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  1. I would recommend that you either let these people do the talking for you directly or tone down your comments. You sound like someone who has heard a few things, repeats them, but has no real understanding or experience. Your comments about OOP or patterns already show confusion. I don't want to offend you but you are making something straightforward into something complex and you are not helpful.
  2. Unless Affinity does something really unusual you can get a pretty good idea how it works because most apps follow the same few design patterns. A lot of them are dictated by the way the OS works. I doubt Affinity is any different. I think you are way overthinking this.
  3. I think something is getting confused here. To most CLIs parameters are just a bunch of strings. I don't know any CLIs that deal with objects ohter than PowerShell maybe.
  4. I am not sure what this has to do with OOP but us debating here doesn't help anything. However, even if adding command line options is incredibly difficult it still would provide a lot of value and allow better integration of Affinity with other tools like Capture One.
  5. I have done software development for a long time and adding command line options like "-hdrmerge <file1> ....<filen>" is not difficult. The result would be exactly the same as pressing "OK" in the HDR merge dialog. Trust me, that's not hard to do.
  6. At least they should add some command line options so we can write scripts. That's not exactly difficult to do. I will probably get Photomatix for HDR because it can do batch processing.
  7. This would be a really useful feature. I just came home with more than 50 HDR brackets and merging with Affinity is way too much work. You have all the capability already there so it shouldn't be hard to add batch processing.
  8. Want to refresh this thread. Batch processing for HDR or stacking would be extremely useful.
  9. I would like to write a shell script that takes all files from a folder and starts an HDR merge with these pictures. This would save me a lot of of time compare d to having yo click through the menu for each merge. Is this possible or is there anther way to automate Affinity? this is on the Mac.
  10. Just want to add that I have the same problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  11. Hi, I am using Photos on my Mac (latest OS version) and often when I start "Affinity Haze Removal" from there and save the resulting image is black and can't be used anymore. Is anyone else seeing this.? The Photo library is on an external disk, not the default location.
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