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  1. I have a action composite image that I made in 2011 with Photoshop. I recently shot a similar sequence from a different prospective and would like to create the same kind of composite using Affinity Photo. When I tried to create the composite in Affinity I was unable to complete the merge. I was able to merge 3 of the shots (no problem) but, I was unable to get the remaining images into the composite.
  2. Suddenly I am unable to access Affinity plugin. When I go to Affinity Preferences > Photoshop Plugins and select "Open Default Folder in Finder" the Plugin folder opens and I can see all of my plugins. However, when I go to Filters > Plugins nothing appears. They were accessible three days ago, but now I can no longer see them. The plugins were originally installed two years ago and I have had problem until today.
  3. Thank you. Now I just have figure out why my plugins vanished.
  4. Just noticed another problem, all of my Photoshop plugins have vanished.
  5. Affinity photo is misbehaving or I am having a brain freeze. But something is not working the way I remember. I make a selection with the marquee tool and I get the marching ants. I then drag the selection to the new location (I want to paste the section in the new location) and nothing happens; the selected material does not appear in the new location.
  6. My 14 year old grandson's team came in second in an invitational hockey tournament. He was wearing a borrowed jersey as a result during the award ceremony his name is not seen. Removal of the other kid's name was no problem, but my son would like to see the correct name on the jersey. As you can see from the image, the name is only outlined in white, how do I get the letters to be solid white?
  7. I can export successfully the pano from AP, it goes into a folder on the desk top which I use for my pano. It is getting back into the parent C1 catalog that is the pain.
  8. I am starting to explore using Affinity Photo to stitch my panos. I use Capture One to preprocess the raw images and export them into AP as 16-bit tiff files via a working folder on my desk top. And while I am pleased with the resulting pano my workflow back to C1 looks like it was invented by “Rube Goldberg”, and to say the least, it is a “kluge”. Thomas Fitzgerald filmed a video tutorial that described his workflow, but unfortunately, I am a dinosaur and I do not learn from videos (I am a text based learner). I watched the video and by performing numerous start/stops and making screen grabs, I attempted to make a text base version of his tutorial. But, I apparently missed something because it isn’t working, I am unable to get the pano into the same C1 catalog file as the original image set. Can anybody identify a text based tutorial that shows how to get a pano from AP back into C1? Stitching Panoramas with Capture One and Affinity Photo.pdf
  9. Disregard, problem solved. I used the ultimate cure all, pushed the "Restart" button.
  10. I originally purchased AP through the AppStore. today I tried to down load v1.10 and nothing is happening when I click "Open".
  11. I tried your suggestion and it works. However, I was trying to mask based on color. In my Photoshop days I used Imagenonic Noiseware to selectively apply denoise to a specific part (color) of an image. According to Imagenonic, Noiseware will not work correctly with any other product than PS. My goal is the create a “backdoor” that will replicate the color selection capability in AP.
  12. Thank you for your response. I am using a method that was outlined by James Rittson earlier this year, "Selecting Samples Colors", (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQZHM5W-uEg)
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