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  1. i've uninstalled the app,... and installed it again and it fixed the problems with the mouse.
  2. it seems that to use baseline grid you must buy publisher also?... Is this a good policy? i know that illustrator doesn't have a option for baseline grid,... but you can convert a line, or an object to a guide. by the way why isn't there a line tool in affinity designer?
  3. Problems with mouse precision,... and other issues: - selecting an object - using pen tool - selecting nodes - etc Is there a possibility to change the cursor to an arrow? And use the right mouse button? Keep up with the great work!
  4. Hi! Using Art Text tool there's problems with some kerning pairs (Ta, Te, Ti, To, Tu, Va, Ve, Vi, Vo, Vu... for example). Also, using the same tool, if you try to enter two lines, the letters from the second line overlap the first one.
  5. yes! i've tried also with just one artboard, and the problem remains. With no artboards i can see the bleed content. But i think that this is a thing that should be seen with or without artboards.
  6. Yes! I tried with an open document, and with no document... i also tried to restart. I also tried with other documents,... and a new one. My current version is 1.7.1 for mac Mojave.
  7. Hi Dan C! Thank you,... but "Clip to Canvas" is grey, and i can't click on it, it's always on. It shows the bleed but not the content.
  8. Hi! I can see the bleed margins, but i can't see the content when i'm trying to edit it. I only see the bleed content in the pdf. Is there any way i can see the bleed content? Thank you.
  9. Hi! I can't move vertical guides in the last version of designer for ipad pro. I can move horizontal guides.
  10. i was very glad to find this feature in Affinity Designer 1.7,... and very sad to see it disappear in the last update 1.7.1 I think this feature is very important, and helps a lot if you are working with text. If Designer is going to be able to open Serif documents i think this is a must have feature to Designer. I did some files with designer 1.7 with baseline grid,...and when i open them now in 1.7.1, they are still there but i can't do anything with them.
  11. Vertical Guides are being created in other artboards,... and i can't move them. Can't change position value. This is a recorrent bug in other tools envolving guides, column, margins.
  12. Hi Sean! I think i didn't explain myself better,... sorry but my english is a foreign language to me. I was not talking about the button,... i was talking about the actual baseline grid. Like the margins, sometimes i can't change the values, or the values are automatically reset to the previous stage,... and in other occasions, although i select "Use Baseline Grid" i can't see them.
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