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  1. This solution works in some cases (like this), the cases it doesn't work is: if the strokes aren't closed, causing unfilled gaps in the shape which depending on the complexity of the design, it can take lots of work to fix. if the design are a mixture of strokes and fills, which in that case, when you add all the shapes together, you will have artifacts at the edge of the shape due to some shapes having transparent strokes, which, depending on your detail quality requirement, it may not be so clean. second issue with this solution is the erase blend mode, the problem with that is, as long as your not exporting it to other file formats, it works. But in cases where you need an SVG or PDF export (or any other file format with vector requirement for that matter), you will have pixelated effect and that could be, not ideal. i think affinity should up their game in vector editing functionalities and add functions like: vector Knife tool vector stretch and mesh tool vector perspective tool vector fill shape maker pixel to vector convertor than we won’t have any issues for fixing these and we won’t need to create complex workarounds (although the possibility of having so many ways to do one thing is a feat of its own, done by affinity amazingly flexible software) As for this issue, id also recommend anto’s solution except at the end, instead of creating an erase blend mode, i suggest to simply subtract that area from the filled backgroudn vector.
  2. Hi. The more i think about it, the more i see prototyping should be implemented as a persona in designer app (not an individual app). apps like invision studio have a great ux approach to animate design elements with easy to use and functional flexibility for files out of sketch. I think that kind of approach for designer would be ideal.
  3. Thats because in affinity, corners rounded with corner tool, won’t scale with objects (its annoying. I know) and u have to convert the shape to curves first. Select the shapes that utilized corner tool, convert them to curves via tye function menu (the 3 dost on top left) than ull be good to go
  4. please view this video. Screen Recording 2022-04-18 at 16.23.01.mov
  5. 1. Select it 2. Copy it 3. Paste it inside 4. Move and edit the inner shape theres few other ways to do this as well, this one is quite simple.
  6. Thank you all Pšenda i misunderstood your first comment. That was my bad. Thank you so much for your help.
  7. Hi Pšenda the problem is there is no indicator (as previewed in screenshot). since i see yours is showing the indicator, than im assuming (correct me if im wrong) this is already implemented and should be enabled in settings. is there any way i can enable it? thank you very much
  8. Yes. But affinity does not have the paragraph indicator. And the problem is when i assign usually make documents in publisher i start by making varieties of text styles which i’ll be using during the making of the document and quite often i have to replace titles or sometimes add translations in different text styles and later move around the texts from one paragraph to another. The problem i encounter during this process is when i start moving texts around rapidly, the lack of “new paragraph” indicator makes me to change the whole paragraph’s text style after pasting just a few words to add in the middle or start of the paragraph.
  9. No. The blue “enter” icon at the end of the line, which shows that id youre selecting, copying and pasting the selected portion of the text will include the “new line” so if you select a line all the way to the end of the line (which will include s blue “new line” indicator) you are also selecting the “new line” function which if thats not intended to be selected, you can drag back the selection so it doesn’t include the blue “new line” indicator.
  10. Affinity publisher deeply needs this indicator when selecting text. I’ve had so many messed up text styles while moving around texts just because of not being able to see if i have selected a sentence with a new line function at the end of it.
  11. p.s. masking a blur effects creates unwanted shadows .. 🧐
  12. Hi Bruce. by gradient blur, i mean the blue circle images, where users can apply different level of blur between two points of a shape by background blur blend option, i mean something like the yellow and orange circle effect. im aware there are multiple ways to apply this effect in afphoto and also designer, but my suggestion is if there is an individual toggle for this effect, could help speed up workflow alot.
  13. I'd like to see a gradient blur effect where u can adjust the blur effect on different locations of the shape similar to gradient and transparent tool. While at it, a gradient background blur toggle in blend options would be nice too. so if i select a shape and toggle its transparency, the background will be shown blured.
  14. Yes. But that option will effect everything on the software. I’d like to have the freedom of creating and placing nodes anywhere, but my art boards to always align in pixels.
  15. By the way. (Shameless plug here) i made a website for everyone to share affinity exclusive source files. Im also trying to promote it a little here. You can check and if u enjoyed it. Sharing it will be very appreciated. Www.affinityelites.com Note: i also know it could be a little buggy in some places, thats because im not a professional web developer and this is my first website.
  16. Hi, Yes, my current solution is to avoid using effects that become rasterised in PSD and send the PSD export. Works fine so far, the only hassle is to expand pressure curved strokes.
  17. I just tried Vectornator on both ipad and mac. Gotta say. Its no where as stable as affinity. I made several shapes with effects on affinity, exported them to pdf and opened em in vectornator. It couldnt export to a.i, kept loading with no result. So i couldnt get the ai files out of it. But i played around with it and sent u a video of how the effects are translated after importing the pdf version of the affinity file. IMG_1336.MP4 IMG_1338.MP4 Vectornator Test.pdf Affinity Photo Document.afphoto
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