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  1. How well does the workbook fit with the iPad version? Would it be too confusing? Or would it pretty much work other than the menus being different? Thanks.
  2. I have an image that I want to convert to line art. How do I go about doing this in Affinity Photo (or Designer)? Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. I'm learning both and the digital mistakes are easier to correct than the analog. Its a daunting task but it gives me something to do n my retirement and its fun. I am really enjoying learning graphic design and digital art.
  4. The tablet arrived yesterday evening. I set it up on my desk and played with it last night. It is working great but I really suck at using a tablet. I'm sure that I will get batter after some practice. This will be a fun journey for me. I tried out CSP but it sin't a very OSX compliant application. I couldn't get it to move from my primary display to my secondary display. I could move some of the window but not the menu bar and some other items. So. I've put it aside for the moment and concentrating on AP and Krita. Thanks for all of the advice. It is much appreciated.
  5. The one issue with AP is that there isn't much in the way of training or videos on using Photo (or Designer) for painting. I spent 30 years as a software developer before retiring last year and I'm a big big fan of having multiple tools in my tool belt. I currently have the Affinity Studio Suite along with Krita and Scribus. I am also a proponent of Open Source software. Paint Shop is out of my price range as is the Adobe Suite. I'm currently experimenting with Paint Shop Essentials but it seemed a little quirky (I couldn't arrange the desktop to my liking) on my MacBook Pro. I'll download CSP later today and try it. I'm really liking the feature set and UI of Krita. It and the Affinity tools will probably be my main tools. And once I have the money I may add CSP to that mix. I did a lot of research before choosing the Artist 16 Pro and it seemed to have the best price to value ratio. I'm not sure if I could learn the hand eye coordination needed for a non screen tablet. I wish I could get a larger screen tablet or even a Wacom but the cost just goes too high for my budget. This will be more of a hobby or freelance gig for me in my "retirement" so keeping the cost low is my goal. I don't want to give up a lot of functionality but I don't have to have the fastest most efficient workflow possible. Do you have a website or portfolio? I would love to see some of your work.
  6. Thanks for the detailed response SrPx. I'll check out CSP. I know the price is right and that it comes bundled with some of the Wacom Intuos tablets. I have an XP-PEN Artist 16 Pro arriving tomorrow so once that gets setup I'll be diving into Krita, PaintShop Essentials and CSP.
  7. Thanks Alfred. I own all three apps but I'm just trying to figure out if I need to purchase something else for drawing or if one of the the Affinity apps is all I need. I may add krita as my primary "drawing/sketching" app.
  8. If I want to do some digital art or digital painting such as one could do with Corel Draw or Krita then which tool would I use? Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer? In other words, which is the better drawing tool for line art, manga or digital painting? Thanks.
  9. I got my first graphics tablet today and it has 12 user programmable function keys. I would like to hear your suggestions on what to program the keys for. So far I have only decided Command N to open a file along with [ and ]. I'll primarily be using it with Designer but keystrokes that are common across the Affinity Suite may make the most sense. It also has 16 spft keys that I can program but it may be best to wait on those. So let's hear what you are using or what you think I should use for the function keys. Its a Huion HS610 and it seems to work well. But, I really suck and drawing with it. It is going to take a lot of practice. However, being retired, I have lots of time for practice.
  10. Welcome Sam. I understand the enthusiasm. After 30+ years as a software and web developer I was burnt out. I still can't get any enthusiasm about writing code. But graphics design along with the new tools and the Affinity Suite have me excited again. Or maybe it was just the year of retirement...Either way, I'm having fun again. Here's to us old guys having fun with this stuff!!!!!
  11. Thanks PixelPest. I was not able to save any of those as a vector drawing.
  12. I don't want to start a war here but... I've been reading up on tablet problems as well as looking at other problems people are having and the common denominator in a lot of the problems is Windows. I spent 25+ years in the Microsoft/Windows camp and was A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 6 years. They just seem to have gotten worse and worse about playing nicely with others. I jumped camps and though OSX isn't perfect, it sure seems a a lot more reliable for me.
  13. Update: I've figured out how to bulk copy and rename files in Adobe Bridge. I'm happy now. But on to the next issue: raw processing.
  14. Background: I have Designer, Photo and Publisher installed in that order over the last few weeks. I was setting up my raw workflow today and when I double clicked on a Canon raw file I found that it opened the .CR2 files in Publisher. They opened fine but I reset them to Photo as that seems to make more sense. My questions for support and those in the know are: 1. Should I be opening them in Publisher? 2. Does Publisher have all the same abilities for handling raw as Photo does? 3. Is there some future enhancement or reason to have these files opened by Publisher instead of Photo? I'm especially curious about question #2 Thanks.
  15. Thanks Ulysses. That sent me down a rabbit hole for a few hours so far. Bridge wouldn't install and it took several reboots and cleanup of crashing install files. Finally got it installed and now to figure out how to rename the files when it copies them from the card. . I also had a problem with opening the raw files as the file association was set to open CR2 files with Affinity Publisher. Not sure why other than that was the last affinity program installed but, I had to reset that back to affinity Photo. I'm retired and photography is mostly a hobby for me. So, I trying to figure out how much batch processing I need other than bulk copy and renaming of files. I don't know darktable or RawTherapee so I'm trying to decide which is easiest to use or if they are even necessary or should I should skip them entirely and use AP for the raw preprocessing. Anyway, thanks again for the help.
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