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  1. Your reply makes perfect sense! There's nothing better than a visual inspection of a finished print job to reveal potential issues. Thank You!
  2. I'm confused about color formats and profiles for the best Amazon Merch T-Shirt quality. Amazon says, "create artwork in the RGB space." (I understand when a CMYK doc is exported as a transparent PNG in AD it's converted to RGB) I use AD and my document color choices are color format: RGB/8 CMYK/8color profile: sRGBIEC61966.2.1 or U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 or Photoshop Default CMYK Ideas on which combination you would use for best Amazon Merch T-Shirt results?
  3. Oh, I like how this is going! John - Can I live with rasterized text? The answer is an unequivocal, yes. In fact, you might be surprised what I can live with. haakoo - yes, I have photo and I will take your suggestion for a test drive.
  4. It may be a raggedy example but it is a doable technique and I'm going to tinker with it. jmwellborn I like how your brain works! Thank You!
  5. I am attempting to put text on a curve in AFD but running into a problem. In the first image the letters in the word are all vertically oriented. In the second image done in AFD all the letters are slanted. I prefer the letter orientation in the first image but it appears AFD is not capable of reproducing this effect. Am I incorrect in assuming AFD is not capable of reproducing vertical letter orientation with text on a curve?
  6. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to create this star wars effect in AD & AP with little success. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!
  7. Back when I was using Photoshop I could import some pretty cool additional shapes so they would be quickly available. Is there anyway to import additional shapes into AD?
  8. Well, well, well... I test drove using a compound layer: Layer > Create compound And BINGO, problem solved! The Affinity Designer forum is in a word, AWESOME! I was up to my butt in alligators and the forum once AGAIN, saved me!
  9. Oops - my bad. Here is the actual file. ActualFile.afdesign
  10. Yep - I've been doing that. It is a VERY effective technique!
  11. Absolutely! The dragon image on the left is the original - the one on the right was flipped horizontally. Notice the items missing in the flipped image - tongue and teeth. I experimented doing this with multiple images and this type of error happened consistently.
  12. I have what might be a stupid question but thought I would ask anyway. When I subtract an SVG from text that has been converted to curves all goes well, UNTIL, I do something like "flip the svg horizontally." In 100% of the cases it messes up the subtraction process to the point it is unusable. I'm thinking this an Affinity Designer malfunction and it's kind of a pain the butt. Any suggestions on a workaround or is this a "known" bug of Affinity Designer? Thanks!
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