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  1. Hi all, I’m making buttons for a digital button box used with sim racing. I’ve made some square buttons in pressed and unpressed state which worked out really well. See image. Now I want to make a so called rocker-switch. The shape is no problem but as you see the button from above it is for me a bit hard to make. ‘The button tilts when pressing. When pressed the top side is more downwards to the baseplate, when unpressed the bottom side is more towards the baseplate. With the square buttons it was no problem as the whole button is downwards when pressed and I could achieve this with 3D and bevel and emboss etc. The first picture are examples of the square buttons I’ve made. The other 3 are photo’s of the actual rocker-switch button which I like to remake. Can somebody give tips or an example on how this can be done. I’m new to Infinity Designer and I really don’t know how to do this. thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the Clarification. The lack of information is my fault indeed, sorry for that. what you show is indeed more or less what l’m look for but not with a sphere. Aaron draws a bush like sharp and grab this snap to put in a brush and start painting. he use an alpha lock so he only paint over the current paint. on 13:25min he starts with capturing the brush so you can see what I try to achieve.
  3. Hi all, do we have a kind of mixer brush as seen in Photoshop? see for clarification the vid underneath starting at 4.04min. There is a mixer brush in Affinity Photo but not the same as seen in PhotoShop. Aron uses this one to create all kinds of bushes and trees. In the vid on 4.04min you see him capture the shape of the sphere and start painting with it, later on he uses the technique also for more complex shapes like bushes and trees.
  4. Thanks.. doing my best. I”m not 100% happy but that is for an other topic.
  5. Hi all I’m René a retired pastry chef with a love for art. Did use a lot of 3D applications and all kind of related things like Zbrush, photoshop etc. I used Cinema4D for more than 17 years but back in 2012 I did quit the whole art community due personal reasons. Now after almost 10 years I bought an iPad Pro 12,9 inch 2021 version and Affinity Designer/Photo, Nomad sculpt and Procreate. So let the winter come. one thing I notice and is a pity, I do not see much Affinity Photo tutorials. A bit strange because I read many users do like Affinity Photo more than Photoshop. I would love to see more vids on painting in Affinity photo. Anyhow, I do love Affinity designer. Very great application. I do a lot with sim racing and now I can use Affinity Designer for creating buttons for use with various Dashboard apps. If anybody know a few good tutorials on creating buttons, please do share it with me. I started with the ones you can see attached. I would love to see some tips on how to make the unpressed button “with lights off” a bit better. It does not looks like a raised button which can be pressed. The pressed one “with the lights on” is fine. anyway, nice to see this community and happy creating and stay healthy. 😁
  6. Is this real? Unbelievable. I would love to see how you colour this. It is so realistic.. thumbs up.
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