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  1. Thanks robinp - at this point it might be appropriate for Affinity folks to "feed expectations" with some specifics given the circumstances.
  2. @k2creative Yes - agreed! Over the weekend I wanted to update a 2014 Illustrator project. Took me 5 minutes to run into this absent functionality with Designer and realize that the task would take hours for something that should take seconds. With a shrug, I gave up. Affinity Designer folks - might you be willing to leave a comment in this thread letting us know that our concerns are heard and that this feature is planned for 2020? Pretty please?
  3. Thanks Patrick. Yes, of course, I was implying my purpose. Just adding my voice to the many requests for this feature given that it is a deal breaker for some.
  4. Did you read this? "I'm completely stuck without 'select same' functionality..." In other words, the purpose of this software is defeated by its lack of specific functionality. How can you argue with this? I can't use the software for its intended purpose. That's really bad.
  5. Switched to Affinity Designer after a decade of Illustrator and it took me less than an hour before my troubleshooting search found this thread. I'm completely stuck without "select same" functionality... will ask for a refund given how unresponsive Serif seems to be for such a critical feature request. Pop! (this is the sound of my initial enthusiasm for Affinity Designer disappearing)
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