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  1. But you can't paste a style into B, correct? Oops, I was wrong! All is well! THANK YOU!
  2. I ran across this technique today and have zero clue how I could duplicate this technique in Affinity Designer. A & B layers are combined to create C. At first I thought B was a stroke but I was wrong, it is a shape (curves) with a fill. How the heck did they do this so precisely? No idea how layer B was created. Any guidance would be MUCH appreciated!!! I've also include the original design where I snagged a portion for the A B C example below. tiara-1301868.svg
  3. By horsing around... too funny! Thank you for your suggestion, it was a perfect solution!
  4. How the heck did they do this drawing in Affinity Designer?
  5. I ran across this background texture example on Dreamstime and I would love to reproduce it on several designs I'm working on. Any ideas how I can achieve this texture? Is it done with Paint Brushes? Thanks!
  6. Pretty cool test! I'm not sure I follow the logic. Are you recommending using nearest neighbor?
  7. I'm not using any photos and everything I do is solid color graphics and occasionally some gradations.
  8. I'm exporting PNG's in AD that will be printed on Amazon t-shirts and I'm curious which resample I should export for best results, bicubic or bilinear?
  9. Everything about the AD for the M1 working great except it does not show the recent documents I've been working on. Suggestions?
  10. I'm doing a drawing and I ran across this image that had the precise background lines I was in search of. They are the arched lines in the upper half of the circle. Any ideas as to how I can recreate this effect? Thanks!
  11. Okay you guys, you made this WAY to straightforward and easy! I was expecting a rocket science complex solution, but NO, you reduced my design challenge to a FEW SIMPLE steps. Thank You - Thank You - Thank You
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