) in pdf format, and go to “more” and tick all the printing signages (which does not include bleed for some reason), my bleed is visible and the document has surpassed the bleed area (as it should) so no problem there. But if i have a multiple bleed specified documents, each in their own artboard, and i create slices of each of them in export persona with all the printing initials selected and ticked, and hit export. The result is the same except where the bleed is shown, the document has not surpassed the bleed, making it irrelevant. is there a new workflow to this?
  6. Hi. Im a fan and i really enjoy using affinity products. Just wanted to share my wishlist for 1.x versions. I’d like to know if there is any current plans for these. Cheers.
  7. Interesting thread. But i have to say, i still prefer the contrast that old icons being.
  8. Couldn’t disagree more. I understand the frustrations with late feature updates but I believe this way of pricing is one of their selling points.
  9. Is this the same as in AI? Are these coming in 1.7?
  10. +1. I was disappointed when i realized i had to bring all the dwg files through illustrator just just to import it in to affinity.
  11. Thank you all. How does photo define where i selected while im recording the macro? Is it by x and y basis? Can it be changed to a certain color?
  12. Thanks bruce. Yes. Thats exactly what i meant. Somehow could not do it on my beta somehow. I will look into it and see if theres any new updates i havent been using.
  13. Hi. when i select multiple pages in thumbnail view, how can i drag them to another location (manipulate pages) for example i select page 2,3,5 and bring them to the end of the document by dragging them to the end. and if thats not a feature yet. why?
  14. Im sorry. Was that sarcasm or your actual preference?
  15. Writing chinese charactors from scratch is ok. But when you are editing a written sentence (mid sentence) it will jump charactors. To replicate the error, create an art text or text border start typing chinese select center/middle of the written sentence add several charactors to the sentence the result will be... for example if you write 3 characters, it will write yiur charactors but the courser will jump several charactors further