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  1. Couldn’t disagree more. I understand the frustrations with late feature updates but I believe this way of pricing is one of their selling points.
  2. Is this the same as in AI? Are these coming in 1.7?
  3. +1. I was disappointed when i realized i had to bring all the dwg files through illustrator just just to import it in to affinity.
  4. I have several photos with similar shade if gray background behind a model and i want to remove the background with macro. Is there any way to do this? I know how to do with white, but cant seem to work with its just light gray. Thanks
  5. Thank you all. How does photo define where i selected while im recording the macro? Is it by x and y basis? Can it be changed to a certain color?
  6. Hi. when i select multiple pages in thumbnail view, how can i drag them to another location (manipulate pages) for example i select page 2,3,5 and bring them to the end of the document by dragging them to the end. and if thats not a feature yet. why?
  7. Thanks bruce. Yes. Thats exactly what i meant. Somehow could not do it on my beta somehow. I will look into it and see if theres any new updates i havent been using.
  8. Im sorry. Was that sarcasm or your actual preference?
  9. Writing chinese charactors from scratch is ok. But when you are editing a written sentence (mid sentence) it will jump charactors. To replicate the error, create an art text or text border start typing chinese select center/middle of the written sentence add several charactors to the sentence the result will be... for example if you write 3 characters, it will write yiur charactors but the courser will jump several charactors further
  10. Aaron Martin

    Took a break to play with the $99 camera

    No idea. It was just some flowers in some park near my place in Ningbo, China. Hope someone can clear it out for both of us.
  11. Aaron Martin

    Took a break to play with the $99 camera

    Nice pics. Here are some pics i took on my iphone 8 and edited slightly on photo.
  12. Flood select tool doesnt go well with macro, unless i dont know how to use it. Or is it possible to select a certain shade of grey?
  13. Lol, sorry for the misunderstanding, when i was using the phone, i was also using smart invert on ios, so it inverted photos. Here are the real phoros.
  14. Im gonna put my alluminum foil hat on and say it was sent on april first. Theres still hope.
  15.  This I agree with completely. I still have a glimmer of hope that they’re using these square icons just for betas only. They used to have different icons for beta before (with a “b” on top right of it).
  16. Unless they are changing all the logos into square ones for 1.7. and futher
  17. I somewhat agree with the title of this threat, although i appreciate the minimalist approach of the current logos (triangle ones) and agree with the coloring scheme, i think representing papers for publisher icon with those triangular 60° angles makes it a bit distorted ergo unfamiliar to human eye. Unless they are representing q cropped out square of some papers, which would make sense but than it wont go with the triangular icons. I think the logo needs some more tiny subtle hints to say its papers.
  18. Global colors search for swatches Advance options for export persona Font live preview just to name a few...
  19. Hi. Is there any sketch meassure alike feature in affinity where i can draw lines and it tell me the length immediately.
  20. Only in some cases, yes. I used affinity for many things so far and i think this feature could be used in UI designs to show the px alignments, for packaging, branding, 2D product design etc. although the document can be sized accurately, but u still have to manually write them down. Same thing for blueprints. You can spend extra to have another app do that but i dont think switching applications with different file format is a great user experience.
  21. Yes. Viewing the measurements are not the problem. Inputting them individually for drafts, blueprints or UI is a hassle.
  22. This is exactly why they have the advantage. No one in this field has done it completely well imo. Unlike illustrator where its bloated with features
  23. I disagree. I think affinity designer will fit well as an alternative to so many kinds of apps including prototyping tools, mostly due to their user experience. Its just been always missing some fundamental features of each to completely replace them. I think they know that too since they mentioned they’re working on it. Although, AFTER 2.5 YEARS OF PATIENCE an update on if they are still working on something like that would be nice.
  24. Well, this is awkward.