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  1. Any plans to incorporate some Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma like features to link animations or states between artboards (which would include a preview to go through the UI/UX)?
  2. I am really enjoying the Affinity Suite of Products as professional design products and alternatives to Adobe products. Are there any plans for an After Effects alternative in the next couple of years? This is the app I miss the most from Creative Cloud.
  3. Can you clarify if I purchase through the Windows Store if family sharing is allowed? As a software developer, I prefer to follow guidelines. I "own" several computers and MS Surface Pro tablets in my household. My son has some graphics classes in high school, and I'm trying to wean off of Adobe products.
  4. I am exploring my options to cancel the overpriced Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, from Affinity's terms of use, it states the following: Is only a single license required for multiple users in the same household (e.g. my son wants to use the software on his computer too). If allowed, any issues with the software being used at the same time?
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