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  1. I see. Wouldnt it make more sense if the software automatically subtract the top vector shape from the buttom vector shape when the top layer is set to erase blend mode while exporting?
  2. Here are the original affinity file from ipad with 3 artboards and the exported pdf files Test.afdesign 车力士-横幅 1.pdf 车力士-横幅 2.pdf 车力士-横幅 3.pdf IMG_0781.MP4
  3. File exported in export persona’s pdf (for export) rasterizes, this behavior differs with exporting pdf (for export) from action menu, and also differs with same process on desktop so should be a bug.
  4. Aaron Martin

    Why theres no search in iPad Projects?

    No one is disputing that thats not what we are discussing here. Having a search function for a list of item does not make a software a DAM, only makes it more convenient to find what ur looking for, which affinity currently lacks. Your previously suggested files is a better workaround than involving another app, for my non-DAM use cases. The issue as i mentioned previously is, in the case im currently dealing with, which i don't think im the only one, for working exclusively on iPad, and getting professional work done, multiple file interconnection is required. This means you will have a multiple brochures, banners, decors, branding guidelines, advertising posters all at one place and you need to take recourses from each other and copy/paste it. Fixing this is not equivalent to DAM. Im not sure how they are aiming on building a DAM software, but im assuming thats more photo related than designer. Which also leaves certain lack a file management issues behind. I discussed more on the ipad file management on another post here. Https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77386-ipad-file-management-experience/
  5. Aaron Martin

    Why theres no search in iPad Projects?

    Hi DM1 Your suggestion is more of a workaround than a solution which i am aware of and using, although i believe it still lacks in some aspects, such as indicator that shows if the file been modified, synced or opened from a folder (which saving it will save time in that previous location) or cloud sync indicator, but it does not apply to my current situation which many of these files contain materials i need to use/copy/reference. In my opinion a search functionality, no matter how advance (best case, could also access the metadata of the projects) is necessary.
  6. I can't believe no one have said this. Why theres no search on ipad files? I have 80+ files there and now it becoming hard to look in them to find the file i want
  7. I can't believe o one have said that. Why theres no search on ipad files? I have 80+ files there and now it becoming hard to look in them to find the file i want
  8. Don't get me wrong. Since i’ve been using affinity, my life has gone so much easier. I believe they’ve pretty much did what they aimed for, which is very good imho. The thing is i’ve kinda got spoiled and that has risen my expectation from the affinity team to deliver perfection to my workflow. I believe at some point, they will also add this feature. Since its pretty obvious from the demands.
  9. Affinity, export to pdf/svg, open in ai, export to dwg, use in cad. Open for a better workaround suggestion
  10. Hi. First of all, i know lot of thought has gone through how the iPad toolbar and studio layout is created. But i have a suggestion that might make the interface much easier to use. my main problem with current layout is functions such as alignment, add/subtract/divide, place on top/bottom/below and such things. i find myself using them so often in some projects that clicking on a toolbar to select my required action feels like one two many steps. my suggested solution: create the bottom tool properties customizable, but ONLY ON MOVE TOOL. This way i believe it can make certain functions easily accessible and create a more personalized workflow for each user while maintaining with affinity suit’s general user experience (you can customize toolbar on desktop). This way functions mentioned above which are also related to moving objects could be placed at bottom function bar and if some functions are rarely used (such as select inside or add to selection which i personally use rarely) could be disabled and hidden from the interface to keep it clean. You could also put a “hand” option similar to photo’s “hand” tool for presentation purposes or another option to select shapes in ‘“lasso” style. another side suggestion: i hope the bottom toolbar could be hidden when i access fullscreen while im using brushes in vector or pixel persona. thanks
  11. Tried photo beta. Issue still exists.
  12. Hi stokerg, I've tried disabling metal, using openGL, openGL basic, and software, and here are the results: OpenGL and OpenGL basic did not make much of a difference with Metal software was completely unusable. here attached is a video of how the rendering is in OpenGL and Metal Im downloiading the photo beta now and report back if there is any improvements Screen Recording 2019-08-18 at 8.54.19 PM.mov
  13. Hi. I have macbook pro 2016 touchbar with 27” lg 4k display. When i move selections using move tool, the movement becomes laggy, and glitchy. Functionally, it works fine but the graphical lags in movements are not very ideal. Is there a way that could be fixed? I also want to know Does the same issue happens on on better powered MacBooks such as the newest base model macbook pro or the second tier 15 inch model macbook pro? My graphic settings are on metal by the way.
  14. Hi. Is there any way to curve the edges of pages in publisher, like how we can do with artboards?
  15. Hi. Thanks for the workaround. My current workaround is to group them and select individual groups. (I use a transparent background shape for areas with blank background). I think that way may be less time consuming. Its a pretty first world problem to have i admit. But just happened to bump into it alot lately.

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