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  1. Big_Stan

    Affinity Photo

    Thank you.
  2. You guys are doing a great job with 1.7 beta. I have two questions: When do you expect to be making a final release? I received this reply to an earlier posting, "Currently Affinity Photo doesn't pass the colour profile info to the plugin thus the differences you are seeing. This is more obvious when using wide colour profiles as the ProPhoto RGB you are using." Will the final release be able to properly handle Pro Photo RGB?
  3. Have you tried restarting the mac? Not sure if it help your problem, but I often use "restart" when apps are not behaving and most of the time it works.
  4. Thank you!!! Now just fix the ProPhoto profile color issue and I'll be a happy man again.
  5. I was unable to expand the window image 1 is 1.7 beta, image 2 is 1.6.7
  6. image 1 is 1.6.7 image 2 is 1.7 Beta
  7. Not sure what happened. Here is the correct screen grab.
  8. MEB, Thank you. Yes I am using ProPhoto. Will 1.7 be passing the color profile? BTW, I tried to load the 1.6.7 plugins into 1.7 beta and the results were not particularly satisfying. Image 1 is 1.6.7 and Image 2 is 1.7 Beta. Neither Imagenomic, NIK, nor Topaz appeared in 1.7
  9. I have a shot of an old (1794) gristmill that has significant noise in the "pinkish" shutters on the shaded side of the mill. I decided to dig-out Define 2 to see if it would be able to reduce the noise on the pink shutters to an acceptable level. Define met my objects, however as can be seen in the screen grab, while using Define, a weird color shift occurred in the preview window (the color shift went away when I clicked ok and went back to AP). The color shift has not really impacted my use of Define, just disconcerting. BTW, I experienced a similar color shift while using Imagenomic's Noiseware and Topaz Denoise 6.
  10. Big_Stan

    Wacom Tablet

    It works with AP 1.6.7. I have a Wacom Intuos PT M, using Driver 6.3.29-6 (there is a new driver, but I haven't down loaded it yet) on Mojave.
  11. This is probably a silly question, but did you try to delete the app and then a fresh reinstall
  12. I tried to replicate your screen, I couldn't make it happen.
  13. this what an image looks like on my Mac.
  14. Big_Stan

    1.7 Beta freezes my Mac

    using build 107, tried to break it. clone tool seems to be working well
  15. Big_Stan

    1.7 Beta freezes my Mac

    Today, I froze my Mac again. I was doing a lot more cloning that a reasonable person would normally be performing. After I had been extensively cutting power lines out of complex tree limbs, I moved over to perform a pen selection and move (after the moves, I was using the clone brush to blend the seams). After the second select and move, while I was doing the seam blend, I got the beach ball which continued to spin for about 1 minute, and after the spinning ball stopped the Mac was frozen. Fortunately, I had been pressing CMD + S to save as I went along, so recovery was not too bad. After I shut down (white button), I was able to complete the remaining cloning operations without any problem until I completed the desired changes.