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  1. Hello TonyB, thank you ery much for your reply. Its nice to hear that something is planned. For sure! But easier and faster to implement than the other way. I already did this kind of stuff. Best regards, N
  2. Hi, sorry for my bad explanation. Basically i just wanted to show that you can use a file (e.g. an XML file as shown above) that is opened by AP and triggers specific actios to do. The implementation for this is normally pretty easy as this can just be handeled as any other file-format supported by AP. The benefit here is that no "real" API is exposed by the application but it is still a way to trigger defined operations and give input data.
  3. Hello R C-R, I understand that point to not reveal internal functioning of the apps/file formats and thats definetely true. On the other hand I think it is possible to provide an "integration API" and make it able to be used for non-commercial pupose only by licency and design. This will not reveal too much on one hand but give people the possibillity for better integration on the other hand. Lets be true; the current possibillity to integrate AP into Lightroom and Capture One are far from being nice and usable. Being a professional software developer I was looking for a possibillity to create a better integration by building my own Lightroom plugin. Thats what I wanted to use the API for. Revealing some startup parameters / startup arguments would not reveal sooo much of the business critical internals/formats. I also understand that Serif might release a Lightroom compeditor in the future and wants to keep the integration part for their Image-Catalouge but on the other I can not imagine that people who have >50.000 Images on Lightroom will switch. I was sadly using Aperture before :( Even this could be solved by using the action-file pattern. (see below). What do you think? Thanks to all for the open discussion. --------------------------------- The action file is basically a simple XML file that specifies: - Action to be executed: HDR, EDIT, FILE_CONVERT, STITCH_PANORAMA, OPEN_AS_LAYERS, ... - Source-File(s) - export file(s) (optional) Format could be like this: <affinity-action> <action>HDR</action> <parameters> </param key="output-format" value="TIFF"> </parameters> <source-file-set> <source-file>xxx/yyy.raw</source-file> <source-file>xxx/zzz.raw</source-file> </source-file-set> <target-file-set> <target-file>xxx/xxx_hdr.tiff</target-file> </target-file-set> </affinity-action>
  4. Yes MJSfoto1956 you are right. There is basically nothing. I even tried to contact Serif directly but didnĀ“t got any response to my mail. If it is true that there are no plans of providing an API in no kind then my opinion is stated below. @Serif-Team: Not providing a (simple) API is not a good strategy in my eyes. If you want to compete on the marked (especially against the big A.) you will need serve pro-users who expect to have some possibillities. Additionally you loose the potential of an open-source eco-system that grows around your products and provides features for users that you dont have to pay for (in term of development and support costs but having a valuable benefit for users). Being integrateable (e.g. into a process) is a big factor for people nowadays. N
  5. Hello again, is there no documentation on API or startup parameters? Thanks so far...
  6. Hello all, is there any API (and documentation) available for Affinity Photo? Nice would be to get some documentation on stuff like: External API launch parameters/ options scripting possible? ... I am a software developer and would like to create some added value for my daily work ;) Thanks to the team for the great work so far... Neo
  7. +1 I have the same problem with Lightroom. It would be nice to have better Affinity integration into Lightroom (like PS). "Combine to HDR in Affinity Photo" "Combine to Pano in Affinity Photo" "Open in Affinity Photo as Layers" ...
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